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It is often said, by many search engine optimization experts, that Money Robot Submitter is great in 2017. Others proclaim that Link Building Tools are king. The simple fact is, if you are to be successful using Advanced Seo Software, all aspects of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are essential to the mix.

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How to Build an Unlimited Amount of Backlinks and Dominate the Front Page of Google Almost Overnight

Backlinks are links that lead to your web site. In general, the more backlinks that there are to your site, and the better quality sites that these backlinks are from, both tend to increase your own web site's ranking in search engines. Obviously backlinks are not the only factor that search engine use in ranking web sites, but they are known to be quite important.

Search engine optimization, or "SEO" as it usually known for short, is an important marketing activity for web site owners. Basically the idea is to achieve the highest rank possible for your site in the search results, when people search on relevant keywords. The purpose of this is obviously to increase the number of visitors to your site ("targeted traffic"), and thus hopefully boost revenue and profits, whether those be derived from sales, from affiliate programs, or from advertising.

Given what I have told you about backlinks, it should be obvious that increasing the number backlinks to your site is important. There are several ways that this can be done:

1. The first option is pay other sites to link to you. Apart from the cost, the downside for this, is not all sites are willing to accept paid links, and additionally some search engines have made statements saying that they are opposed to the practice (and may potentially ban sites involved in such schemes).

2. The second option is to provide interesting content on your web site, and hope that other people will link to it. This type of content is known as "link bait", however this marketing can be hit and miss - you're simply hoping that other people will decide to link to you. Besides which, other webmasters may not even know about your site (let alone wish to link to you), if you don't have a good ranking to start with.

3. The third option is to exchange links with other sites. This is free, but obviously, the main issue is that you need to link back. In the past, the process of exchanging and managing link exchanges was quite time consuming, but today, if you use software like SEO Elite, you can automate all the spade work.

4. The fourth option, and the one that gets you free one way backlinks to your site, is to write articles and submit them to article directories. This can generate lots of traffic, and since there are hundreds of different article directories, can get you hundreds of backlinks. Obviously, manually submitting even one article to hundreds of different article directories is incredibly time consuming, so you will want to get hold of software such as Article Submitter, as this can automate the job.

2017 Link Building Tips

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Title and Meta Tags

Good search engine optimization includes several factors that are explained in these SEO articles to help you achieve better search engine placement. Most of the advice given can be achieved almost immediately, where as other factors explained will take a lot of your time and effort. If you are serious about SEO then you're on the right track. Please note that the tips mentioned in these SEO articles are used by SearchBliss and some of the information stated is merely our opinion.

Before you begin reading these articles, please keep this in mind. The most important advice I can give you is to build your web pages with your visitors in mind. We have all been to sites that "don't make much sense" as a result of webmasters targeting keywords that they have trouble placing into readable text. You can have thousands of web site visitors each day, but it is useless traffic when they exit your page out of frustration, and they may never return.

Targeting the Right Keywords

Choose the right keywords. This is extremely important. Optimizing a site takes a lot of time, patience, and hard work. Doing this targeting the wrong keywords can be devastating. Find relevant keywords that are searched for often. Make sure you target "phrases" rather than single keywords. For example, targeting "hosting" alone will not help you. There are too many search results. But targeting "web hosting provider", "web hosting service", and "hosting business" will get you more realistic results (and a ton of traffic). Plus you are still targeting "hosting". I would suggest targeting ONE "reach phrase" and TWO "realistic phrases". Three phrases may seem like a lot, but not when one or two keyterms is in all three phrases. When this occurs, things don't get watered down, giving better results.

Let's begin with the "bare bones" of SEO. Title tag and meta tags. Most search engines give little to no relevance to some of these, however, since no one really knows how they are factored by each engine, they are still important steps in optimizing any web site.

1: The TITLE tag

Here is an example Title tag which should appear in-between the tags of your web page(s):

My Business Title

The title tag is very important. Why? Because search engines not only give it value in relation to optimization, SE's use it in their search results. Search on ANY search engine, and you'll see the content of this tag used in the anchor text of the links for each web site. Here is a little experiment. Follow the Google link (opens in a new window) and take a look. Google Experiment

There are 28,100,000+ pages in Google with the title tag


So most of the web page links displayed are Untitled. Why? Because who ever built these web pages used an editing program that adds the title tag, and they never changed the title text.

So what should be in the title tag? The name of your business or web site with the "keyword phrase" you are targeting. For example, your business sells "watches". This is a broad search term and using it alone my not work out for you. There are 42,500,000 estimated search results in Google. However searching for the term "Swiss watches" I get 2,760,000 estimated results. The likelihood of your site appearing in the first 3 pages of Google is much more realistic using "Swiss watches". Plus, the keyword "watches" is still present, so you are actually targeting both terms.

Here is a good title tag using this example:

Search Engine Optimization Inc, SEO Tools

Keep it short and to the point. Targeting too many keywords can "thin out" your website's relevance.


Here is an example description meta tag which should appear in-between the tags of your web page(s):

The description meta tag is less important for optimization, but it is still utilized by the search engines. Google for example, will use the web pages body text, image alt tags, and yes even portions of the description meta tag will show at times. The body text and alt tags will be discussed later on in these articles.

So in my opinion, it is important enough to use. The best way to use it is to place your keyword phrase inside this meta tag "once", then split up the phrase and add the keywords again separately. But keep it readable, and avoid too many comas. This can be viewed as "spam", so don't do it or your site could be black listed and ignored by search engines all together. Also, use two sentences maximum and avoid "sales pitches" like "The best shop ever", and so on.

Here is a good description meta tag using the "watches" example above:

Notice that "SEO" and "TOOLS" appear twice, but the second time is split with the term "SOFTWARE" (SEO software being a secondary targeted keyword phrase).

3: The KEYWORD Meta Tag

Here is an example keyword meta tag which should appear in-between the tags of your web page(s):

The keyword meta tag is believed one of the LEAST recognized meta tag by search engines. It carries very little weight when it comes to search engine optimization. However, it is not ignored by all engines. For example, through my own experiment, I have used a single keyword (like spaloof - which means nothing) that had very little if any results when searching for it. After being indexed, SearchBliss had appeared at the top of MSN. The keyword was NO where else on SearchBliss. Only in the keyword meta tag. This says to me that some search engines DO give the keyword meta tag some weight. So as a result, I still use the keyword meta tag.

