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It is often said, by many search engine optimization experts, that Money Robot Submitter is great in 2017. Others proclaim that Link Building Tools are king. The simple fact is, if you are to be successful using Advanced Seo Software, all aspects of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are essential to the mix.

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Internet Marketing - Free Keyword Tools for SEO

There has been much written about search engine optimization, as well it should. Search engine optimization is very important if you want to be ranked high in the search engines.

The only problem with search engine optimization is that search engines are forced to change what they consider optimized regularly due to misuse of the various techniques over time. There are individuals that seek to trick the search engines into given them more traffic than their content deserves. They do this by loading high search volume, irrelevant keywords into their content. This is getting harder to do successfully as search engines have begun cracking down on such tactics and the websites that employ them.

Cheating in search engine optimization has been the case and will always be the case and search engines will battle to squash the offenders. There are however, ways to optimize your website without falling into the whole getting banned from search engines scenario. Check out these four tips.

Tip Number One

Determine the most searched word that applies to your offering. What are the keywords your potential customers are using to search for your service or product? There are reasonably priced Keyword Analyzer programs that will tell you. Get the software and use it.

Tip Number Two

Stay on topic when writing your content. Utilize relevant keywords in your content. I cant stress this enough. Remember the search engines are waging an all out war on websites that stuff their content with irrelevant words in an effort to fool their way to the top of searches. You could get your website banned from search engines if you employ deceptive search engine optimization tactics. Keep that in mind and avoid using such tactics. They may get you a little attention early on, but it will be short lived and costly.

Tip Number Three

Use Error Marketing to clean up your website. Well-written websites sell and hold the attention of a visitor longer. If your website is riddled with errors such as misspelled words and lack of clarity, it makes visitors feel that you aren't professional. When that happens 9 out of 10 readers leave the website earlier and never return. By applying the techniques of Error Marketing, even the lowest budgeted webmaster can have a spotless and error free website.

Tip Number Four

Always place your most valued keyword within the first 2 sentences of your copy. Also, ensure that your keywords appear in the hot spots where the search engines look.

Use your primary keyword in your copy, your meta-tag keywords, in paragraph headers, and name your website graphic file names something like yourchosenkeyword.jpg. Also, avoid having so many graphics on your website if possible. Remember, search engines cant read graphics. When these tactics are combined with well-written copy, these can go a long way into getting you the positioning your page deserve and the valued back links that zoom you to the top of the search engine rankings.

2017 Link Building Tips

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It's technology that brings new things into one's life. Every individual is eager to use a new product or service which could improve their lifestyle or better their future prospects. Web stores are resorting to aggressive internet marketing in order to make their product visible and usable.

One of the best ways to reach the buyers is to use SEO.

It is one such technique where web store's product is promoted with the help of content. The content contains in-depth information about the product or service. It also highlights the advantages or benefits accruing to an individual, once bought. Under this kind of internet marketing, professional and diligent persons are recruited to work on content writing. The content is expected to contain keywords and back links too. The keyword is the main source of SEO's revenue generation. If suitable words are used in the content, someone interested in the product would reach the website within seconds. In fact, the best application of words always allows the acceptance of content on the top of search engine.

SEO is designed to make net enthusiasts reach the desired destination without loss of time. It is also significant to use back links which allows the reader to click the link and reach the destined website. These links need to be appropriately placed all over the article or content so that they get crawled up to the top easily. SEO has received open and rapid publicity leading to link popularity. The more someone browses the page, the traffic gets generated and product becomes a hit on web.

Apart from this effectual internet marketing, there are plenty of other marketing techniques which can make a product visible. A number of social networking websites are scattered all over the net to allow publicity of the product. It is free advertisement of the product as word of mouth spreads everywhere. Social media marketing makes use of videos, messages, online games, puzzles and of course, comments which are shared among all the viewers.

Apart from content for SEO, it is also vital to take into consideration graphic design for the websites. The websites need attention. This attention is generated only when attraction is created. The attraction is created using graphic designs which boost the creativity and innovation of the developers. New and latest technology supported software are brought in to make website appealing and beautiful. It is not only important to keep websites maintained with different inputs of information but monotony of colors needs to be changed to keep the site attractive.

Web marketing is one of the best and most required techniques which can boost the sales of any website. Today, people prefer to do online shopping rather than offline shopping. At the same time, competition has increased on a massive scale. If it is necessary to remain in business, it is very essential to adopt reliable online marketing techniques like SEO which can work as revenue generation sources.

IBP Vs Web CEO - The Battle of the SEO Software Titans

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Most businesses today already have a website. However, one key mistake business owners make when having a website built is to think that having one is enough. A website can be a versatile tool for your business if you put a lot of effort and time into it. Apart from looking for suitable website hosting and for a company that specializes in website maintenance services, there are a few other things that companies can do to optimize their websites and get more out of their investment. You, as a business owner should know all these.

SEO or search engine optimization is one thing. Most business owners might ask why they should invest in SEO when many pundits have long said that it is no longer relevant. Well. here are a few reasons why you should believe otherwise.

First, it actually works. Although SEO's death has been predicted many times in the past, it still remains alive and relevant. And if you look at the signs, it will likely stay that way. True, changes in search engines have rendered some SEO techniques to be irrelevant or even harmful, but companies that provide quality SEO services still attain outstanding results for their clients through techniques that have been known to deliver great outcomes. SEO will remain relevant for a long time because it continues to evolve. The techniques and strategies may change over time, but the goal of making a company visible online will never change.

Secondly, it gives more value for the money you invest in. Compared to other online marketing platforms, SEO delivers high ROI. Done correctly, SEO can boost traffic and even positively influence lead generation and conversions.

It is also important to note that everything these days can be found online. The buying process has been altered greatly with the introduction of the internet. For most consumers, the purchasing process begins online as they seek products and services that meet their needs. And as a business owner, you want your company to be front and center, visible to potential clients who are actively seeking your company's offerings.

Many, if not all, companies and business are already doing SEO. Mimicking your competitors is not a good business strategy. But if there is one exception to that rule, that would be SEO. Whether you understand the value of SEO or not, your competitors are already investing in it. And if you do not get onboard, your competitors can easily swoop in on potential customers, even if you offer better products or services.

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It is often said, by many search engine optimization experts, that Money Robot Submitter is great in 2017. Others proclaim that Link Building Tools are king. The simple fact is, if you are to be successful using Advanced Seo Software, all aspects of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are essential to the mix.

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The Essential Elements of Dialer Software

Do you realize that if you manage your website, SEO tools, and pay-per-click tools, you can literally have as many leads as you want from your website? I assume that a website should convert approximately 5% of the viewers to doers, taking some kind of action that you want them to take. So, all we have to do is make sure the website does convert viewers to doers, and then we make sure we've got the right amount of traffic arriving at the website. All quite manageable. Today, we're mainly talking about how to get the traffic to your website through Search Engine Optimization, SEO.

Here is a list of the best tools I've found to do SEO and a quick review of some of the top issues for SEO. Most of these tools are either free, or can be tried for free before buying

Most search engines are looking at your site to find relevant search words. How relevant determines your eventual search engine position.

How do they determine relevancy? Although every search engine has slightly different rules, here are some of the key ideas. Keep in mind, they could change tomorrow. Search engines are continually changing because just as soon as they determine how to find the relevant search words on your site, someone finds a way around their rules. Then search engines change the rules again.

A key word usually has to show up in each of the following areas of your site, with a density that falls within a range that search engine would like to see. They also like to see the words at a certain position in that area, usually at or near the beginning of these areas:

Areas search engines look at:

1)Meta tags (title, description, and keywords) (NOTE: I'm told that most search engines don't consider meta tags any longer, but I keep seeing my keywords pop up from the meta tags).

2)Body text of the site


4)Alternate text behind the graphics

5)Links, and link text

How do you choose the right keywords?

Here's a big warning: Consider what people are looking for, not who you are or what your product is. For me, I would rather be found for "small business help" than for my company name, The Leader's Perspective. Obviously I want people to find me, if by chance they are looking for me by name, but just think about this:

  • Aren't there more people in the world looking for "small business help" or "business help" than could possibly be looking for my name. Those looking for my company name are those that I have probably met personally and sent them to my site. That's a small number, in comparison to the number of companies on the internet looking for help that don't have any idea who I am....yet anyway. Here are some tools to find the right keywords.
  • Google Keyword tool -- (go to Google and look up Google Keyword tool) enter keyword(s), and Google will return the number of times that keyword was searched for in the last month. It will also show you other variances of that same keyword and the number of searches for each variance. Use this to brainstorm keywords. (NOTE: I've also discovered this is a VERY useful tool to use before sending out any kind of marketing. Find what people are looking for and then make sure those words show up in your marketing, AND in your website.
  • Wordtracker is another decent tool. Now, this is an even better tool. This one contains a thesaurus as well, so it will show lots of other ways people have been searching for the keywords you've typed in. This tool also has a way of measuring the RIGHT keyword that is even better than Overture for Search engine optimization.
  • Google reports the number of searches last month for that keyword, so you can find the words that have the greatest number of searches. However, Wordtracker, reports the greatest number of searches for the words with the LEAST competition.
  • When you are doing SEO it won't do you any good to go after the words that have been searched for the most if there are millions of competing sites. It's just not likely that you COULD get a page 1 ranking among millions of sites. So, Wordtracker helps you find words that have been searched for ENOUGH to give you traffic, but at the same time have the least competition. They provide their own proprietary ranking that finds the best search words that you are likely to get a search engine position for. Just make sure that the words you end up with from that search actually are words that someone would be looking for to find you. Hint: I use Overture to find the greatest number of searches and use that for pay-per-clicks, and use Wordtracker to find the right search words for Search engine optimization. Here are some other useful tools.
  • Tools that help you Learn Search Engine optimization while guiding you through the process. Internet Business Promoter will provide not only an analysis of many of the search engine sensitive stats, but will give you almost a step-by-step how to fix your site. Although this has ended up down the list, this is probably the number one greatest tool to learn search engine optimization.
  • Link Popularity Search engines tend to give websites that have more external links from other websites pointing at them a higher search engine ranking. Here is a free tool to track your link popularity, and to check our competition as well.

