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Building links to your website with Money Robot Submitter Discount is of huge importance and something you should focus on significantly if getting ranked high in the search engine results is important to you. If you have a website, then more than likely getting a high ranking is of utmost importance. However, you might not know the best way to go about increasing your links. Consider the following suggestions in order to build your links and promote your website.


Quality Or Quantity Which is Important in Search Engine Optimization SEO Link Building ?

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Many people are still unaware of the important uses of SEO, but with time and more expansion they will learn. Every search engine has it's own set of rules and regulations regarding what is legal and illegal uses of SEO.


SEO involves attaining a higher ranking in search engines via changes to your site content and code to make it more relevant and therefore more search engine compatible. SEO is still a great way to bring in more profits with your Affiliate Marketing campaigns. It involves selecting the most targeted keywords or keyword phrases that relate to your web site. Since the online business in becoming highly competitive, websites who practice Search Engine Optimisation have an edge over their competitors. When properly optimised, an SEO campaign can deliver long-term gains, better accessibility and cross browser compatibility.


Keywords are an integral part of your online marketing campaign. Its not a good practice to add more than 20-30 words in Meta keywords. Both the Meta keywords tag and the Meta description tag contribute to your search engine ranking. A Meta keywords tag is supposed to be a brief and concise list of the most important themes of your page. When the search spiders crawl through your blog, they are looking for references to the keywords you have chosen as well as references to your description of your blog.


In an ideal world search engines would just find you by following links to your site, but in reality this could also take months. A simple link from an established site will get the search engines to visit the new site and begin to spider its contents. It can take a few days to even weeks from the referring of a link from such an established site for all the main search engine spiders to commence visiting and indexing the new site. Search engines crawl the Internet by following links on web sites, so if no one has linked to your new site, the search engine can't know you're there, as it isn't like walking down the street and suddenly stumbling upon it.


Making money online requires diligence, and persistence. Let 2009 be your year to make money online.

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Submissions to web directories:
Some might feel that web directory submission has lost the importance in the field of SEO. But the fact is almost all webmasters will definitely submit their sites to directories for a one-way link. Getting a link from an appropriate category on directories is a better way to get relevant links. These are free links and could be used to gain links from multiple IP addresses. Gaining links from different IP addresses has become one of the important strategies for many people. Thus web directory submissions is one of the ways to gain those links.

Do they accept links?
This is the major disadvantage in this link building technique. After submitting to 1000 directories,some might be shocked to notice that the link has been approved by just 100 web sites. So you have wasted your precious time on submitting to 900 directories. This could have been used for article writing or a article submission. This is why i say that it is always better to get guaranteed listing services which would give you permanent one-way links. Many professionals build a list of the websites which accept links at a fast rate. Collecting the list of these websites and then doing the submissions ourselves will be very hard. Thus you can outsource the job if you do not know the list of those sites or do not want to to spend all day submitting your links.

Varying anchor texts:
It is very important to vary the anchor texts so that the search engines regard your link building as natural and not developed artificially. Many companies would allow you to submit a handful of titles so that they can rotate them and get links with different anchors.

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Article Writing has become very popular. Despite the current sluggish state of the economy and all the uncertainties throughout the world, the truth remains that more people are spending more and more time and money online today than ever before. As an online entrepreneur, you want to take advantage of this. It is vitally important for small businesses and sole proprietors to find ways to use the Internet to make an impact.

Specifically you should focus on establishing your brand online. And here we are talking way beyond your corporate logo or commercial advertising. Establishing yourself online has more to do with effectively telling customers about yourself-who you are, what you do, the unique ways you do what you do, and how you can help them with what they are doing.

There are more ways than one that you can employ to make your name stand out. But the focus here is on how you can use articles to successfully carve out a unique identity for yourself online.

Verbal content is not only king, it is the entire kingdom. Despite all the emphasis on graphics these days whereby website designers try to squeeze as much graphic impact as they possibly can into limited bandwidths, the truth remains that verbal content is still uppermost. A picture may tell a thousand words, but that has not rendered words useless yet! To most online visitors, what matter most are still the words they read! And here I am specifically referring to how you use your web content and other online articles to deliverer brand-related information and speak to readers in a most appealing tone.

To successfully establish yourself with articles however, there are definite steps you must take.

Stay Visible Online: you will have to regularly write and post to both ezine directories and online forums, such as message boards and discussion lists that are widely read by people. Of course, your posts to forums should target groups whose interests pertain to your business opportunity.

If your area of expertise caters to home business enthusiasts, then offer useful information in that regard, in places where home business enthusiasts gather-devoid of solicitations to buy anything. And be sure to include a link to your web site or blog where related and richer articles are available. In this way lots of persons are likely to take notice of your expertise and be attracted to your brand.

Develop Relationship With These Contacts. Like any business relationship, do not begin by pitching your business opportunity. Rather, start with questions that help you to know your "friends" better, their interests. This will help you in two ways: (1) you will know what sort of topics to cover in your next set of articles, and (2) you can tell for sure if they are really the kind of prospects you are looking for.

Moreover, if your article contents are particularly useful and well-written, other webmasters will be interested in linking to your site or at least publishing your great articles on their website. This practice benefits both parties; the site owners have nice articles for their visitors which they did not have to write from scratch, while you benefit because your links are there and could direct any of the readers to you as the origin of the article. In this way your popularity will continue to soar in the online community as a result of your informative articles.

True, article writing takes more time and dedication than "cold calling," but the gains are also longer lasting. Relationships are more valuable than one-off transactions. When people come to you because they see you as a knowledgeable and competent business partner, your relationship with such persons will grow at a deeper level. Article marketing can help you achieve that.