I suggest adding your target keywords 3 to 4 times without REPEATING THE SAME TERM. This is viewed as "spam". Spam example: Swiss watches,Swiss watches,Swiss watches,... This is more commonly know as "keyword stuffing". It also applies to everything else being covered is these articles.

Here is a good keyword meta tag using the "SEO Tools" example:

Notice that the keywords listed 3 times (SEO & tools) are not only split up using other key terms, but are also never too close together. I do this by adding other keywords/phrases in-between the ones with the target terms. The term "SEO tools" only appears together one time.

There are also several other meta tags like the "abstract", "robots", etc. But I feel that there is no need to cover these. I believe they are not an important part of search engine optimization and have no use in these articles. Build title and meta tags now, then optimize your meta tags.

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In this article, I would like to talk about the new product from Paul Walker 'Affiliate Cash Ultimatum'. You will find my honest opinions in this review; you won't find any fluff here! I will tell you EXACTLY what you will be getting when you sign up for this course and how you can benefit from it.

Ok, let's get started...

What is Affiliate Cash Ultimatum?

In a nutshell, it is a COMPLETE training course that teaches people how to make money online the legit way; meaning that you won't find any BLACK-HAT method that might work for awhile and stop working tomorrow. All the strategies and techniques taught in this course are 100% WHITE-HAT and legal.

The entire course consists of a BLUEPRINT, 23 training videos, worksheets and ACTION PLANS.

If you sign up for this course, make sure you start by reading the BLUEPRINT first as it outlines in details the entire process of making money online. Then, watch all the videos so you know exactly how to execute the steps discussed in the blueprint.

Basically, the lessons are broken down into 3 main parts:


Here you are going to learn how to do a proper market research, choose a profitable niche market, and pick the right products to promote. I would like to emphasize that these are some of the most vital steps that you must learn how to do it right from the beginning. If you do these steps right from the start, you have basically won half the battle. So, do not skip this part!


The focus of this part of the course is on Affiliate Marketing - that's selling other people's products. However, the strategies and techniques covered can also be used to promote your own products. Paul Walker (the creator of this course) will take you by the hand and walk you through all the steps to affiliate success. He also teaches you how to build a profitable email list, how to sell and how to do a proper follow-up.


This part picks up where the previous one left off... It reveals more advanced methods (especially traffic generation) that you can use to scale up your business and make more income as a result. It covers a lot of techniques here. You don't need to implement all of them as some of the methods are quite time consuming - just focus on one technique at a time!

How does Affiliate Cash Ultimatum benefit you?

If you are doing affiliate marketing, this course will provide you the step-by-step blueprint to follow. You could definitely benefit greatly from the training videos as the author shows you the exact process or steps you should take to succeed in promoting affiliate products.

Another question that get asked often is...

Is the course newbie friendly?

The answer is yes, although the course covers some advanced stuff but it also covers the basics so the newbies can follow along.


Affiliate Cash Ultimatum is a very decent course for those who want to know the exact process of making money online. It provides a complete blueprint, video tutorials and action plans. Both newbies and more experienced users can benefit from this course.

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It is often said, by many search engine optimization experts, that Money Robot Submitter is great in 2017. Others proclaim that Link Building Tools are king. The simple fact is, if you are to be successful using Advanced Seo Software, all aspects of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are essential to the mix.

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Choose the Best SEO Solution

If you are struggling to get SEO or web marketing clients here are five easy steps to not only get your foot in the door with just about any company, but walk out with cash in your hands too.

1) Find and rank local companies that are now spending money on ads and already have a website. This is critical. You want companies that have shown an interest in growth. Not companies you have to fight tooth and nail to do something more than just sit back waiting for business to somehow 'magically' come to them.

Visit their website and grab all the keywords they are using in their meta tags. Next go to Google and check each of the keywords and the company's position in the search engine for those keywords. Here you are looking to see what keywords THEY think are important, and how well those keywords are ranked. Why? Because it is always much easier to sell people what they want than to try to force them to buy what we might want to sell.

2) Cold call. But don't call with the idea or intent of trying to sell anything. If you make a sale, great. But don't make that your focus or your intent. Cold callers are an interruption. In most cases an annoying one. Set yourself apart from the plethora of 'snake oil' dealers by being authentic and low-key. Instead of walking in trying to sell something, try to set an appointment with the decision maker. If they are interested and feel a sense of urgency they will talk to you right now. Don't push for it though. Set the appointment.

3) No matter what online services you plan to offer, once you find interest, offer two or three options for your services. Let the buyer choose option-a or option-b or option-c. Never offer just one option. I learned this the hard way. A single option is equivalent to an ultimatum.

4) Get a check in hand for your services.

5) Walk out on cloud-9!

Sounds simplistic...and it is. Mostly.

You do need to have a bit of credibility under your belt. A solid track record helps. But that's pretty easy to get when you know what you're doing. After you have a bit of credibility in place and follow the easy steps above, you really can walk out not only with your next SEO or web marketing client, but with cash in your hands too.

Note to Publishers: You may publish this article in your newsletter, on your website, or other online or offline publication as long as the article content is not altered. Online the resource box must include an active link to my site

2017 Link Building Tips

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Directory Submission plays an important role in making a website back link. Though it is easy, but if it is not done properly then you may not complete benefit of directory submission.

There are two types of directory submission providers today, one manual directory submission providers who submit your website manually to each directory in a desired category. Other one use software for it, the software has inbuilt list of directories to submit to. It will ask your site details such as title, description and URL, mail id and start submitting your website. The advantage of using automated software is that is fastly than manual submission. While it can take you at least 15 days to submit your website to 1000 of directories, while using software it won't take more than an hour to do so. That's why some people prefer automated submission over manual submission.