2017 Link Building Tips

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Backlinks are links to your website from other websites. If you want to do a backlink check in Google on your site all you need to do is type in '' into Google. Just replace the '' part with the URL for your site or webpage (note however you won't get every backlink if you use Google - more on this below).

I recommend you check out the backlink numbers for popular and competing websites to your own site so you can get an indication of how far you have to go. Don't get too discouraged if your numbers are a lot lower than other sites, just remember to keep working on your sites every day and over time backlinks will build up.

Backlink Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I care about backlinks?

Backlinks are important because each time someone links to your site it counts as a "vote" for it, moving it higher up in the search engine results pages (SERPS). As part of a search engine optimization strategy you should aim to build backlinks up over time. The more backlinks you accumulate the better placed in search engines like Google, Yahoo! Search and MSN Search your site will be.

How do I find out how many backlinks my site has?

Each search engine has backlink look-up tools that you can test by typing in '' into the search form. Just replace the '' part with the URL for your site or webpage. You need to use '' for the Yahoo! search engine and you can use either tag for the MSN Search Engine.

My understanding is that the 'linkdomain' tag will provide all the sites linking to your entire domain name including subpages/directories, while the 'link' tag will only show backlinks for the one webpage. Generally you should find a higher total for the 'linkdomain' look-up.

Why are my Google backlink numbers so low compared to Yahoo! and MSN backlink counts?

No one really knows the answer to this except perhaps Google employees. I've asked a lot of web marketing experts and everyone has theories but so far we have no concrete answers. Most people report that Google backlinks are often a list of the least relevant (low PageRank) backlinks or a miss-mash collection of random backlinks. I initially thought perhaps only what Google deemed as authority site backlinks would be listed but so far this has been disproved because plenty of obviously non-authority sites show up in backlinks.

Another quandary you will probably come across is sites with a good PageRank, like a 5 or 6, having very low backlink counts in Google. It boggles the mind trying to figure out what Google is doing so generally I advise people not to make any assumptions based on the Google backlink counts. Watch them to see if they go up each update and leave it at that.

If you want a good list of the sites linking back to you use Yahoo! or MSN search instead. I've been monitoring my backlinks in Yahoo! on a near daily basis and my count goes up 20-40 per day. Whether this is because Yahoo! is indexing more sites or I'm getting more links (probably both) I don't know, but it's still fun to watch so I suggest you try it too.

How can I get more backlinks?

In so many, many ways. In a nutshell you can do the following sorts of things:

  • Do link exchanges with other sites and blogs
  • Make comments on other blogs - contribute to the conversation, don't SPAM
  • Post in forums
  • Post in newsgroups
  • Use article marketing
  • Build more websites

If you do all of the above you will slowly build up a huge network of backlinks. Remember your reputation counts, so don't simply post links to your site all over the web like a spammer. Take part in the conversation and build a good reputation at the same time as you build backlinks.

I've heard I can get banned from Google for "bad" backlink building practices?

First let me say that I have never spoken to anyone that was penalised by any search engine for building backlinks to their sites. Now if you are building say 1000 link farm websites that all point to your site that is an obvious recipe to get banned. Also you should remember that relevancy is just as important in a backlink strategy - you don't want to chase links from sites with content on politics if you are selling cheese. There just isn't any relevance (hmm...or maybe there is?)

I have read claims that if you suddenly get a huge bunch of backlinks in a short period of time you might get into trouble. Since I know of no free way to get a lot of links quickly besides using what is called "blackhat" search engine practices (software that builds fake pages to trick search engines for example is considered a blackhat SEO practice - and this will likely get your site banned...eventually), I doubt you will ever figure out a way to get into trouble. I believe it's certainly possible, but not likely.

If you stick to natural linking process and over time expand your website patiently and methodically you will have success. If there is one thing that has been proven online over and over is that if you spend a few years building a quality site you will get results. Most of the really successful sites I know of now are managed by guys that started writing content and building backlinks back in 2003 at least, some earlier in that. If you want to be another one of these success stories in 2007 stick to your long term goals and work hard over time.

How to Increase Website Traffic With Backlinks

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People visiting websites are likely to find videos on the majority of the sites now. With this in mind, the quest for online marketers to learn video search engine optimization (Also known as iVOD, VSEO, or Video SEO) tactics have been highly in-demand.

Search engines are only partially able to look inside the videos for content, hence a big reason video SEO is still in its early years. Place meta-data on your website or even within the video so the search engines will locate this information easily. Use text or inbound links to describe the video. Basically, treat the website as if there were no videos on it from this stand point.

While search engines can notice flesh, for adult content, faces and screen text, do not rely on this technology to add any progress to your effort at optimization. Three methods for video SEO are listed below. All of them are worth doing.

Truveo is a search engine that looks mainly for video content on the website. While this type of search engine represents a small portion of the entire market, do not count it out. If your website contains videos, this search engine offers several options for optimization.

Make use of video site-maps. Stay away from Flash Players. Keep all video files in the same area, this way the search engines have an easier time locating them. Provide detailed information on the video. Place text that gives a description for people to read, on your website. Make use of meta-data such as title, tags, keywords and descriptions for the video file, it will not take much effort.

Using the videos as uploads to YouTube or similar websites or as RSS or MRSS feeds, enter keywords, a description and a title. Create a link that connects back to your website. This will get you started on the basics of having a plan of video search engine optimization.

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It is often said, by many search engine optimization experts, that Money Robot Submitter is great in 2017. Others proclaim that Link Building Tools are king. The simple fact is, if you are to be successful using Advanced Seo Software, all aspects of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are essential to the mix.

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What is Your Philosophy on Search Engine Marketing

Search engine optimization (SEO), if you are familiar with the internet, you probably have come across this phrase more than once but have you ever thought what is really meant by search engine optimization? Well this is a strategy used by affiliates on the internet to gain better ranks for their pages. It's a fight to get your pages on the top list whenever a searcher types in words related to the industry you are in.

Why are they regarded as very important?

Understanding the term will obviously lead you to this next question, so why do people obsess so much about search engine optimization (SEO). Well, thanks to the ever increasing popularity of the internet and it becoming the core platform for everything and anything, people go online, type in a few words about the products they are searching. Once the searcher clicks 'search' a million pages come popping and on normal circumstances the searcher will simply click on the first ten websites and search again.

With that in mind, an affiliate will always need his or her pages to be ranked on the top ten to get as much traffic as possible that's they will fight to get their websites to appear on the top ten for certain selected keywords. They are basically a million pages on the internet that will have something to do with a certain keyword; this makes it a tough job to get your website ranked amongst the top ten.

In order to get your website optimized in such a way that it will be ranked at the top ten and surpass the other websites that have something to do with your industry, you really need to know and master the methods used by search engines to decide on which websites to list on the top ten results. That way you know when and how to optimize your search engines and get the most out of it.

Today you can find as much information on search engine optimization online in the form of articles, guidance and tutorials. While most of them are regarded as very important in getting you on the right track, a number of them are just filled with too much information that has just many things and tactics to obtain better rankings that you end up not knowing how to really go about it to get the best rankings and fall under the top ten results each time a searcher types in keywords related to your industry.

To a certain extent many people who come up with information and tutorials that have something to do about search engine optimization simply want to sell their products, advanced tools and software on search engine optimization. They use the tactic of making search engine optimization something a difficult for other webmasters so they can get to sell their advanced tools, products and software to the maximum.

Basically, all you need is a little effort to get your website optimized, just understand the tools and you too can get to optimize your website to the fullest.

2017 Link Building Tips

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MegaSeg 3 is an automated DJ software program built to play all of your music for you. It is incredible software that is only made for Mac computers. So I am sorry Windows XP users you are out of luck with this one but don't worry we give you the best software for PC's as well further down this article. This software is packed full of features that makes other DJ software programs pale in comparison. Whether you are an internet DJ or a mobile DJ this is one software program that every professional DJ needs.

The 3 crucial features of MegaSeg are:

1.) It is a great solution for multiple applications.

  • MegaSeg can be used in just about any place that requires the automation of music, video or any audio source.
  • Mobile DJ's will love it because they can pre-program the music and sit back and relax while MegaSeg does the rest.
  • MegaSeg is also used in food chain stores, clothing stores and malls.
  • Anywhere you hear music where it is automated chances are MegaSeg is on the job.

2.) It allows automated music or hands on operation

  • MegaSeg also allows you to arrange your music library according to the way you want.
  • You can manage a scheduled play list for certain times. You can program certain songs to play at certain times.
  • It is even iPod compatible and iTunes compatible.
  • You can also schedule songs to mix seamlessly with one another.
  • It is a smart software program not just another cheap radio automation software progra.

3.) It has an easy Streaming Solution

  • MegaSeg has the ability to stream any play list you can muster up.
  • Combined with streaming giants such Live365 or QuickTime Broadcaster you can be up and streaming in a matter of minutes.

I am not just saying all of this to hype up MegaSeg because they don't need me to do that. I have yet to find another reasonable solution for an automated DJ software program for the Mac computer. The first time I can recall learning about MegaSeg was during a news broadcast about a radio station that went off air and the former employees started their own online radio station. The software they used was MegaSeg. I checked the program out and it was everything I thought it was. The latest version is packed with over 100 more features.

