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It is often said, by many search engine optimization experts, that Money Robot Submitter is great in 2018. Others proclaim that Link Building Tools are king. The simple fact is, if you are to be successful using Advanced Seo Software, all aspects of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are essential to the mix.

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How to Build an Unlimited Amount of Backlinks and Dominate the Front Page of Google Almost Overnight

Most businesses today already have a website. However, one key mistake business owners make when having a website built is to think that having one is enough. A website can be a versatile tool for your business if you put a lot of effort and time into it. Apart from looking for suitable website hosting and for a company that specializes in website maintenance services, there are a few other things that companies can do to optimize their websites and get more out of their investment. You, as a business owner should know all these.

SEO or search engine optimization is one thing. Most business owners might ask why they should invest in SEO when many pundits have long said that it is no longer relevant. Well. here are a few reasons why you should believe otherwise.

First, it actually works. Although SEO's death has been predicted many times in the past, it still remains alive and relevant. And if you look at the signs, it will likely stay that way. True, changes in search engines have rendered some SEO techniques to be irrelevant or even harmful, but companies that provide quality SEO services still attain outstanding results for their clients through techniques that have been known to deliver great outcomes. SEO will remain relevant for a long time because it continues to evolve. The techniques and strategies may change over time, but the goal of making a company visible online will never change.

Secondly, it gives more value for the money you invest in. Compared to other online marketing platforms, SEO delivers high ROI. Done correctly, SEO can boost traffic and even positively influence lead generation and conversions.

It is also important to note that everything these days can be found online. The buying process has been altered greatly with the introduction of the internet. For most consumers, the purchasing process begins online as they seek products and services that meet their needs. And as a business owner, you want your company to be front and center, visible to potential clients who are actively seeking your company's offerings.

Many, if not all, companies and business are already doing SEO. Mimicking your competitors is not a good business strategy. But if there is one exception to that rule, that would be SEO. Whether you understand the value of SEO or not, your competitors are already investing in it. And if you do not get onboard, your competitors can easily swoop in on potential customers, even if you offer better products or services.

2018 Link Building Tips

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Links are the lifeblood that is running inside the internet's veins and arteries. They carry vitally important traffic and keep websites alive. One can't deny that backlinks constitute the yardstick of a website's popularity and reputation. Being underfed with links a website dies finding eternal peace under huge pile of search results pages.

And here arises the question that every webmaster beats their brain over: "How do I get links to my website?" It's not somewhat one can buy in a store or order on E-bay. Getting links is tough work that is never done.

But there are some useful tips and tricks that can work out when you are doing link building.
Let's cast some light on 5 battle-proven ways to shape a sure-fire link building strategy. They are likely to help you get quality and relevant links to your website and skyrocket its popularity.

1 Articles Submission

One of the possible SEO ways to go is write the unique and appealing articles that are relevant to your website's topic. There are lots of spots on the internet where you can submit them. One of the most authoritative article directories are,, etc. You are officially allowed to put up to 4 links leading to your site either in the body of an article or in the resource box. And remember: you can't but read the terms of service before posting.

The link value you get from articles submission if not very big though, but one of the main advantages is that you can make up the content yourself. It means the link to your site will come from a thematically relevant webpage. Besides you can also get some more traffic from the article- if it is compelling enough it will reposted on other websites or blogs.

2 Blog comments

You can also add to your website's popularity via blogs commenting. This is another link building technique that won a lot of popularity nowadays. All you have to do is just find an authoritative blog that is relevant to your website's niche, get registered and post your comments there.
NB Check whether a blog allows 'dofollow' commenting and make sure that you make a point with your comments.

Don't spam with never-ending flow of postings, containing only your links! Otherwise efforts and pains will be in vain since you're not only running the risk of getting banned by forum moderators, but also your website will get a bad reputation.

3 Social media

Social media sites are places for people to share and discover the yummiest content from anywhere on the web. These sites surface the best stuff as voted on by their users. They can provide you with tons of valuable links if you manage to push your story to the top spot. But you'll have to apply all your creativity and stretch your creative resources to the utmost to win the votes of readers. The most popular social websites out there are Digg, StumbleUpon,, Reddit.

4 Press release submission

Writing a press release about your company or product can also help you squeeze some desired link juice. Just follow this two-step instruction: write a really newsworthy press release and submit it to PRWeb or other similar resources. That's it.

5 Submissions to Directories

A web directory specializes in linking to other sites and categorizing those links. There are lots of directories on the internet where you can submit your website. Although you won't see a dramatic rise in your websites popularity, it's still worth doing, especially if you have a young website. Make certain you submit your site's URL into a relevant directory's category.

These link building techniques are likely to add some value to your site's search engine rankings. To achieve best results with your link building always keep track of the links you get and evaluate your off-page optimization campaign. The most efficient way to do it is to use special tools for link building.

Top 10 Best SEO Tools

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Link popularity refers to popularizing your website link for top web rankings on popular search engines. At present, link popularity has become one of the most significant techniques of search engine optimization. This means that a high ranking is just impossible without link popularity. You can measure your online responses and visibility through a link popularity checker tool. This software program is helpful in reflecting the total number of links to a site and allows you to track the site's relevance and searching status in the search engines.

Importance Of Checking The Link Popularity Of Your Site.

The number of links pointing to your website is one of the major factors to know the popularity of the website. More links means popularity in search engines thereby making the website easy to be located by the target audience. So, needless to say the more the link is popular, the more will be the traffic in your website. With a link popularity checker software program, you can get more opportunities and chances to convert the visitors into buyers.

How To Improve The Link Popularity Of A Website?

There are some points of consideration that are necessary while building quality links for a website:

* Directory listings: These help in boosting the link popularity as they usually rely upon human editors and are known to produce relevant content.

* Request links: Select some websites that may receive your link requests and then send them a convincing reason to link back to your website. They can be interested in building one-way or reciprocal links both of which are very effective in increasing link popularity.

* Promoting links within the site: Basically, a website can provide outgoing links and quality resources which may include search engines, weather reports, news hubs, professional groups and industry resources. Outgoing links may provide incentives for other sites to link to your site.

* Publishing articles: Hire professional experts for writing informative articles for your target audience. Then submit the articles to the appropriate publications as per your type of industry. You should also provide a short introduction to your company and make sure that the article gets published over the Internet with your company URL in it. While this strategy can take a lot of time and skills from your end, these can generate many links to your site.

* Testimonials: It is worthwhile to have a page of testimonials for products and services that you offer. Be concise and honest and the companies will definitely ask for your permission to display your statements on their websites. In return, you can ask them to provide a link to your website, thus, you will not only gain exposure to the world but will also get more links.

How Is The Link Popularity Checker Software Helpful?

With the help of a link popularity checker software program, you will be able to constantly track your linking rate. You can also compare your website with your competitor's websites thereby finding out ways to improve the ranking of your websites.

You can use a link popularity checker software program for having a good supervision, management and maintenance system for your links. Quality and quantity go hand in hand and therefore, only the number of links pointing to your site is not sufficient. Less number of good links is better than a large number of unproductive links.

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