Though it is fast, but still most of the Seo or link building companies do not prefer using it, since it has many problems associated with it. Some of the areas where it failed to compete with manual submission are

  • Do not read submission Guidelines: Directory Submission Software does not read any of the directory guidelines. Every directory has its own set of guidelines, which each person before submission of his website must read it. For instance, if a directory guidelines states that it won't accept internal pages of website or anything adult related then it means that it will reject these kinds of sites immediately. Problem with Software is that it doesn't read any of directory guidelines, just submit the website blindly in it leading to website rejection. If the same thing done manually, at least one thing is guaranteed your site will have less chance of rejection.
  • Category Selection: Software always asks for a category before starting submission. However, if it doesn't find a suitable category it in a directory, it skips it and chooses another directory. Most of the time it finds a desired category, however the problem occurs when it is not able to find the desired category; it just skips it rather than finding another suitable category for your website. And if category related with your website is not found most of the directories. It skips majority of them leading to no submission at all. While in manual submission, a person does not leave a directory if it is not able to find a desired category, it tries to find a suitable category. Using manual submission, one thing is sure that if you want your website to be submitted 100 directories, your website will definitely be submitting it; he won't skip like automated submission.
  • Low Approval Rate: Though automated submission is fast, but approval rate in directories is low compared with manual submission. The reason is that automated submission does not look at the review time taken by a directory for a website. It does not look at how much time a directory is taking for reviewing a website, if a directory takes too much time then it won't give any benefit to your website. However, automated submission does not look this thing, it just submit a website in a directory blindly whether it takes one year to approve it. This leads to low approval rate. While in manual submission, a directory submitter skips that directory which takes too much time in website review. He knows that it is of no use submitting a website into such a directory since most of the directories do not take so much time, he submit your website into those directories who do not take more than 1 week in reviewing your website. This leads to fast approval rate using manual directory submission.
Yes, Automated Submission is fast, but when efficiency and effectiveness of directory submission is concerned, manual submission is much better than Automated Submission. If you still prefer to use automated submission, make sure that the software reads directory submission guidelines carefully, have a wide range of category selection available and fast approval rate in directories.

How to Get First Search Engine Ranking

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More than 10 lakh students appear for the Joint Entrance Examination every year. But apart from deciding to make a career in Engineering, it is even more important to decide the Engineering Stream in which one wishes to do his or her specialization.

There can be of course two ways of choosing your stream, first is by keeping in mind your interest and second is by choosing a stream that pays more. One should debunk the popular myth that the branch which is most popular is the one that pays the most. In the end it all comes down to the hard work that a student can put in his studies and the reputation of a particular institution.

Here we have listed down the popular engineering branches and the things that a student should keep in mind while opting for that branch.

Computer Science Engineering:

If one keeps in mind that he or she has to work in India, then one need to understand the demand of the engineers in the field of services. The service sector in India is currently growing at a tremendous pace and the demand for the software engineers, who can provide technological solutions, is increasing as well. So, one can opt for this stream, but only if when has a grasp over coding. One should also remember that the demand of the software engineers is not going to stay forever.

There is a salary offered to the graduates from CSE stream, that ranges from 2.4 LPA to 8.5 LPA, by different MNCs. The giants like Facebook and Google, offer a salary package of approximately 1 crore for the graduates of IITs and NITs.

Mechanical Engineering:

This is one of the core branches and requires heavy- metal and robust work. This sector is forever growing in India and the all the industries that require heavy metal work employ the mechanical engineering graduates. The railways, metros, shipyard industry is growing and automobile industries will keep on growing. So, there is plenty of scope for the engineering graduates to secure a good job in this sector.

The annual salary of a mechanical engineer ranges from 1.8 LPA to 5 LPA.

Civil Engineering:

This is again counted as the core branch and is since the earlier times, civil engineers were considered to be the best engineers. They helped in building the infra structure if the nation in the forms of roads, bridges, dams, ports etc. the demand for the civil engineers tempered down, but since the early 2000, the demand has again increased due to the demand in the infrastructure development. The site engineers, architectures etc are back in the market.

The annual salary given to a civil engineer by the various construction companies varies for 3 LPA to 5 LPA.

Electrical Engineering:

This is the oldest of all the core branches and even the IT sector employs various Electrical Engineering graduates. They are employed in the sectors where heavy metal work is to be done.

The salary for an electrical engineer varies from 1.8 LPA to 4.5 LPA.

Electronics and Communication Engineering:

This is the culmination of the core electrical branch and the communication branch. With the ever increasing demand in improving the mode of communication, this branch is popular now a days. The students are taught the coding subjects along with the electronics subjects requiring the designing of the TVs, phones, mobile networks etc.

The salary of an ECE Engineer varies from 1.5 LPA to 3.5 LPA.


There are many other branches that comprise of combination of various branches like the electronics and instrumentation or aeronautical engineering or chemical engineering.

In the end, it is for the students to keep in mind that while choosing their branch, they should have a long term vision and not restrict themselves to the branches that are popular during a particular time, so as to have the long term and maximum benefits out of their education.

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Money Robot Submitter KullaniMi 2017

It is often said, by many search engine optimization experts, that Money Robot Submitter is great in 2017. Others proclaim that Link Building Tools are king. The simple fact is, if you are to be successful using Advanced Seo Software, all aspects of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are essential to the mix.

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Search Engine Optimization Reports - Accuracy and Precision

How do you Get Trusted by the Search Engines?

Gaining the trust of the search-engines requires the use of a search engine optimist. The SEO will evaluate your business' current positioning on the Internet.

The SEO consultant will create a tailored, long-term and short-term plan to bring more visibility and exposure to your website.

One of the things that turns most business owners away from pursuing SEO is the costs associated with the service. Many business owners feel as if SEO Consultants are out to "nickel and dime" them. However, you must understand that the goals of your business will directly influence the costs of your optimization. The fact of the matter is that SEO is a vast theory, which incorporates many different aspects of Internet marketing.

How Much Does SEO Cost?

The cost of a SEO Campaign will vary from company to company. The bare minimum a small sized company should expect to pay for quality SEO services is $500-1,000 per month of services. A SEO Consultant will typically bill time at around $125-300. You will need, on average, six to ten months of SEO services before you start to see the full results.

What are Some of the Basic Costs of SEO?

On a typical SEO invoice, you will see some of the following items. Again, depending on your business goals, your SEO consultant may have decided not to use a particular tactic.

  • Press Release and News Generating
  • Link Building - Links are purchased on a per site basis. The cost per link will vary depending on the competitive nature of your industry.
  • Content writing
  • Website updates or complete redevelopment of your website
  • Keyword Research
  • Niche Research
  • Industry Research
  • Placement monitoring

How Long Do I Need SEO Services For?

Forever. The visibility you gain and the search engine rank you receive from SEO are earned and they must continued to be earned. The moment you stop utilizing SE Optimization tactics on your website, you risk losing all of your previous SEO work. On top of that, your competitors will now have an advantage to "steal" your positions in the search engine. Remember, you once "stole" someone's position when you began using SEO.