MegaSeg does require the use of a MacBook Pro, iMac or MacBook with the latest version of OS X. The reason why is that Mac's over a long period of time are cheaper to run and more stable than PC's. Mac's are also easier to use in my opinion. And with a program like MegaSeg that requires this kind of control and stability it only makes sense to use a Mac. MegaSeg works like a normal mixer. It has an intuitive interface and is easily manageable. You can mix QuickTime video, beat match and songs and manually cross fade your music. Here are some more features that make this software a must buy.

Runs on UNIX (OS X)

  • Cue and Preview Outputs
  • Automatic or Manual Control
  • Color Coded Request Lists
  • Playlist Scheduling
  • Video Playback
  • Sound Effects

And here is some other DJ equipment that you can use with MegaSeg with the audio output on your Mac:

  • The Griffin iMic - Apple product that attaches to your Mac that allows you to have multiple input and outputs.
  • Roland/Edirol - RCA Output device that attaches to you Mac
  • ION ICJ01 DJ Mixer
  • Numark DM950USB DJ mixer
  • Presonus FIREBOX - High quality FireWire based output device
  • Rane MP 4 - Rack mount mixer

So automating your online or offline radio station just got that much easier. With MegaSeg at the helm you can rest assured that your system won't go down when you're not around. But don't despair all you PC users out there, there is a whole bunch of radio automation software for PC's.

Twitter Marketing Strategy - A Simple SEO Blueprint to Power Your Twitter Marketing Strategies

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To find profitable keywords you need to select search phrases with high search volume and low competition. What is low competition for a keyword or search phrase is not well defined. It is not so easy to find reasons why particular website ranks very high. In general, there are some parameters that have significant influence on ranking and from those parameters it is, at least in theory, possible to conclude or estimate the strength of competing site. The most important parameters that indicate reputation and popularity of a web page are its PageRank, the number of links to it, presence of keyword in page title, description, meta tags and url, presence in DMOZ or Yahoo directories and the number of backlinks from gov or edu domains. To get all those parameters for one single page is a very time consuming task. The situation gets even worse when you would like to check more pages. Fortunately, there are special tools that can do such analysis in few seconds.

Every SEO software uses its own approach to analyze competing pages. Some calculate a magic number proportional to the strength of competition while others only display facts and the decision is left to the user. This approach takes more time and needs more experience but eliminates any possibility for wrong decision. The software automatically retrieves relevant parameters for top pages from the search result for a given keyword. The result is displayed in a form of table with colors indicating the strength of the specific parameter where green means weak competition. There is no simple rule to determine what those parameters mean. The evaluation of the strength of competition is not an easy task. You need to examine all the parameters from this table or matrix and check if there is any possibility to at least hope for high ranking of your page with this keyword. This process is especially difficult for beginners. They have very little knowledge or experience on how important is the PageRank, what is the effect of on-page optimizations or what is telling us the domain age.

With some time you will get basic feeling needed to determine how strong the competition for particular keyword is. In general, it is much better to have a clear picture of the top ranking pages then just a single number. While one simple number means simple comparison and decision for the user it also means much higher risk for wrong decision. There are many parameters that determine how strong the competition for a particular keyword is. This can not be converted into single number. This is where tools which provide complete analysis outperform competitive products. The SEO matrix provides all the data and it is up to you to evaluate those parameters and decide if this keyword is worth serious consideration or not.

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It is often said, by many search engine optimization experts, that Money Robot Submitter is great in 2017. Others proclaim that Link Building Tools are king. The simple fact is, if you are to be successful using Advanced Seo Software, all aspects of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are essential to the mix.

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Expand Your Business Online by Increasing SEO Ranking

If you want to become a successful online entrepreneur, you need to follow specific techniques. There are infinite methods and strategies to ensure success, but the main question is how to rise above specific obstacles. It is time to seek for experts' advice and follow your instincts. In addition, you need to learn about SEO (search engine optimization) solutions.

Make sure you look onto White hat SEO techniques that will ensure a natural ranking. Social networking sites are becoming extremely popular and you cannot be left behind. Apart from SEO you need to learn about SMO (social media optimization). Both techniques will help you achieve your online goals. Find out more about how to share information about your products and services. Within the most important things you should remember to determine the trendiest sites. This will help you invest smartly. Don't forget that there are many websites such as Facebook, ibibo, MySpace, Twitter, Flickr, etc. You must choose the most convenient path. This will help you maximize your online exposure.

All in all, SMO success depends on many factors like, patience, determination and willingness to learn new data. You should focus on developing rich content. Plus, you need to upload interesting data on a daily basis. In addition, you can opt for link building, which is an important point to achieve popularity. This will surely lead to an increase in traffic. Thus, your overall ranking will increase. Additional SMO methods include:

- Blogging. Creating a blog is quite helpful. This is an efficient and cheap option. Your blog will help you promote your site by easily sharing important data about your business.

- Forums. This is one of the simplest ways to promote your site keywords and links. It instantaneously allows users to join discussion forums about your products and services.

- Book marking. Tagging your pages to ensure optimal consumers behavior is a great idea.

Don't forget that you can always share your videos and photos. Social networking sites are great to stay in touch with people. Remember to follow rules that will allow you to gain benefits. Lastly, remember to update content on a regular basis. This includes updating your webpage with video, audio, photo, articles, etc. You can even create mash-ups. Despite your products nature, you can truly increase visibility.

Building influential content is a good idea. This is a vital aspect of any webpage. Don't forget to be yourself. You shouldn't fake it at all. Your identity matters and this is why you need to take baby steps.

2017 Link Building Tips

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Most people who have web sites wish that they had more traffic, that is to say that more people would be viewing their site. This is because if you are running an online business, the amount of revenue that your business generates tends to be closely correlated to the amount of traffic that your web site gets. If selling products, more visitors result in more sales. If displaying adverts such as Google's AdSense, more visitor result in more revenue from the adverts. In short, more visitors means more money.

One of the best way to increase traffic is to get more links (also known as "backlinks") to your site. This has a direct effect in bring more visitors - people surf the web by clicking on links. More importantly however are the indirect effect of increased backlinks - search engines tend to take backlinks into account when ranking sites in their results, and more backlinks tends to result in higher rankings and therefore increased traffic from search engines.

Traditionally, the way to get more links to your site is simply to exchange links with other sites. This can still be done, although of course these are two way links (both to and from your site). Exchanging links with other sites can also be quite tedious and time consuming, as you fill in forms, update your own link page, and monitor whether the sites that you've exchanged link with are maintaining their links to you. The answer to this is automation - you can use software like SEO Elite to take much of spade work out of link exchanges.

If you want to get one way links to your site the best method is to write your own original articles and submit to article directories. The articles' topics should relate to the subject matter of your own web site. Additionally, ideally each article should be a few hundred words and contain enough information to interest a reader.

Once you have written an article, you can submit to article directories. Such directories will generally accept good quality articles free, and many of them provide articles to other web sites, and your article may reprinted in this way. What you get back in return for giving away your articles, are backlinks to your site - at the bottom of each article you are generally allowed a resource box or "bio", may contain your URL or business details, etc.

There are at least several hundred different article directories - and you manually submitting to them all, could take an absolute age. As with exchanging links, the answer is automation - article submitter software can make the job very easy. Each accepted submission of course results in one resource box at the bottom of the article, and free one way backlink to your web site.

What is the Best Keyword Tool? - You May Be Surprised!

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SEO is not as hard as many would have you believe, and the rewards are immense. SEO is simple and hence it is not a rocket science. However, doing SEO is not easy, and though the SEO techniques are obvious, applying the right technique to the right site at the right time is the key.

Of course one of the best things is when you are able to find tools that will help you optimize your website for free, more on that in a bit.

SEO is often thought to be just a set of some technical tricks, and as a professional SEO, I confess to spending a lot of time with clients fixing technical issues. A site's structure though, is just as important. SEO is a mix of science and art. Keeping up with changing technologies and search engine industry consolidation is part of the picture, but only part. SEO is no longer just based on text analysis. In the age of universal search, SEO-based brand promotion has to include the way images, videos and text are added to the site to ensure visibility and relevance to key search terms used by consumers.

One of the most important steps when planning your website is to make sure that you spend adequate time doing keyword research. There are literally millions of pages out there on the internet, and no good will come of you creating a page that is already very similar to something that already exists. Keyword research consists of finding holes in the market where there is opportunity: a fair amount of people searching for a term where there are not a lot of websites out there already covering it.

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It is often said, by many search engine optimization experts, that Money Robot Submitter is great in 2017. Others proclaim that Link Building Tools are king. The simple fact is, if you are to be successful using Advanced Seo Software, all aspects of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are essential to the mix.

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10 Effective Ways to Build Blog Backlinks

Don't you hate it that SEO takes so much time and energy? And sometimes it doesn't even work!

Many of us use a whole lot of tools to help us with our keyword research, optimization, and link building. It becomes very hard to keep track of everything.

SEO Equalizer is an all-in-one set of tools that will do your work for you automatically and boost your SEO results.

SEO Equalizer lets you:

  • Submit to directories
  • Find link submission forms
  • Look for competitor backlinks
  • Manage email campaigns
  • Do a backlink analysis on your site
  • Use the Wordtracker keyword tool
  • Analyze keyword density
  • Check for banned websites on your site,
  • And more.

Here are 12 reasons to get SEO Equalizer:

1. SEO Equalizer is easy to set up.

2. It keeps you organized with it's clear-cut, intuitive, simple tab interface.

3. It saves you time by automating what you already do right now and doing it fast.

4. It probably does the job better than you as a piece of software usually is very thorough and meticulous.

5. It helps you do all the research, analysis, and optimization you need for your highly targeted keywords.

6. It lets spy on your competitors, analyze, and then duplicate what they are doing. Together with the other tools in SEO Equalizer, you might even surpass them.

