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Microsoft Outlook, an absolute leader in the segment of corporate email clients for desktops, stores user data in OST and PST files. An OST file is a cached copy of the user's mailbox stored at MS Exchange server. A PST file is a personal folders file, containing the user's email messages and it is stored locally on the computer.

There is quite a number of Outlook users who faced, to a certain extent, problems with opening .pst files because they were damaged. The impossibility to open a user's archive with email messages results in real headache for administrators and tech support services. In this article, we will focus on the main causes of why personal folder files get damaged and will show you a simple way to restore them.

There are various causes of damage to archive files of personal folders in Outlook: damage may result from file system errors (in this case, it is worth starting from checking the file system), and from damaged structure of .pst files caused by an emergency shutdown of the Outlook client (these happen quite often), from a power failure, from virus attacks, from storing .pst files in a shared network folder (Microsoft doesn't support such configuration) and so on.

You should also remember about the maximal .pst file size restriction in different versions of Outlook. If the maximal file size is exceeded or a large file is opened in an older version of the mail client, Outlook may work with errors. Here are the .pst file size limits:

- Outlook 2002 and earlier versions - .pst files are in ANSI format and limited to 2 GB.
- Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007 - a limit of 20 GB.
- Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013 and Outlook 2016 - .pst /.ost files are in Unicode format and limited to a maximal size of 50 GB.

Besides, you should bear in mind that the larger the file the higher are the chances of errors, and that is why the recommended personal folders file size is 2-8 GB.

Availability of such errors suggests that the .pst data file is damaged and needs recovery of its logical structure.

First of all, let us find out where exactly Outlook stores its .pst files. By default *.pst files (personal folders) and *.ost files (local cached copies of Exchange server folders) are stored in the following directories depending on the version of your operating system:

- Windows 2000, 2003, XP:
C:Documents and Settings%username%Local SettingsApplication DataMicrosoftOutlook.

- Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10:

However, a user can create/move a personal folders file to another location, if necessary.

Important note! Before you start recovering a .pst file make sure you have backed it up; by doing so you will prevent possible further damage to the file that may be caused by a recovery utility or by Outlook.

To recover Outlook archive folders after being damaged, Microsoft has included a special utility Microsoft Outlook Inbox Repair Tool (scanpst.exe) into the Office package. This small utility is not a cure-all solution to recover a personal folders file after any kind of damage but it can help in solving typical issues with personal folders files.

You can find this utility in the directory: C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOFFICE MS Office version number, - 11,12,13,14.

For example, here is the path to the directory containing the utility scanpst.exe for Office 2016: C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOFFICE16.

Let us try recovering the damaged elements in a .pst file in an automatic mode. To do it, we should launch the utility scanpst.exe and specify the path to the .pst file.

Important note! Before launching the utility make sure you close Outlook and other processes that may use the personal folders file to be recovered.

Press Start to begin scanning the file for errors.

The process of analyzing and checking the file structure consists of 8 stages. The time needed for checking depends on the file size and the number of errors it may contain.

In our case, the utility reports that the personal folders file contain errors, and suggests launching the recovery procedure (Repair button). If you have not created a backup copy of the .pst file, you can do it now by clicking the checkbox and specifying the file name.

After you click Repair, the process of restoring a .pst is launched; it also consists of 8 stages. In our example, it took us about 15 minutes to restore an archive of 1 Gbyte.

If all goes well, a Repair complete message appears when the utility finishes its work, and then you can try opening a .pst file in Outlook.

So, as we have said before, the scanpst.exe utility should help you in most of the cases (about 90% ) when you encounter errors or damaged .pst personal folders files. Yet this utility cannot help you if:

- the heading of a file is damaged;
- the personal folders file is protected with a password;
- you need to restore accidentally deleted emails or folders;
- the .pst file maximal size is exceeded;
- the logical and physical structure of a personal folders file is damaged seriously.

Accidentally deleted messages and folders can be restored from OST file.

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As a marketing company whose focus is maximizing our clients' return on investment we research all sales and marketing systems to be used internally and for our clients thoroughly.

In 2008 we began a focus on the important of effective telemarketing for our company and many of our clients. Typically telemarketing systems get set up and then ignored for years. As technology improves and efficiency can be enhanced it is important to revisit telemarketing operations periodically.

We met with several of our clients and quickly realized that many of their telemarketing operations were behind the times and not as cost-effective as they could be. Our team then began to research which dialer system on the market was the most cost-effective.

Keep in mind that cost-effective does not mean we wanted to just find the cheapest system. We would not forgo quality for price. Our goal was to find the best dialer system for the money. The key characteristics we tested included:

o Quality of the predictive dialer: if the system did not have an excellent predictive dialer it was quickly removed from consideration
o Ease of integration: we wanted a system that can be up and running quickly, changed, updated and enhanced efficiently
o VoIP technology: this was a must to maximize quality and minimize cost
o Scalability: the system should not be easily outgrown or oversized
o Web based: this allows for use in the office and at home for home workers
o Excellent lead management system: an essential component
o Strong reporting technology: to track success of individual agents, projects, etc

Our team tested many systems. Some failed miserably, including some pretty big names in the industry. Other systems impressed us, including some relatively little known systems. The dialer system that impressed us the most is offered by SafeSoft Solutions.

Our researchers were very impressed with the quality of the predictive dialer. It passed all of our tests with flying colors. We were surprised at how easily the system was up and running and how logical the user-interface was.

The company's website is and they offer a free trial of their dialer system. It is definitely one you will want to try.

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With over 18 million publishers currently using the WordPress software, and thousands more downloading it everyday, it undeniably offers some of the best free website builder software. The reason for this popularity is simple; it leads the way in design, development and ease of use.

User Friendly

For software that is able to produce well developed and well designed websites, WordPress is unrivaled in its user friendly approach. Other sites such Joomla and Drupal may offer greater technologies and more advanced systems, but to comfortably master these programs some prior technical knowledge is needed.

It is easy to install and has everything you need to build the perfect website, including trackbacks and pinging services, multiple blogger profiles and RSS feeds, which will make your website easy to promote and loved by search engines, where they generally appear quickly and in a high position.

Designer Friendly

The themes available are a designer's dream. There are hundreds of free themes available that can be uploaded to any website to make a visually exciting forum to match your needs and appeal to those who visit your site.

These themes range from the Agent theme, ideal for showing products for sale and complete with RSS feeds, ad space and featured videos; to the Church theme, which is ideal for magazine based websites and contains a cycle for featured articles and thumbnails on the first page.

There are even themes available specifically for gaming sites, such as the eGamer theme, with built in star rating; as well as specific video themes, such as Groovy theme, which allows each video to be featured on its own individual page.

Developer Friendly

A common argument against claims that WordPress provides the best free website builder software, is that it cannot be easily customized and is not built for those with the knowledge of a web developer. However, the this program contains over 6,000 free plug-ins, that it can be customized and modified to act and function exactly how the most advanced web developers would want it to.

Some of the best plug-ins available are the All in One SEO Pack, which optimizes your site for search engine purposes, and AdSense Deluxe, which maximizes the value of ad placements.

Other useful plug-ins are Popularity Contest, allowing you to monitor which pages on your site are the most popular, and the Sitemap Generator Plug-in, providing your site, not only with a sitemap, but also a Google XML sitemap for Google Webmaster.

With software that is user friendly and provides everything that designers and developers could need, whether they are experts or complete beginners, it is clear to see that WordPress really does provide the best free website builder software.