SEO Services are involved with Directory submissions, blog comments, Article submissions, search engine submission, social bookmarking, text links, contextual links, forum posting, Blog Creating, Business Listings, Local Search Engine Submission and few white hat techniques.

Visit us for All Kinds of SEO Services: SEO Services in India

2017 Link Building Tips

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The year is close to the end and SEO consultants are already debating over the strategies and tactics that needs to be followed in the coming year 2017. Several has already researched and published several things and here are we. We have researched and compared several activities to identify which will work and where we did general silly mistakes.

After a clear indication and detailed research, we have identified few tactics that will definitely work in the coming year. Several had already in the marathon & performing much better and few are new (actually not new, but generally misguided prior).

According to the research, traditional approach of "off-page activities" and "on-page activities" will definitely work with few ideological changes. Lets discuss in detail:

On-site SEO Tactics (On-page activities)

To get ready to face hurdles in 2017, SEO Specialists should work first on On-site SEO Tactics. On-site SEO means the work done on the own website instead of other's. From site structure to website speed, it incorporates several factors, such as-

  • UI and Navigation - Great UI always leads to the conversions, user interaction and better impressions. While clear navigation helps to improve visit duration of an individual user. Included in it, they are an essential elements to get rank and get authorized by several active users and webmasters. Use easy navigational formats, proper context placement, elegant web design, etc. to provide better user experience.
  • Site Architecture - A proper architectural design will definitely lead to the ranking and also impact on user experience. While at the different side, it will help to recognize user behavior as well. Site Architecture promises to the proper alignment, proper placement of context and a clearer look. Follow standards of web design, include high level graphics, relevant videos, error-free content, and things to improve user click behavior.
  • Site Interlinking - Interlinking plays a vital role in site ranking. As it leads a user to different pages on the same website and shares the link juice to others, it helps to improve page rank as well as the keyword impressions on Google. Use proper linking structure and anchor on relevant keyword to relevant web page to get noticed by Google crawlers.
  • Site Speed and Crawl ability - Faster loading enhances user experience and help a website to hold users for more duration. To make your website faster on browsers just minify your CSS and JS file and enable the compression of your resources. Even you should work on caching functionality, which amazingly improves crawl speed.
  • Mobile Responsiveness - It is the most essential element to rank well on mobile devices and get higher rate of user interaction. Google has already announced the necessity of responsiveness in its previous update - Mobilegeddon. So, adopt responsive layouts to rank well on search engine's SERP for both desktop searches and mobile searches.
  • Schema Markup - To identify things accurately, we need few markups that define what it is, why it's used, who own it, etc. Similarly, search engines also needed few markups to identify site's elements. That's why Google itself created Schema Markups that defines the author, title, logo, and several other elements in a website. It helps to index accurately and return back for the accurate search queries.
  • Local Identity Markup - As per Google's Pigeon update, it's essential to include Local NAP (Name, Address, Phone no) to get ranked high for local results. This markup results much better for the geocentric searches. So, include your local identity and get ranked better in 2017.
  • Include Authorize trust signals - Authorized websites will get some betterment in the SERP, as they reveal their trust signals. Their trust signals can be their partner's logo, their SSL certificate, their trademark, etc. So, include trust signals to get user's trust, this is essential in the near future.

Off-site SEO Tactics (Off-page activities)

On a parallel side, expert digital marketers needed to work on Off-site SEO tactics to create a better presence on search engines. By making authentic, relevant and themed links, we can face the hurdles and overcome from the obstacles in the coming year. Let's discuss the major off-page activities that will lead in 2017:

  • Authentic Link Building - Authenticity comes first when we talk about user trust. Even for the search engine crawlers, authentic link building makes a website trustworthy and helps to improve impressions on a search engine. So, try to get better outbound links websites or from highly ranked (high DA, PA and PR websites).
  • Content Marketing - Content appears as one of the most important factor in SEO and used as a lead tactic in off-page optimization. From traditional activities to the modern assignments, content used everywhere. But not ordinary, having creative, unique and effective content is essential for better impressions on search engines and it affects the user behavior as well. So, use relevant, grammar-free, unique, expressive and out of the box content for your SEO campaigns in 2017.
  • Authorize Guest Networking - The term networking will impact negatively for the crawlers and because of that, Google somehow didn't recognize Guest networking for ranking. But if it used in a positive aspect, guest blog networking will impact much better. As they are highly relevant, most authentic and user centric, so, they directly lead more users to a website.
  • Keyword Optimization - Every strategy begins with the selection of relevant keywords, who takes the lead and makes a website visible in SERP for different search queries. Proper placement of keywords in a content (i.e. Keyword Density) and the proximity are essential to get benefited through selected keywords. So, use highly relevant keywords, keep focus on density and proximity, use them in headings and title, etc.
  • Local Listing for all - As per Google's Pegion Update, local results will completely influence by local listings, NAP and local keywords. By doing local directory submissions, local citation, classifieds on local portals and promotions using local keywords will improve the rank for local searches. So, try to involve GEO specific keywords and local listings in your strategy for 2017 SEO.
  • Active Blogging - Be active to make your promotions worthy. As content marketing is an essential tactic of promotions, blogging is another way of content marketing. On your own blog, company's blog or on other's relevant blogs, continual blogging will improve your impressions. So, actively write informative, effective and relevant content for blogging purpose.
  • Themed Linking - In 2017, try to focus on thematic linking, as it shows more relevant and attract targeted audience. Themed linking simply means to the conceptual back linking or getting backlinks from similar concept websites. So, try to search relevant and similar theme sites through competitor analysis, backlink check or searching Google for similar content and place your backlink there.
  • Link Reclamation - Another technique that will give assurance for the better results. Reclamation simply means to recreate broken links by making them revive. For that you can search broken links on highly authorized websites such as Wikipedia, and target relevant thematic content towards your own website. So rebuild your authenticity by using link reclamation in 2017.
  • Client Testimonials/Reviews - Recommendation always improves user trust as well as the Google's. By asking client testimonials and reviews (obviously positive) on different portals, such as Google business page, Facebook Page, Glassdoor and others, will enhance the ranks and impressions. So, ask positive reviews and testimonials from clients to rank well in 2017.
  • Improve Visual Content Engagement - Text only content can't make you enhance your user stay on the website. As it somehow makes them bore and ruin their experience. Even no-one has time to read huge content. So, try to involve expressive and engaging visual content such as graphics, images, videos, animations, etc. to improve user engagement and to reduce bounce rate.