7. It manages your emails to potential link partners.

8. It creates for you highly relevant link pages and uploads them to your server.

9. It prevents you from being linked to banned websites.

10. It lets you know when a reciprocal link has been dropped by your link partner.

11. SEO Equalizer was created by Jeff Alderson, the creator of Traffic Equalizer and AdWords Analyzer. From experience I can tell you that his customer service is excellent, even years after the software has been bought. He is definitely someone you can trust.

12. The price is low. For a limited time, SEO Equalizer costs only $77 and comes with an 8 week money back guarantee.

2017 Link Building Tips

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Kieran Gill and Imran S. are the creators of the new Auto Traffic Avalanche software and opportunity which is a automated traffic software that touted to help the affiliate marketer create a multitude of traffic through this unique software. So can you truly find instant success with ATA, or is this simply something you are going to have to work for? here is a simple review of the program and opportunity.

Auto Traffic Avalanche is a new traffic creating software designed by long time affiliate marketers Kieran Gill and Imran S. The automated software is touted to literally drive 1000's of individuals to your affiliate site, blog site or any other site you might have. The traffic program also claims to take as little as 13 clicks to set up and drive the much needed traffic to your site.

The software and opportunity itself is designed around what the creators call a glitch in the search engines, although I highly doubt search engines such as the leader Google have left any stone unturned, this is what the program is saying. Although the site itself does not give out much information about the so-called glitch you can see that this traffic generating program will be based around blogs, websites and other affiliate sites online through such types of marketing as what we see with automated systems through YouTube and becoming "friends". Simply put, an automated system of subscribing to other peoples blogs and websites as well as the other secrets to learn through purchasing the program and software.

What Auto Traffic Avalanche software and opportunity does not include such things as pay-per-click, PPV or any other paid for marketing as well as SEO, article or video marketing. If this all sounds too good to be could be. For those of us who have found success online it has come through solid online marketing training, coaching and mentoring and of course massive action and by massive action...I mean work. The ATA traffic software is legitimate whether or not it can truly create the windfall income it touts, well, that is yet to be seen.

Internet Marketing SEO

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Acquiring relevant backlinks to your website is one of the most important parts of any Search Engine Optimization campaign. The search engine's and especially Google value backlinks to your website as an indicator of your website's importance. If a large number of webmaster's have decided to link to your content then you must be an important information hub in your target keyword marketplace.

Link Popularity Checker - lists link popularity for all major search engines.
If you can manage to get a large number of links from similar or complimentary websites that are ranked high by the search engine's then your website should also start to climb the search engine rankings and increase the traffic to your site. Of course the quality of links, the anchor text of the links, the total number of links, the content of the page your link is on, how many outbound links are on the page, and the ranking of the page your link is on are all extremely important factors to consider when developing a linking strategy for your business.

When adding your links to resource directories where you have control over your link remember to utilize all the tools you have available to you to get the most out of the backlink to your site.

Place your keywords in img "alt" tags (if you have an image with your link), link "title" tag, and in the anchor text for your link. You have to remember that when a search engine visits a site that has a backlink to you that they have no idea what your website is about yet. Of course the search engine spider will make decisions based on it's evaluation of the webpage but you can help them (and yourself) out by applying these simple principles to all backlinks you have control over. If you are submitting to a directory make sure you place your link under a category that has your keywords in the title of the category if possible.

You also have the option of "buying" links to your website, a strategy that has worked and continues to work now, but the search engine's frown on this practice and have a tendency to black hole websites involved in "link farming" techniques. It's OK to purchase advertising or to seek out strategic partnerships for reciprocal linking of course but purchasing links for the sole purposes of boosting your search rankings is against Google's Terms of Service.

Trust me when I say Google can tell with pretty good accuracy who is buying their links and who is not. It really isn't that hard to tell and does not require that much analysis to figure out. You can perform this type of analysis for yourself, and you should do this to see what the competition in your market is doing. If you do purchase links make sure these are not the only links back to your site. The search engine's like to see a "natural" growth to the number and quality of your backlinks. Having a couple of high ranking links and no others is a big red flag. Any site that grows naturally will have a pyramidal distribution of links with the greatest number of links at or near the bottom of the ranking ladder.

So you don't want your site to get black holed but you do want to accelerate the rate at which your website climbs the search engine rankings and hence see the benefits of free targeted traffic to your website. The good news is there are several Search Engine friendly ways to improve your link popularity:

1. Write Articles and have them published

The search engine's love content filled web pages since these pages are providing information not just advertising. Writing articles related to your website topic and having them published on high ranking websites is a great first step to building your link popularity.

You may not have traffic coming to your site yet, but these article sites sure do. If someone likes your article a number of these article publishing sites will allow the user to download the article for use on their site. You are allowed to include a resource box with your article which you would obviously use to place a link to your website. Submit your articles to as many article submission sites as you can, they are hungry for your content.

2. Publish a Blog

This is a similar idea to writing articles except that you will have total editorial control of your Blog content. Feel free to weave in a few product and affiliate links where appropriate in your Blog content (something many article sites frown upon). Submit your blog to Blog and Web directories to help build the link popularity for your blog. Make sure you link your blog to your main website so anyone reading your Blog will be able to find you. You can also have your Blog syndicated via RSS to really explode your exposure. Be sure to add a resource box to the end of each article with a link to your website so that anyone syndicating your article via RSS will be able to find you. - the internet's most popular blogging service - run your own blog on your own website with this free php-mysql package - great listing of sites accepting RSS/Atom feeds, or Blog submissions.

3. Submit to Web Directories

There are literally thousands of Web Directories on the internet that will provide you a link to your site either for free, free with a reciprocal link, or for a fee. The most useful listing to have would be in the directory which is the largest and most respected web directory on the internet. Getting listed can take 6-9 months if at all so you will definitely have to add some other directory targets to your short term plans.

Yahoo! offers an express paid directory listing for $299 USD a year which may be worth the price for your particular website. There are also a number of Quality Free Web Directories that should be on your to do list. Remember to submit to the most relevant category and preferably one with your keywords in the title and link anchor text. - excellent listing of free web directories - the holy grail of free directory listings - information on Yahoo Paid inclusion

4. Purchase links or seek out Link Partners

As long as you are continuing to build your links naturally utilizing the techniques above you can supplement your backlink count with a few carefully purchased links on high traffic sites. This can give you a double benefit of helping you boost your link popularity and also provide you a stream of traffic from the website itself if you have targeted your purchase correctly. If your site is about real estate, consider purchasing links in a real estate directory that has a large amount of traffic.

5. Post in relevant Forums

Search engine's love forums because they are moderated by humans and have a lot of ever-changing content on them. These types of sites are indexed regularly and can be a great place to spread the word about your site and gain link popularity. Every time you post your "signature" is attached to your posting which should contain a link to your site if you have set it up correctly.

6. Provide valuable original content or tools on your website

Writing articles or having unique tools that people would find valuable on your website are great ways to build up backlinks without having to expend effort. If you provide a great tool on your site for free other webmasters will link up to your site without you having to solicit them. The internet is an information source for most people, so give them what they want.

7. Seek Out Complimentary Link Partners

If you find resources that compliment the services you offer on your website, consider contacting the owner's of these websites and trading links with them. Do not make these judgments based on the site's page rank but rather focus on how relevant the other site's content is to yours. - excellent program to manage your links directory

Google Tools (type these into the Google search form)

Allinurl: "keywords" - tells you all sites with "keywords" in their site URL

Allintitle: "keywords" - tells you all sites with "keywords" in the site title tag

Allinanchor: "keywords" - provides a listing of WebPages that contain "keywords" in the anchor text of links on those pages

Link: - tells you who is linking to competitordomain. These sites may want to link back to your site as well (also works on ).

For Yahoo:

Linkdomain: - same as link: for Google, MSN

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It is often said, by many search engine optimization experts, that Money Robot Submitter is great in 2017. Others proclaim that Link Building Tools are king. The simple fact is, if you are to be successful using Advanced Seo Software, all aspects of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are essential to the mix.

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Back Link Checker

Link popularity is one of the best ways to promote your
business. Search engines regard this as one of the
important aspects that accounts for up to ninety percent of
your search engine ranking. If you are able to get good
quality one way links to your web site then you will
dominate the free natural search engine listing rankings.
Just ensure that you include the anchor text for the
keywords that you are targeting in your links.

In this article I would like to go over some viral methods
that you can use to gain links to your website that will
assist in very good search engine rankings.

1) Build a good quality web site

This is one of the most overlooked methods of getting good
quality one way links to your web site. If you build a
large content web site that people want to link to people
will automatically do this without you even asking them. If
you look at web sites like Google, Yahoo and Youtube. They
caused a buzz on the internet and this is how they became
so popular.

2) Article marketing

This is my favourite method of traffic generation. It is
completely free and the leads that are generated are up to
ten times better than leads from other sources. Write
articles consistently and submit them to the major article
directories. These will be picked up by other web
publishers as well as creating a viral effect as they
publish them in their ezines on their web sites.

3) Promote using social media sites

If you are running a blog on your web site you can include
a plug in that will allow users that like your post to
submit it. This will significantly increase your links if
you have many people who favourite your post on a site like
Digg. The key here is to have a headline that catches
attention and usually a controversial post will more often
than not make it to the front page of Digg attracting
thousands of visitors.

2017 Link Building Tips

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If your SEO company has been telling you that it will take a minimum of 6 months for you to rank on the search engines you can be sure that the information is not very accurate. Its not that they are lying but just that they might not have the right kind of resources or they might not be updated with the right SEO techniques.

While a lot of companies and marketers believe that ranking is important for keywords that have high search volumes, they are absolutely correct. But behind the high search volume they forget to realize that the competition is equally high and hence you have to wait for 6 months before you can get a half decent rank for your website.

So what's the way out?

Well, the ultimate aim of SEO for you is to get traffic on your site, you might not care for which keyword you rank as long as there are a good amount of people coming to your site.

Here is the catch!