Social Networking Tactics (Social Signals)

Previously, these are known as a part of "Off-Page Tactics", but now they have an individual preference and an impact on ranking and impressions on search engines. As a recommended tactic, these signals also consider to make conversions and direct connection. So, that's require to keep your faith and focus over social signals and work on its elements, such as-

  • Social Activeness - Be active on social networks to create a recognized identity. A post on a daily basis can help you to transform your business page into a brand and aware relevant audience about your services, products and features.
  • Improve circle/Friend list of relevant fields - Be clear about the audience before selecting one as a friend on your business account. As it is solely for promotions and conversions and somehow work as a showcase, but only for the relevant one. So improve your friend list with most relevant users, which can help you to generate more pennies in less promotion.
  • Enhance Network - Along with the enhancement in friends, that's also essential to be a part of different, but relevant communities and groups. It will help you to enhance your reach in the same industry and improve the chance of conversions.
  • Active Blogging on Social Networks - As an emerging platform, social networks are the perfect place to do blogging. As they guarantee about the self promotion and highest reach on a single post, they also assured you about more user interaction. Even the content placed on social platforms such as - Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, Stumbleupon, etc. will get high authority and index sooner.
  • Ask for Social Reviews - Social networks worth a lot to make your business a brand. So, be active on it to be always identified, authorized and recognized by several. Even, never leave a single day without interacting, sharing your thought and asking your circle for the reviews. As these are much appreciated way to get ranked on search engines.

Analytics and rapid check (crosscheck activities)

Google used to change its search algorithms on a regular basis (several times in a single year), which caused for the failure of several tactics and also amazingly improve few ones. In those changes some are seriously the giants such as previous - Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, Mobilegeddon, Pigeon and RankBrain.

So, it's an essential thing to cross check the work by keeping eyes on a few things, such as-

  • Google Tool Analysis - As an SEO consultant, we are used to with these tools and connected with them regularly. Even these are essential to calculate traffic and to analyze site errors. Moreover, that tools like Google Analytics and webmasters can be utilized to improve the site's crawl ability, sitemap indexing, user behavior, manual penalties, and much more.
  • In-Page Analysis - To identify user's behavior on a single page, we generally use In-Page Google Analytics tools. This clears out the user flow, means on which direction user reads the content and interacts with which context more. With a clear percentage, we can analyze the context worth and according to that we can modify our context.
  • Performance Measurement - To identify the worth of work, we need to do performance measurement on a regular basis. It includes backlink checking, broken link checking, 404 checking, link error checking, authority checking, etc. By the rapid checkup, we can make ourselves assure about the results and it will help us to prepare further strategies.

Few last words

We have stated about SEO in 2016 at the end of last year along with relevant infographic and as now, this year is near to end. As like previous year, we had done a few researches and analysis this year as well to identify what will work better in the coming year 2017. We squeeze our research and come with the details here. We had four major sections that need focus in 2017 and SEO specialists needs to keep their eyes on "on-site tactics", "off-site tactics", "social signals" and "analytics".

SEO Tactics That Need to Be Considered in 2017

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One of the best things that a webmaster can do to promote his or her web site is to get more links ("backlinks") leading to it. Links to a web site can help generate a bit of extra traffic directly, as well as contributing to higher rankings in search engines (and thus more traffic from search engines). Obviously a prominent link from a popular web site is less valuable than a relatively obscure link from a little-known site, but every little link counts for something.

There are many ways to get links to your site, some active, some more passive.

The most passive way of getting links is simply to provide interesting content on your site ("link bait") and hope that people will link to it. Of course the trouble with this approach, is that you have no real control over when people decide to link to you, and thus may be waiting a long time for incoming links - especially if people can't find your site in the first place!

There are several active ways to get links. These include, link exchanges, submitting to directories, and writing articles. Let us review each of these.

1. Link exchanges are the traditional way to get more links on the Internet. There is nothing wrong with them, but they are two way links. That means that although you are getting incoming links, you are also sending traffic to other site's and and giving away some of your "search engine juice" to other sites. Link exchanges can also be time consuming in terms of finding link partners, setting up links, and managing your links page, so you might want to get a program like OutRankSmart, SEO Elite, or SEO Equalizer, to help with the job.

2. There are over 1,000 directories on the Internet which accept free submissions. Getting listed in these is an easy way to get your first few hundred one way backlinks. Manually filling out over a thousand directory submission forms is of course not a good use of your time, so I would suggest using some Directory submitter software to help.

3. Writing your own articles is the best way to build up more and more links to your site in the long run. You need to do this on a regular ongoing basis. To get the most return from each article, you should submit it to as many article directories as possible - you can submit to the leading handful of directories manually, but if you want to submit to the next several hundred as well, you ought to consider buying some article submitter software.

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Money Robot Submitter Review 2017

It is often said, by many search engine optimization experts, that Money Robot Submitter is great in 2017. Others proclaim that Link Building Tools are king. The simple fact is, if you are to be successful using Advanced Seo Software, all aspects of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are essential to the mix.

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Pros and Cons of SEO Software

Back link submission software is one of the most effective Internet marketing tools you need to have, especially as it concerns helping you with search engine optimization. If you have an Internet based business chances are you have a website. Your website will need back links if you hope to receive traffic to it on a consistent basis. If you don't already know, building links is very time intensive and labor-intensive.

In order for you to alleviate a lot of the work involved with building links, having back linking tools to help automate the process is the way to go to when it comes to Internet marketing tools. You will find many different back link software on the market. Make sure you understand which one is the most effective and which one will help your business the most.

Certain types of back linking software are useless and may actually end up hurting your website. These include tools that send your link to multiple website directories. Although it is recommended to have your site listed in these directories, most are overused by webmasters to get their sites indexed and the search engines have started ignoring them. In this case its better to just manually submit to a select few. And there are others that create profiles at several of the Web 2.0 sites, again a valuable collection of sites but the links tend to not be permanent because those services are catching on and deleting profiles at a high rate.

In the end there is an endless list of different Internet marketing tools you can use to help your Internet-based business to be successful. The success of your small business on the Internet will be dependent on you knowing which Internet marketing tools will assist you the most. Different categories such as checking competition, analyzing traffic, and building back links should be the areas you choose to focus on. Once you figure out which one you need to focus on the most, make use of the appropriate Internet marketing tools to help your business grow.

2017 Link Building Tips

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Anyone can tell you that backlinks are no doubt the disputed heavy weight champion of the SEO world. However, not everyone can tell you how and where to get quality backlinks. What if there's a way to have Google tell you where to get backlinks? Well, good news there is a way, and I'm going to show you!

But first, for those who are just starting out, lets describe what a backlink is.

In the most simplest term, a backlink is nothing more then one site linking to your site. Now that one site can be anything from articles, press releases, videos, blogs, forums, social bookmark sites, paid links, free link exchange...etc. Anything that has a link pointing to your site that you want to rank on Google is considered a backlink.

Now, having said that, I want to express the difference between spamming backlinks verses quality backlinks. Google has become pretty dang smart over the years in determining what they deem as an authority site to show up on their rankings to best match the search terms that were typed in the Google search bar.

There will always be opinions on this matter because SEO is not a proven science. It changes continually. However, backlinks are still the driving force behind what shows up in the search results. Think of a backlink as a vote for your site. If I link to your site from my site, it's basically saying "Hey, I agree with your site, it's relevant to my topic and adds value". In the big picture, the one with the most votes wins.

Long gone are the days of link spamming. Google's algorithm has developed considerable in the last 5 years. Google continually strives to deliver the best search results to the end user and because of this, Google's filters are always changing to provide the top qualified sites that relates to the search topic. For example, if I typed in the keyword "dog grooming" into Google, I would expect to find a site about "dog grooming". Right?

Now let's say there are two websites competing for the top search results position. Website "A" has 50 backlinks from other sites that are related to "dog grooming" and website "B" has 50 backlinks from completely unrelated websites like "muscle cars" or "house cleaning products" who do you think will win? Google is able to figure that out. And of course website "A" will appear more as an authority site then website "B" thus obtaining that top search position.

So how does this all play into our scheme of finding backlinks? Well aside from the self generated content that of course will be related to our topic of choice. I like to use Google to show me where I can find related sites I can get a quality related backlink from.

There are two different types of backlinks:

1) Do Follow - Basically allows the link to pass a vote to your site.

2) No Follow - Basically does not allow the link to pass a vote for your site

Both have their importance in SEO, but for this topic we are going to go after the Do Follow Links without getting to complicated. I highly recommend you use a Firefox plugin that will tell you which links are Do Follows or No Follows. There's many plugins out there, but I like to use Quirk Search Status. It will highlight all No Follow links red, so at a quick glance I will immediately know if a site is worth putting my backlink on it or not.

OK Now you have your plug in and your ready to have Google do the work for you!

Here are some good places for back links.

Blog Comments:

There are blogs that allow users to comment on their posts using a widget called "Keyword Luv" What that allows the commenter to do, is put there name and their anchor text on the comment form. So the result is a backlink with your keyword to your site.

So how does one find these blogs?

Type the following line in the Google search bar (yes use the "quotes" too):

"YourName@YourKeyword in the name field to take advantage"+"Your Keyword"

Do not change "YourName@YourKeyword", but you do need to replace the second "Your Keyword" with a keyword related to your site. So back to our Dog Grooming site we would type:

"YourName@YourKeyword in the name field to take advantage"+"dog grooming"

Google will find all the sites that allow you to comment using keyword backlinks. Click on each result and look for the sites that don't have red highlighed links (from our cool Firefox plug in) in the comment section and provide an intelligent comment to one of their posts. It may take a little time to find them, but when you do, bookmark those sites so you can use them later.

Forum Commenting:

Another great place to get backlinks is forum comments. Most forums allow you to have a signature file with your link in it. Your signature file is connected to your comments. So every time you comment, you get a backlink. Not only do you get a backlink on forums, but if you comment with added value, people will start to trust you and naturally check out what your doing (free traffic...).

Type this in Google with the "quotes"

inurl:forums"Your Keyword"

What this is asking Google is, show me all the forums related to "Your Keyword". This will bring up all forum sites in the search results.

For our Dog Grooming site we would type:

inurl:forums"dog grooming"

Look through the forum comments to make sure the signature links are not highlighted in red. websites

Getting backlinks from Educational and Government site is not easy to do. Google seems to put more weight on these types of backlinks. So if that's the case, then lets get some juicy backlinks!

Type this into Google with "quotes" "post a comment"+"Your Keyword"

This is telling Google to go out and find me a Educational site that I can comment on that's related to my keyword. "post a comment"+"Your Keyword"

This is telling Google to go out and find me a Government site that I can comment on that's related to my keyword.

Make sure you replace "Your Keyword" with your actual keyword your ranking for

I encourage you to add these powerful backlinking techniques to obtain more quality related backlinks to your normal SEO campaigns.

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Is there such thing as massive free backlinks?

Making first page in Google is the key to more targeted high quality traffic that will ultimately translate in more sales at a lesser cost.

One of the best ways to ensure high Google rank is by getting the higher possible number of backlinks to your website. Some backlinks you can get for free, others you'll have to pay for.

However, in order for backlinks (free or not) to have a true impact in your Google rank, you must direct a huge number of them to your URL, so getting them by paying or through link exchange could leave you either broke or with a bunch of annoying links in your own site. So, the best way to ensure massive one way links to your website is to get a huge number of free backlinks. Now, where do you find those free backlinks?

Simple: through article and directory submission. By submitting your content and URL to a large number of directories, you can get massive backlinks for your website absolutely free!

A large number of free backlinks will then mean a higher Google rank, but also a large number of directories to submit to. Doing this manually will get you a lot of free bakclinks, but at an unthinkable cost of your time (at 10 minutes per submission, 1500 submissions well, do the math).

Then, in order to get a useful number of free backlinks you have two options:

  • You can turn to paid article and directory submission services, which will charge you a fee for each submission. So much for a free backlink!

The problem is that this expense will become recurring when you start a new campaign, because you need to generate backlinks for all of your blogs and websites, so if you are after free backlinks this is not the best way to go.

I've tried various specialized services like isnare (for articles) and directory maximizer (for directories), and getting free backlinks through them is great because you have to do nothing, but they can be costly and they have a limited capacity. Moreover, you won't have 100% control of the free backlinks you are getting.