Your SEO provider optimizes the site for 5 keywords which have an average search volume of 3000 for instance. So you are basically targeting 15000 customers if you rank in the top 5 for that keyword. However these are intensely competitive keywords so you'll have to wait for long before you see your name there. On an average you would have spend USD 500/month to get there, which means that you spend USD 3000 for getting to the top. Is that a good ROI?

Rather you can opt for more keywords that have lesser competition. Like 30 keywords with an average search volume of just 500, the competition is not that severe but because of the higher number of keywords you might have to pay a little higher. Lets say USD 750/month but within 3 months you are on the top which means that you are still getting exposure to 15000 but the amount you pay to reach them is USD 2250 not USD 3000, a savings of USD 750!

Be updated about what your SEO company is doing, demand reports so that you can avoid being scammed.

Manual Submission Vs Automated Submission

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Any webmaster who is serious about making money online should invest in good SEO tracking software. While freebie websites will provide general information on how a site ranks for various keywords, tracking software provides detailed information on traffic generated from backlinks, social networking sites and more. A detailed SEO report will enable a webmaster to see whether the site's search engine ratings are improving or not. Seeing how a site is faring in search engine ratings will give one a clear idea of what should be done to improve the site so it can gain even higher ratings in the future.

Before choosing the right software, it is important to do a bit of online research. See which programs have good customer review ratings. Most good programs allow users a trial period of anywhere from two weeks to ninety days. It can be a good idea to try out various programs and see which one works the best. While there are many good programs, each webmaster is different and a program that is ideal for one webmaster may not be suitable for another.

Before downloading an SEO tracking program, it is important to check the program description carefully. Some programs only work on a Windows OS while others are specifically made for Mac or Linux. In some instances, a program may be quite large and may clash with other computer software. Checking the program specifications can save a webmaster a lot of problems.

Unfortunately, some good SEO tracking programs are a bit pricey. A webmaster with a limited budget may not be able to afford a top notch program. However, this does not mean that the average webmaster cannot track his or her search engine ratings for various keywords. As was noted above, there are some websites online that will do this free of charge. Furthermore, a newbie webmaster may not need all the features, reports, graphs and other amenities provided by an expensive SEO tracking program.

A person who is setting up a website for a first time will probably find that simple tracking software is the best option to start with. It will provide clear information in a way that a newbie webmaster will be able to understand. As the site grows and become more competitive, a webmaster can always switch over to an SEO tracking program that provides the information needed to keep track of a website's growth.

SEO tracking software is important. It helps one to see how his or her site is rating for important keywords. A webmaster using this software can then get a clear idea of what needs to be done to optimize a site so that its search engine ratings can improve.

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It is often said, by many search engine optimization experts, that Money Robot Submitter is great in 2017. Others proclaim that Link Building Tools are king. The simple fact is, if you are to be successful using Advanced Seo Software, all aspects of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are essential to the mix.

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Tips on SEO Tracking Software

I confess I became a Keyword Elite customer by accident. You see, I really wanted to get in on the initial intake of Google Cash Detective customers. Unfortunately I was busy at the time of its launch, and by the time I visited the order page I was informed that Google Cash Detective had sold out.

I was furious. I had waited weeks for the launch, counting down every day. But what was truly terrifying was my knowledge that the new Google Cash Detective customers would soon be monitoring and stealing my profitable AdWords campaigns. It was time for emergency measures. I decided to check whether there were any other software applications with similar capabilities. And I found several references to Brad Callen's Keyword Elite software.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that Keyword Elite might do almost everything I had been expecting from Google Cash Detective. And Keyword Elite has a price tag of just $176 so I was pleasantly surprised. Just a day earlier I had been ready to pay $497 for GC Detective.

I wanted to check whether this software lived up to its claims before purchasing it. I noticed that Brad Callen has a series of videos available on his sales page. You can basically "look over his shoulder" as he uses every single part of the software. I watched them all and that settled my final reservations. I was convinced, so I grabbed my credit card and purchased my own copy of Keyword Elite. The software was downloadable immediately and I had it installed on my computer within a few minutes. Learning to use it was a breeze, especially after watching the videos. Now let's look at what I discovered.

Keyword Elite is basically organized into five parts or 'projects'. Here is what each project will do.

Project One: Creating Huge Keyword Lists

Can you really generate keyword lists of more than 10,000 keywords in just minutes? I typed in "dog training" and within a few minutes I had a list of 2,000 words. Far less than 10,000 but my internet speed is quite slow and Keyword Elite was still working away. I decided to leave it running in the background while I did some other work. When I came back to look it was up to 19,776 words and still climbing.

That was good enough for me. I don't care about the three minutes - I just wanted to be sure it could generate huge lists much more quickly than the days it would take me to do it manually.

I was pleased to discover that Keyword Elite had intelligently added words such as 'dog behavior issues' which were related but didn't contain all of my original words.

Now what do I do with twenty thousand words? For a start I can filter out phrases containing certain words. And I can add on any word before or after every phrase. I can also add brackets in case I want to use the keywords in Google AdWords. And I can send all my selected keywords to Project Two.

Project Two: Analyzing Your Pay Per Click Competition

This project is for people using pay per click advertising to drive traffic to their web sites. For any keyword you can see the number of monthly searches and web page results, you can see both the R/S and the KEI - which I particularly like - and you can see an estimate of the required bids to obtain positions 1 to 3 at Google AdWords. You can also see at a glance how many ads are running at Google and Yahoo. Clicking on any keyword reveals a list of the URLs being advertised right now.

Project Three: Automatically Creating Web Pages Designed for AdSense

This project is for webmasters who create web pages for AdSense. At the push of a button the software quickly goes out and fetches articles that match your selected keywords, and then automatically makes a web page according to your preferred page template. Your AdSense code is already inserted in the page code.

Whatever timing issues I had with Project 1, this project easily makes up for. Earlier today I created 20 web pages based on some carefully selected high-paying keywords... in four minutes. That was only 12 seconds for each page! I was a little disappointed that not all of the articles were as well-written as I'd like but I'll go through them and probably throw a few away, keeping only the ones I like.

Project Four. Analyzing the Top Ranked Web Sites in Your Niche

I've been using page ranking tools for years, and this is the first time I've found one with all the information I want in one simple report. I simply type in a keyword phrase and a URL, Keyword Elite can fetch the top ranking web URLs for that keyword phrase. The report then shows me the Page Rank, the number of words on the page, the number of times the keyword is repeated, and the keyword. I can also see how often the keyword appears in the title, links, alt text, meta tags, bold text, and H1 heading tags. At a glance I know what my higher-ranking competitors are doing better than me.

Project Five. Spying on Your Competitors' Profitable Ads

I already saw who else was advertising on my selected keywords in Project Two. Now I can keep track of their campaigns. I set up a project here using their URL and the keyword. Keyword Elite runs and checks their ads every day so I soon learn how frequently and how long they've been advertising, and which position they're in.

I can now make a fair judgment whether their advertising campaign was profitable and take appropriate steps. For example I could copy their campaign, run something similar, or look for ways to do even better than they are, for example by writing better advertising copy or a better landing page.

At least I can get my revenge on those Google Cash Detective customers now! In conclusion, I have to say that I am truly impressed with Keyword Elite. It does so much more than most other keyword tools and costs considerably less. It has certainly been good value for money for me. I have saved several weeks' worth of time already!

2017 Link Building Tips

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Wondering how to generate backlinks with Pinterest efficiently? Don't worry much as there are simple and efficient methods for doing so. The gradual development of SEO standards has made generating backlinks all the more important for any website. This operation is also becoming more and more complicated and difficult to practice. But the introduction of certain free platforms like Pinterest has also relieved website owners considerably. You have on this platform the opportunity of developing many backlinks together in short time spans and making your site more valuable to browsers in the process.

The imagery should be perfect all over the profile

The first and foremost thing you must keep in mind is the images. You must provide attractive images from your website in Pinterest so that viewers are tempted. Pinterest is a platform primarily of visual nature. The images bridge the distance between the content of your website and potential users. So for generation of efficient backlinks, attach images to pins which are appealing to potential users. The procedure is very simple. Firstly, click on the usual option of creating a pin. Then type the URL of your website. Pinterest will instantly go through all images available on the site and put up the most attractive one. The page address is also attached to the image.

Optimize your profile

The optimization of the profiles on Pinterest is also very important. Half completed profiles can be very hazardous for your website. They give the users the impression of an inefficient website, or can even seem fraud-prone. You must provide a lot of information about the work that you do in your Pinterest profile. In the first place, the username must be precise and must reflect your business. It will ultimately act as your keyword so make sure it is compatible with your identity. The sections named about, the location and website should contain information based on the current status of your business.

Building Up the boards carefully

The boards that you have on Pinterest must contain information that is useful. This must bring out the concepts on which the brand is based and what it has to offer. The contents of the boards must be links and visuals that indeed turn out to be effective. This will decide the number of followers of your business. Each board that you have must be based on a good theme. It must also contain valuable information from your site as well as from other sources. To make this effective, conduct considerable keyword research and pick out keywords relevant to the niche which your business covers.

The benefits of Pinterest

The Pinterest platform is one of the most popular platforms for showcasing services provided by different businesses. It is usually considered that the operation of SEO for a website is incomplete without a Pinterest profile corresponding to that website. First of all, you can construct a community online that will prove useful for enhancing your brand value. This will increase the number of buyers. Secondly, Pinterest is undergoing continuous development and growth and thus emerging as a mega generator of internet traffic. These aspects help to maximize the online presence of your website.

Make your Business All the More Advanced

So you can pretty much understand how valuable Pinterest is to increasing the reach of a website to the whole population. Don't delay further and quickly build up a profile of your business in Pinterest. You will see your sale figures soar at increasing rates. You will also be able to develop a network of satisfied and pleased customers from around the globe. Hence your SEO functions will have a complete shape with Pinterest.