To get truly free backlinks you must make the submissions yourself, but not in the old fashioned way.

  • This leads us to the second option, and the best way -in my opinion- to get massive free backlinks while you control when and how the submissions are made: doing it yourself using an automated article and directory submission software.

These softwares are designed to automate the submission of your articles and your URL's to more than 2000 directories in less than 2 hours, so you get truly free backlinks in massive numbers for your sites and blogs, free backlinks that you control and can keep track of.

Of course getting free backlinks using these softwares will involve an investment, but it is a one time investment as opposed to the recurring costs of paid submission services. On the other hand, once you have the softwares you can make unlimited submissions which means unlimited free backlinks for life for all your campaigns and projects.

On top of that, these softwares will provide you with instant free backlinks to more than 400 article and website directories at no cost, since you can download and use their standard versions free. That means you can get more than 400 truly free backlinks without paying a dime.

So there really is such thing as massive free backlinks, you just need the right tools to get them.

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It is often said, by many search engine optimization experts, that Money Robot Submitter is great in 2017. Others proclaim that Link Building Tools are king. The simple fact is, if you are to be successful using Advanced Seo Software, all aspects of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are essential to the mix.

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What is the Fastest Way to Get Listed in the Search Engines?

The world of Internet marketing can seem mysterious at best and downright frightening at worst. Web sites need sustainable traffic, but how exactly can one route attention to one site out of the billions? One answer is backlinks. The value of backlinking as a marketing tool simply cannot be ignored.

You may be wondering exactly what the value of backlinking is for your site. In essence, backlinks are references to your website sitting on someone else's website. The value of this backlinking lies in the fact that search engines use the number - and quality - of backlinks to your site to effectively rank your website's importance.

But that's not the end of the story. The true value of backlinking comes when search engines determine that, due in large part to the backlinks associated with your site, your web site address merits a good placement in their search engine - often near the very top of that search engine's results - all because of these same backlinks.

Anyone who has ever used a search engine knows that if eighty-two million sites match the search, it is quite likely that the one(s) chosen will be listed in the first page or two. This makes sense, since most users assume that the top results are better sources of information and/or products. Therefore, the greatest value of backlinking is that you will be establishing your site as highly important, and even as a leader, if not an authority.

As backlinks are created - again all pointing to you - it is wise to keep an eye on the type and quality of these links. Therefore, monitoring can be of great use to the website owner in determining who is linking to them. Quality backlinking, in a natural style, works best when creating your website as an authority site.

The best way to look at backlinking is often from the reverse. For example, if a site that sees very little traffic, and is usually dismissed by the major search engines, is connected to your site, it will not help you at all. However, the value of backlinking to well-established and highly authoritative sites is immeasurable; they will have a much better effect on your return in search engines.

To the online marketer, the value of backlinking cannot be dismissed. Establishment of high quality backlinks is an integral part of internet marketing success. This simple measure can increase web site traffic significantly, which is the single most crucial element necessary for success on the web.


2017 Link Building Tips

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There are hundreds of plugins and widgets specifically designed for WordPress. If you have a website and you are using WordPress, then you should take advantage of these great tools. While some of them may not be directly related to on-page optimization, they can help you with your SEO efforts. Here are some of the best and most effective SEO plugins for WordPress:

All In One SEO Pack

This innovative program optimizes your titles for search engines, provides SEO integration for ecommerce sites, and generates meta tags. More than eight million users have downloaded All In One SEO Pack. This tool is suitable both for beginners and advanced users.

WP SEO by Yoast

This SEO plugin has a wide range of features such as RSS optimization, page analysis, XML sitemap, rich snippets, breadcrumbs, social integration, and webmaster tools verification. WP SEO by Yoast allows you to see a rendering of what your page or post will look like in search results. With this tool, you can edit your robots.txt and.htaccess files, post titles and meta descriptions automatically, and clean up head section of WordPress installs.

SEO Smart Links

SEO Smart Links is currently being used by over 300,000 people worldwide. This plugin can help you create internal links and manage your affiliate links. It also improves your search engine rankings by automatically interlinking your posts. This powerful SEO tool gives your website visitors more paths to follow, which may also increase the number of page views. With SEO Smart Links, you can activate case-sensitive matching, define custom keywords, and limit the maximum number of links per post.

Platinum SEO Pack

Increasingly more webmasters are using Platinum SEO Pack for performing search engine optimization, page redirection, and management of meta data. This tool enables users to create custom meta descriptions, rewrite titles, and prevent indexing of category and tag archives. You can also set 301 redirection on permalink changes, generate auto descriptions for posts and pages, and control indexing of any specific post or page.

SEO Friendly Images

This new WordPress plugin updates all images with ALT and TITLE attributes automatically. If the pictures posted on your site don't have these attributes, this program will add them according to your preferences. SEO Friendly Images automatically pulls keywords from your post title and includes them in your image ALT tags. If you optimize your pictures for search engines, you will get a lot of traffic via Google Image Search.

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SEOPressor has raised a lot of questions about how it works since its release earlier this month. Daniel Tan, the developer, now unleashes the secrets about how his product almost always manages to bring websites of any niche to the number 1 position on Google.

The newly released WordPress plugin SEOPressor has caused quite a stir in the Internet market because of its claims to be able to bring any WordPress website of any niche to the coveted #1 position on the Google search engines. The plugin has reached quite the limit of popularity already with several tens of thousands downloads within its short promotional period itself. The product has been developed and marketed single-handedly by the SEO Guy Daniel Tan, who is quite known for other products within the same niche.

What gave a boost to SEOPressor in its early days was the fact that Daniel Tan managed to shroud its methods in a veil of secrecy. The results were there for all to see, but the developer didn't reveal much about the method of working of his website. However, owing to a large public demand, Daniel Tan has become vocal about the way SEOPressor works.

The basic rule of working of SEOPressor is on-page SEO, which is done in a variety of ways. The plugin is a completely automated solution which manages tasks like calculating keyword density, formatting keywords for search engine optimization, calculating the SEO score of a WordPress Page to determine how well it will be ranked on the search engines, management of content such as posts and so on. These things would ordinarily take a webmaster a lot of time to carry out and even then they would not guarantee any results, but SEOPressor is designed to perform these important aspects of on-page SEO in an automatic and efficient manner.