Quality Or Quantity Which is Important in Search Engine Optimization SEO Link Building ?

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The Super Network Marketers. Never heard of them?

No, it is not the newest super hero clan!

They are those marketers we seem to find all over the Internet. We can see their blog posts popping up for everything we search in Google and we can find their videos all over the place!

Did you ever wonder how they do it? I always wondered so I did some digging and I found it takes 3 steps.

1. Create A Lot Of Content!

Create content to post on your blog, on EzineArticles or on your favorite article directories.

There is no surprise here. If you don't create a lot of content, well, obviously people will not find you. So the first step is to create a lot of interesting and attractive content for your blog.

Don't over-think it. It doesn't have to be complicate. You have a lot of choices in what you can write about:

  • Network Marketing companies reviews: There are thousands of them so you will never run out!
  • "How-To" articles or videos: Create content that talks about generating leads, marketing methods, personal development, books you read, tools you used, etc.
  • Training overview: You watch a video training? Create a post about it and direct people to it. If you use My Lead System Pro, you have hundreds of hours of training to choose from!

Once you have your content on your blog it is time to start spreading it all over the place.

You can publish the exact same content to Better Networker, EzineArticles, your MLSP articles page if you use My Lead System Pro, some other articles directories. Don't forget to point this content back to your original blog post: Great promotion and strong backlinks!

2. Use SEOPressor for Top-Notch On-Page SEO

There are two notions in the search engine world, called on-page and off-page SEO. Off page SEO is all about promotion and links pointing back to your site. I won't get into details about it here as I can go for hours about it. On-page SEO is what I want to focus on.

On-page SEO is about optimizing your content: the way it is formatted, the way keywords are used, what header styles to use, how to add images for better search engine rankings, etc. This can be a daunting task if you are not familiar with it.

That is why I recommend to go the easy way and use one of the best plugin around in my opinion. It is called SEOPressor. I use it and so should you.

SEOPressor helps you do all those tweaking tasks in a visual, very intuitive way. It guides you through all of the important tweaks and give your post a SEOPressor score. The higher the score, the better the optimization.

I personally target a score of at least 70% for my keyword researched articles and I get most of my posts on the first page of Google in a matter a few hours to a few days.

Since I started the 100-Day business builder challenge, I have created one new article per day for my blog optimizing it with SEOPressor and I have published in all the places I mentioned above. Visits to my blog went up over 150% in one week

3. Syndicate Your Content Using TribePro - It's FREE!

Ever heard of content syndication? How about "Tribe" syndication?

My favorite, TribePro syndication is becoming more and more popular in the Network Marketing industry as it allows you to multiply your results without multiplying the time you spend on your content.

To explain it simple, it consist of groups of people coming together to mutually share each other content and spread each other content all over the Internet. It is very similar to having people coming to your blog and commenting, sharing on Facebook and syndicating to their Twitter accounts.

The advantage of the TribePro concept is that it automates a lot the process and allow to do all the sharing in one single place. This is how some Super Marketers began to have their blog posts or videos spread all over the Internet. From there on, some posts go viral and the flood of traffic begins!

The TribePro concept also add a second layer on top of it: being a member of a Tribe allows you to meet new people, build new relationships and even friendships with them and eventually find potential partners for your Internet or Network Marketing business. This is attraction marketing at its best!

When each of the Tribe members is committed and focus on adding his or her own content and on sharing fellow members content, all with succeed and see great increase in search engine rankings, blog visitors and new leads for their business.

So register for a FREE account of TribePro, join a public tribe and discover for yourself the power of TribePro content syndication.

The Bottom Line

Here you have it. If you follow these three techniques, put a lot of content out there, make sure your on-page SEO is as good as it can be and use the power of TribePro, you will see results in no time.

I know I have!

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It is often said, by many search engine optimization experts, that Money Robot Submitter is great in 2017. Others proclaim that Link Building Tools are king. The simple fact is, if you are to be successful using Advanced Seo Software, all aspects of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are essential to the mix.

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What is the Fastest Way to Get Listed in the Search Engines?

Decide for yourself if using automated linking software is worth the cost; in terms of money and search engine rankings.

Con: You don't have much control over where your links will be placed unless you manually approve each placement. But then, that's the point of automating the process, so you don't have to perform manual approvals.

Pro: It's easy. Let's be honest "1 million backlinks in days" is tempting. You can set and forget.

Con: It violates your natural linking profile. When you submit hundreds, or thousands, of links simultaneously, what do you think search engines do? They cringe. There's no way a human can submit thousands of links in a day or even few days.

Pro: It's inexpensive. You can buy most linking software for as low as $50 up to as high as $150. For thousands and thousands of back links, it's very inexpensive.

Con: It violates many sites' terms of service. More and more sites are turning down automated linking programs. As more sites turn away linking software, it will become much harder to find quality linking partners.

Con: It's not healthy for your website in the long run. Many search engines are discounting massive, automated link profiles. You may not get banned but you'll be wasting a lot of time with worthless links.

Con: It's not being used by webmasters who are getting high search engine rankings. If you want to do search engine optimization right, then you have to take the time to learn and work.

Most new webmasters who don't educate themselves about proper search engine placement succumb to these software fads. Once a new webmaster realizes he needs to get backlinks to get ranked well, his next task is to figure out how he can do that with the least amount of money and in the shortest period of time.

With the time, and money, that a webmaster spends on the latest linking software, he could have been learning legitimate backlink techniques. Or, he could have outsourced the task to a legitimate company.

I'm continually amazed at the obstacles people put in front of themselves by trying to "buy" something that does the work for them. What they don't realize is that every other new webmaster, or marketer, has tried the same thing with minimal success.

I hope you realize that "inexpensive" and "quick" are not good enough reasons to spend your money on automated linking tools.

2017 Link Building Tips

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The fact that you're reading this right now goes to show that you're in one way or another looking for easy ways to get backlinks to your website. The truth of the matter is, there are countless ways you can do this, but for the sake of keeping this article short and straight to the point, we will only be discussing 4 of the most popular ways to accomplish this.

Here they are:

1. Use SEO Backlinks Software

There are a number of software packages out there that are dedicated solely for helping marketers like you get backlinks. Examples of such are: SEO Elite and Traffic Travis - just to name two. Each software program works simply by pulling SEO and backlink information from high-ranking sites that are competing with yours, hence showing you where to place your links in order to outrank them.

2. Use Blog Commenting

Blog commenting has gone down as one of the most effective sources of backlinks. They allow you to place a link back to your website on another after making a comment on that site. This, like all the others, can be time consuming but there is certain software dedicated to making this a whole lot easier.

3. Use Article Marketing

Next is article writing. What happens here is basically based around marketers like you writing articles and posting them on article directories strictly for the purpose of getting backlinks. This process too can be quite tedious but a good way to get around it is to get someone else to do all the writing (or even posting) for you.

4. Use Direct Requests

Last but not the least, you could visit sites that are already established within your niche and send an email request politely asking they place your link on their website in exchange for you doing the same; that is placing their link on yours, too. This is known as reciprocal backlinking and is regarded as a slow method to get backlinks these days.

A good way to make all of this work for you is to use all the above if possible. It will drastically increase your backlinks and hence improve your search engine ranking.

How to Get High PR Backlinks Which Will Skyrocket Your Rankings! On Auto-Pilot!

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This question has been thrown around for so many times lately: what is SEO? It's not a new epidemic disease that people should be afraid of. It's not also a new food recipe that people must be craving for. In simple sense, it's not something relatively new. It is a phenomenon that has started to sprout in the world more or less ten years now. It is known as Search Engine Optimization.

Everyone does know what is website and how it is used. When using the search engines and trying to look for something like a product or a service, on their pages can be found results. Upon clicking on the results, the searcher will be brought to particular websites. Now, the question is why the sites on the first page of a search engine are there and not on some other page? On thing to figure out, that's because of SEO.

When websites are ranked higher than the other sites, the core factor is SEO. One SEO thing to consider is content relevancy. It simply means that in ranking the websites, Google for instance is looking for websites that are natural, quality and relevant.

In terms of contents, the more relevant are the contents, the more quality links will be generated for a particular website. With this, the chance for such website to be ranked in the top page is higher. In addition, SEO is all about using keywords that people use when they search for something through the Internet.

In order to have better search results, it helps to keep these three important things in mind:

1. Write posts with keywords that the readers use when searching for something using the internet, say a service or a product. These questions are analogical but relevant: "What am I looking for?" or "What words should I use to get the best, most relevant results?"

2. Keep on building links. Links help to show search engines that the web pages are important. Get links from other pages. It's all about link networking. Link building as part of SEO strategies plays a very important role since it is done to produce natural and quality links.

3. Continue what is being started. In trying to bring a website to the top page of the search engines, continue doing what is being started - the natural, quality and relevant processes.

SEO, to sum it all up, is simply making sure that a particular website can be found in the top page of the search engines.

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It is often said, by many search engine optimization experts, that Money Robot Submitter is great in 2017. Others proclaim that Link Building Tools are king. The simple fact is, if you are to be successful using Advanced Seo Software, all aspects of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are essential to the mix.

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How to Choose the Best SEO Software

A quick definition of Page Rank – a numerical value to measure the relative importance of the web page within the Internet. Wikipedia has a more detailed explanation at Put http:// in front for the full URL. Article sites do not allow an active link in the first paragraph. Page Rank was developed by Larry Page and Sergey Brin as part of a research for a new search engine. Guess what the name of that search engine is? Yep, Google.

The rank of pages in a website is a major factor that Google uses to rank a website. I commented in early December 2006 that the traffic to the RJO site had suddenly increased. This was due to RJO making it to the first page of the search engines. This was the same time that Google raised the page rank for the RJO home page to a page rank 3.

How do you find the page rank for a page? If you install the Google toolbar on your browser, the page rank will be displayed on the tool bar. Each time you look at a web page, the display will show you the page rank. It is handy to know if you are looking at a page that Google has ranked as valuable or if it is not rated.

Bottom line. If you are building a website, you need traffic to your site. The page rank of the pages in the site will determine where they rank on the search engines. Be on the first page of Google and you will get your traffic. Anywhere else, you are almost invisible.

Remember this when you are building your web site.

2017 Link Building Tips

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Wondering how to generate backlinks with Pinterest efficiently? Don't worry much as there are simple and efficient methods for doing so. The gradual development of SEO standards has made generating backlinks all the more important for any website. This operation is also becoming more and more complicated and difficult to practice. But the introduction of certain free platforms like Pinterest has also relieved website owners considerably. You have on this platform the opportunity of developing many backlinks together in short time spans and making your site more valuable to browsers in the process.

The imagery should be perfect all over the profile

The first and foremost thing you must keep in mind is the images. You must provide attractive images from your website in Pinterest so that viewers are tempted. Pinterest is a platform primarily of visual nature. The images bridge the distance between the content of your website and potential users. So for generation of efficient backlinks, attach images to pins which are appealing to potential users. The procedure is very simple. Firstly, click on the usual option of creating a pin. Then type the URL of your website. Pinterest will instantly go through all images available on the site and put up the most attractive one. The page address is also attached to the image.

Optimize your profile

The optimization of the profiles on Pinterest is also very important. Half completed profiles can be very hazardous for your website. They give the users the impression of an inefficient website, or can even seem fraud-prone. You must provide a lot of information about the work that you do in your Pinterest profile. In the first place, the username must be precise and must reflect your business. It will ultimately act as your keyword so make sure it is compatible with your identity. The sections named about, the location and website should contain information based on the current status of your business.

Building Up the boards carefully

The boards that you have on Pinterest must contain information that is useful. This must bring out the concepts on which the brand is based and what it has to offer. The contents of the boards must be links and visuals that indeed turn out to be effective. This will decide the number of followers of your business. Each board that you have must be based on a good theme. It must also contain valuable information from your site as well as from other sources. To make this effective, conduct considerable keyword research and pick out keywords relevant to the niche which your business covers.

The benefits of Pinterest

The Pinterest platform is one of the most popular platforms for showcasing services provided by different businesses. It is usually considered that the operation of SEO for a website is incomplete without a Pinterest profile corresponding to that website. First of all, you can construct a community online that will prove useful for enhancing your brand value. This will increase the number of buyers. Secondly, Pinterest is undergoing continuous development and growth and thus emerging as a mega generator of internet traffic. These aspects help to maximize the online presence of your website.

Make your Business All the More Advanced

So you can pretty much understand how valuable Pinterest is to increasing the reach of a website to the whole population. Don't delay further and quickly build up a profile of your business in Pinterest. You will see your sale figures soar at increasing rates. You will also be able to develop a network of satisfied and pleased customers from around the globe. Hence your SEO functions will have a complete shape with Pinterest.

Rank Builder Review - Why This Software Is Essential To Your Success

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By now, anyone who has dabbled in internet marketing or SEO for their website knows the best way to rank in the search engines is to link build for the keywords they wish to target. While the search engines use many different factors to determine site rankings, most experts agree that link building is one of the biggest. However, not all link building techniques are created equal.

As any true link building expert can tell you, there is a big difference between amateur and quality link building. True experts know that any link building campaign should be a balance of several different techniques which can include targeting less authoritative links through article marketing and forum participation as well as going after the big links, which typically include contextual and one way link building from high authority sites.

The goal of the search engines is relevant results - the number one result for a search should be a website that has the best chance of fulfilling the need of the searcher. If the search engines had their way, nobody would be actively seeking links - it would happen naturally based on relevance, usefulness and popularity of a site. Luckily, that's not the case.

Thanks to search engine optimization, we now know that we can engage in certain link building services and activities and actively help our sites to rank for our popular keyword phrases. Since the search engines call for ethical link building, the most powerful form of building links tends to be one way contextual links on relevant, high authority sites for keyword phrases you're targeting. Not only are they powerful links, but they look more natural to the search engines.

Contextual link building is one of the toughest, most time intensive link building techniques you can engage in - but the results are worth it.  Not only do the links help your rankings, but you should also receive traffic from people clicking on those links. Getting contextual links is about finding sites that use your target keywords in their content, and persuading them to link to your site using those keywords as anchor text. To the search engines, this looks like an authority site is actually recommending you as a resource for that keyword topic - the more of these you can get, the faster you'll climb in the search engine results pages, or SERPs.

Here are a few SEO link building tips on how to find highly relevant and trusted sites to request contextual or one way links from:

  1. Search your target keyword on Google and look at the top 100 sites. You want to get as many links from these sites as possible. To find the page on a site that is most relevant to your keyword, search Google with " keyword".
  2. Use a tool like Hub Finder (from Aaron Wall's SEOBook) or similar software to run an analysis of these top 100 sites and find additional sites that link back to two or more of your top 100 - then get links from as many of these sites as well, preferably right within content.
  3. If you can't get links from some of the top 100 (and it's tough, since many will be your competitors) examine their backlinks and try and get links from those sites. You can utilize Yahoo's "" search for this. Use the Google search mentioned above to find the page on the site that is most relevant to your keyword.

These three tips are some of the most powerful tactics you can employ when  increasing links to your site. By mixing these highly relevant and authoritative links with lower level links from article marketing, blog writing and forum/blog participation, you can create a long term link building campaign that is sure to boost your rankings. 

Keep in mind that building links is a long term process - rankings don't happen overnight (in most cases). But by engaging in ethical and quality link building, you will eventually see your site ranking for the keywords you've targeted. In the end, until the search engines drastically change their ranking methods, the site with the most links (and most POWERFUL links) will win the rankings race.

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It is often said, by many search engine optimization experts, that Money Robot Submitter is great in 2017. Others proclaim that Link Building Tools are king. The simple fact is, if you are to be successful using Advanced Seo Software, all aspects of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are essential to the mix.

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Blast Your Site to Google's Front Page

The year is close to the end and SEO consultants are already debating over the strategies and tactics that needs to be followed in the coming year 2017. Several has already researched and published several things and here are we. We have researched and compared several activities to identify which will work and where we did general silly mistakes.

After a clear indication and detailed research, we have identified few tactics that will definitely work in the coming year. Several had already in the marathon & performing much better and few are new (actually not new, but generally misguided prior).

According to the research, traditional approach of "off-page activities" and "on-page activities" will definitely work with few ideological changes. Lets discuss in detail:

On-site SEO Tactics (On-page activities)

To get ready to face hurdles in 2017, SEO Specialists should work first on On-site SEO Tactics. On-site SEO means the work done on the own website instead of other's. From site structure to website speed, it incorporates several factors, such as-

  • UI and Navigation - Great UI always leads to the conversions, user interaction and better impressions. While clear navigation helps to improve visit duration of an individual user. Included in it, they are an essential elements to get rank and get authorized by several active users and webmasters. Use easy navigational formats, proper context placement, elegant web design, etc. to provide better user experience.
  • Site Architecture - A proper architectural design will definitely lead to the ranking and also impact on user experience. While at the different side, it will help to recognize user behavior as well. Site Architecture promises to the proper alignment, proper placement of context and a clearer look. Follow standards of web design, include high level graphics, relevant videos, error-free content, and things to improve user click behavior.
  • Site Interlinking - Interlinking plays a vital role in site ranking. As it leads a user to different pages on the same website and shares the link juice to others, it helps to improve page rank as well as the keyword impressions on Google. Use proper linking structure and anchor on relevant keyword to relevant web page to get noticed by Google crawlers.
  • Site Speed and Crawl ability - Faster loading enhances user experience and help a website to hold users for more duration. To make your website faster on browsers just minify your CSS and JS file and enable the compression of your resources. Even you should work on caching functionality, which amazingly improves crawl speed.
  • Mobile Responsiveness - It is the most essential element to rank well on mobile devices and get higher rate of user interaction. Google has already announced the necessity of responsiveness in its previous update - Mobilegeddon. So, adopt responsive layouts to rank well on search engine's SERP for both desktop searches and mobile searches.
  • Schema Markup - To identify things accurately, we need few markups that define what it is, why it's used, who own it, etc. Similarly, search engines also needed few markups to identify site's elements. That's why Google itself created Schema Markups that defines the author, title, logo, and several other elements in a website. It helps to index accurately and return back for the accurate search queries.
  • Local Identity Markup - As per Google's Pigeon update, it's essential to include Local NAP (Name, Address, Phone no) to get ranked high for local results. This markup results much better for the geocentric searches. So, include your local identity and get ranked better in 2017.
  • Include Authorize trust signals - Authorized websites will get some betterment in the SERP, as they reveal their trust signals. Their trust signals can be their partner's logo, their SSL certificate, their trademark, etc. So, include trust signals to get user's trust, this is essential in the near future.

Off-site SEO Tactics (Off-page activities)

On a parallel side, expert digital marketers needed to work on Off-site SEO tactics to create a better presence on search engines. By making authentic, relevant and themed links, we can face the hurdles and overcome from the obstacles in the coming year. Let's discuss the major off-page activities that will lead in 2017:

  • Authentic Link Building - Authenticity comes first when we talk about user trust. Even for the search engine crawlers, authentic link building makes a website trustworthy and helps to improve impressions on a search engine. So, try to get better outbound links websites or from highly ranked (high DA, PA and PR websites).
  • Content Marketing - Content appears as one of the most important factor in SEO and used as a lead tactic in off-page optimization. From traditional activities to the modern assignments, content used everywhere. But not ordinary, having creative, unique and effective content is essential for better impressions on search engines and it affects the user behavior as well. So, use relevant, grammar-free, unique, expressive and out of the box content for your SEO campaigns in 2017.
  • Authorize Guest Networking - The term networking will impact negatively for the crawlers and because of that, Google somehow didn't recognize Guest networking for ranking. But if it used in a positive aspect, guest blog networking will impact much better. As they are highly relevant, most authentic and user centric, so, they directly lead more users to a website.
  • Keyword Optimization - Every strategy begins with the selection of relevant keywords, who takes the lead and makes a website visible in SERP for different search queries. Proper placement of keywords in a content (i.e. Keyword Density) and the proximity are essential to get benefited through selected keywords. So, use highly relevant keywords, keep focus on density and proximity, use them in headings and title, etc.
  • Local Listing for all - As per Google's Pegion Update, local results will completely influence by local listings, NAP and local keywords. By doing local directory submissions, local citation, classifieds on local portals and promotions using local keywords will improve the rank for local searches. So, try to involve GEO specific keywords and local listings in your strategy for 2017 SEO.
  • Active Blogging - Be active to make your promotions worthy. As content marketing is an essential tactic of promotions, blogging is another way of content marketing. On your own blog, company's blog or on other's relevant blogs, continual blogging will improve your impressions. So, actively write informative, effective and relevant content for blogging purpose.
  • Themed Linking - In 2017, try to focus on thematic linking, as it shows more relevant and attract targeted audience. Themed linking simply means to the conceptual back linking or getting backlinks from similar concept websites. So, try to search relevant and similar theme sites through competitor analysis, backlink check or searching Google for similar content and place your backlink there.
  • Link Reclamation - Another technique that will give assurance for the better results. Reclamation simply means to recreate broken links by making them revive. For that you can search broken links on highly authorized websites such as Wikipedia, and target relevant thematic content towards your own website. So rebuild your authenticity by using link reclamation in 2017.
  • Client Testimonials/Reviews - Recommendation always improves user trust as well as the Google's. By asking client testimonials and reviews (obviously positive) on different portals, such as Google business page, Facebook Page, Glassdoor and others, will enhance the ranks and impressions. So, ask positive reviews and testimonials from clients to rank well in 2017.
  • Improve Visual Content Engagement - Text only content can't make you enhance your user stay on the website. As it somehow makes them bore and ruin their experience. Even no-one has time to read huge content. So, try to involve expressive and engaging visual content such as graphics, images, videos, animations, etc. to improve user engagement and to reduce bounce rate.

Social Networking Tactics (Social Signals)

Previously, these are known as a part of "Off-Page Tactics", but now they have an individual preference and an impact on ranking and impressions on search engines. As a recommended tactic, these signals also consider to make conversions and direct connection. So, that's require to keep your faith and focus over social signals and work on its elements, such as-

  • Social Activeness - Be active on social networks to create a recognized identity. A post on a daily basis can help you to transform your business page into a brand and aware relevant audience about your services, products and features.
  • Improve circle/Friend list of relevant fields - Be clear about the audience before selecting one as a friend on your business account. As it is solely for promotions and conversions and somehow work as a showcase, but only for the relevant one. So improve your friend list with most relevant users, which can help you to generate more pennies in less promotion.
  • Enhance Network - Along with the enhancement in friends, that's also essential to be a part of different, but relevant communities and groups. It will help you to enhance your reach in the same industry and improve the chance of conversions.
  • Active Blogging on Social Networks - As an emerging platform, social networks are the perfect place to do blogging. As they guarantee about the self promotion and highest reach on a single post, they also assured you about more user interaction. Even the content placed on social platforms such as - Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, Stumbleupon, etc. will get high authority and index sooner.
  • Ask for Social Reviews - Social networks worth a lot to make your business a brand. So, be active on it to be always identified, authorized and recognized by several. Even, never leave a single day without interacting, sharing your thought and asking your circle for the reviews. As these are much appreciated way to get ranked on search engines.

Analytics and rapid check (crosscheck activities)

Google used to change its search algorithms on a regular basis (several times in a single year), which caused for the failure of several tactics and also amazingly improve few ones. In those changes some are seriously the giants such as previous - Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, Mobilegeddon, Pigeon and RankBrain.

So, it's an essential thing to cross check the work by keeping eyes on a few things, such as-

  • Google Tool Analysis - As an SEO consultant, we are used to with these tools and connected with them regularly. Even these are essential to calculate traffic and to analyze site errors. Moreover, that tools like Google Analytics and webmasters can be utilized to improve the site's crawl ability, sitemap indexing, user behavior, manual penalties, and much more.
  • In-Page Analysis - To identify user's behavior on a single page, we generally use In-Page Google Analytics tools. This clears out the user flow, means on which direction user reads the content and interacts with which context more. With a clear percentage, we can analyze the context worth and according to that we can modify our context.
  • Performance Measurement - To identify the worth of work, we need to do performance measurement on a regular basis. It includes backlink checking, broken link checking, 404 checking, link error checking, authority checking, etc. By the rapid checkup, we can make ourselves assure about the results and it will help us to prepare further strategies.

Few last words

We have stated about SEO in 2016 at the end of last year along with relevant infographic and as now, this year is near to end. As like previous year, we had done a few researches and analysis this year as well to identify what will work better in the coming year 2017. We squeeze our research and come with the details here. We had four major sections that need focus in 2017 and SEO specialists needs to keep their eyes on "on-site tactics", "off-site tactics", "social signals" and "analytics".

2017 Link Building Tips

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If you're striving to make your search marketing campaign well-organized and profitable, you'll definitely need reliable SEO tools. Today the industry provides website owners with a bulk of internet marketing software that caters for a variety of their needs. Still choosing out of this diversity is not simple. This article is aimed at reviewing most popular SEO tools, both free and paid.

SEO tools might be divided into those from search engines and the third party ones.

SEO Tools Provided by Search Engines

The first group includes Google AdWords Keyword Tool, Google Webmaster Tools, Google Suggest, Yahoo! Site Explorer, and Yslow.

Google AdWords Keyword Tool

The tool is meant for attracting more pay-per-click advertising, giving you ideas about popular keywords, advertiser competition, and approximate search volume. You can apply this SEO tool to generate an optimal list of keywords, and then use them all through your website with higher occurrence.

Google Webmaster Tools

This software generates detailed reports on your pages' visibility in Google and enables you to adjust your basic configuration setting. Armed with this software, you can add the latest versions of sitemaps, edit crawler access, adapt site links, change URLs, revise geographic targeting, preferred domain, and even crawl rate.

Google Suggest

This one generates 10 frequently searched for phrases based on the word you have specified.

Yahoo! Site Explorer

This tool allows studying pages indexed by Yahoo! search. It indicates the most popular pages from any site and tracks down the links pointing to your competitors, thus allowing you to request backlinks from the same resources.


This software is designed to help you speed up your page response time by pointing at the features that effect high performance. Based on 22 rules, Yslow analysis enables you to improve web page load time up to 50 percent.

3d Party Tools

Most efficient and renowned third party SEO tools reckon Majestic SEO, Wordstream, SEMRush and SEO Power Suite.

Majestic SEO

This link analysis tool utilizes its own website crawlers. Armed with Majestic SEO, you will be astonished with the wealth of data that is related to the backlinks: anchor text, history, domain and ACRank. Moreover, this SEO tool unveils true-to-life data, often misrepresented by large commercial search engines.


This program is aimed at maximizing your efforts for SEO and PPC campaigns. Unlike the free-of-charge Google AdWords and Google Suggest, this SEO tool makes use of diverse data coming from several major search engines and analyzes it. As a result, SEO professionals and website owners get to know specific keywords that searchers use to find their websites, add those words to their PPC campaigns in accord with the categorization rules they define.


This keyword and competitor research system provides reports on keywords, competition in organic and paid results, AdWords ad texts, potential ad buyers and sellers. The most powerful aspect of this tool is the ability to export data, specifically via the API.

SEO PowerSuite

The last but not least is SEO PowerSuite, a well-rounded toolkit that will help you with the multifaceted process of search engine optimization and considerably improve your website's search engine performance. Comprising four separate programs - Rank Tracker, Website Auditor, SEO Spyglass and Link Assistant - SEO PowerSuite provides a most comprehensive approach to improving Internet marketing efforts.

Free Website Analysis

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If you have an online business and crave success, social bookmarking is one of the main things you need to do. This is because social bookmarking can assist your customers to get the access to your website easier and faster. Another reason for doing such a thing is that you can obtain more backlinks. These backlinks are able to help you generate traffic.

However, this mission is not easy to accomplish. Besides, this takes many hours of yours. If you do not know how to do it, there is a great solution you may like. Hiring a social bookmarking service company is the solution. If this solution sounds interesting, you will like to read some tips on how to find the best social bookmarking service company below.

Choose an Experienced Company

In order to get the best result, it is recommended that you hire an experienced provider. These days, there are a lot of social bookmarking service providers out there. But only a few companies have many years of experience in the field. So, before you decide to hire a company, it is better for you to make a research first. The problem you may have when it comes to deciding the right company is the difficulty in finding some objective customer comments about the quality of the company that interests you. In this case, you can find other sources that provide customer comments or reviews about the company you want to hire.

Choose a Company That Provides Services at Reasonable Prices

Some social bookmarking service providers may charge you high prices for their services. In order to find a company that charges you reasonable prices, you need to learn the quality of the services some companies have to offer. It will be better for you to spend more hours to compare more companies. This way, you can save much money. However, it is recommended that you hire the one that offers you cost-friendly services.

Choose a Company That Uses Manual Submissions

Seeing the fact that there are a lot of tools out there, it is necessary for you to ensure that the company you are going to hire offers you manual submissions. It is because manual submissions are effective to lead people to your site.

Just keep in mind the three important things when you intend to hire a social bookmarking service company. If you make a good decision, there is no doubt that you will get many benefits. Your website traffic may increase every day.

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