Additionally, SEOPressor also performs a lot of analysis on WordPress websites that helps the webmaster to determine the real worth of the website. It analyses the title tags, the proper placement of the keywords, the images and links used on the page, the decorations used in the fonts and so on. By analyzing these features of the website, SEOPressor can rightly suggest any changes that need to be made so as to enhance the prospects of the website. Basically, SEOPressor improves the search engine ratings of websites, bringing them to the number 1 position on Google, which is instrumental on bringing a large volume of traffic to the website.

However, Daniel Tan is still tight-lipped about one aspect of SEOPressor, which is about how the top results on SEOPressor are always in complete tandem with the top results on Google Analytics. This part of SEOPressor still remains shrouded in mystery, but that doesn't deter it from being the most in-demand aspect of this software application.

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It is often said, by many search engine optimization experts, that Money Robot Submitter is great in 2017. Others proclaim that Link Building Tools are king. The simple fact is, if you are to be successful using Advanced Seo Software, all aspects of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are essential to the mix.

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SEO - Adwords API and Search Engine Optimisation

What are back links?

Back links are places on the web that have links that point back to your website. The more links you have, the better your rank in Google will be. Google ranks include several factors, and one of them is the popularity of your site. The more links you have out there, the more popular your site appears to be to search engines. Any site that appears to be visited frequently will have a higher page rank.

How they benefit your website or blog?

Back links are important to your site because it shows the search engines that your site is popular for searches. If you link to sites with a higher rank than yours, it also helps to boost your ranking as well. You would need to link to sites in the same category or niche as yours, but a site that gets a fair amount of traffic.

How you can build back links to your website:

Building back links to your website or blog can be done a couple of different ways. The easiest way is by commenting on other blogs or websites in the same niche. This is easy, just read an article or post and leave a comment with a link to your site included. Blogs work very well for this because bloggers visit other blogs regularly. And the comment box will usually have a place to put your URL as part of your signature. You can also leave comments in forums, although it is a good idea to join the forum and post a few comments before linking first.

Another way to get your links out on the web is to write articles and post them on free directories. These can be very simple, just a little information about a particular subject with a link to your site in the author box. Do a Google search for the most popular article directory sites and submit a few articles. If you are building back links for a blog, you can ping your site after adding any new content.

Another way you can build links is to exchange links with other sites. You can join groups that have a link exchange, or find similar websites and post their link on your site and hope that they will reciprocate. Some site owners will, and some won't but it's still worth a try. Some will only exchange links with you if your site ranks the same as theirs.

2017 Link Building Tips

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High PR Backlinks have recently become big news and even bigger money earner's for people in the internet market niche who actively take advantage of innocent people to make a quick buck here and there and who are selling PR 1+ backlinks for monthly charges when in fact you can get them yourself for a lot less or even free!

I'm going to run through the basics of high PR backlinks and try and make it as simple as possible to understand so just bare with me for now while i explain everything even if you already know it you will learn something new.

What is PR?

PR stands for Page Rank and is an indication of both the quality of your website in terms of seo and also gives a rough indication of the backlinks that the site has. However it is only a rough indication for both!

PR is gained by getting backlinks from websites with PR themselves, that PR juice is then split between all of the links on that page equally. But only if they are what is called 'do-follow' backlinks.

What is no-follow and do-follow?

No-follow is a new piece of code to which Google developed which basically means any link with this tag attached will then not pass any link juice to the site in which it is linking to. So if you want the PR juice then you need to get normal backlinks which are now called 'do-follow'.

How do i get high PR backlinks?

Getting high PR backlinks is difficult, you can buy one of those backlinks from people for a monthly, weekly or yearly fee, you can buy backlink packs which are shared with thousands of other people and mean that those sites get taken down and made useless to you and everyone else because of the spam, you can spend hours and hours trying to find them yourself by looking at sites with a high PR already and finding their backlinks and seeing what each of their PR's is and if indeed you can get a backlink there too!

Fact: None of these are the best or even good ways to get high PR backlinks!

So how do i get these high PR backlink easily and cheaply?

That my friend is a good question and it is all done by the power of automation. There is a time sensitive offer available for the only software on the market place which get's high pr backlinks for you automatically and run's 100% on its own!

This software is updated every month with new websites and only available to a few hundred, meaning that the websites stay alive and working for you to boost your Google rankings, your sites PR and of course make you big bucks as a direct result of getting this software.

Easiest, Quickest Way to Get on Page One of Google Search Results

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Whether you realize it or not, the amount you are paying per click with your Google AdWords campaign is not what everyone else is paying. The higher your Keyword Quality Index (KQI) score the less you have to pay for your keywords and the higher your position will be.

Your KQI is a somewhat direct correlation to how relevant that keyword is to your site, and more importantly, the page that your ads take the user to. So this brings up the top ways to increase your score.

1) Create landing pages for your advertisements. Don't send every user to the same page. Send them to a variety of pages that have to do with those particular keywords. The more relevant the landing page is to your keyword the better your KQI score will be.

2) Create ad groups in order to separate your keywords. Don't group all your keywords together if they are targeting different things.

For instance, one of my clients Logicbright CRM has two markets. One is CRM for small business and one is large corporations. The keywords that are important to each group happen to be different which means the ads that each market should see would be different. So in this case you would want to make two ad groups and have one ad group go to one landing page and the other one to a different landing page.

3) Use your keywords on your landing page and make sure they appear in the meta descriptions of those pages.

Don't get too discouraged. It may take a while for things to happen the way you want, if you remove the keywords and start over it may take even longer since Google remembers your activity for old keywords and campaigns. So be patient, if you do it right results will come.

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It is often said, by many search engine optimization experts, that Money Robot Submitter is great in 2017. Others proclaim that Link Building Tools are king. The simple fact is, if you are to be successful using Advanced Seo Software, all aspects of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are essential to the mix.

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5 Rules for Website Traffic Generation

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) mean optimize you web page friendly with Search Engine. That's very easy to read buy very difficult to implement. You know how to optimize you page for Search Engine like?

I would like to share my experience over SEO. I create new website last 4 months about comparison service. I believe in my mind I would like visitor to get the best benefit as much as they can. So I try to find any products and compare with many shops. That's the point of this site. After it's done 60%-80% I submit many directories (some are good and some bad). As I remember around 1,200 directories. On that time I do not concern about bad site and good site I know only "Submit".

I use around a month with submit directory and later I change and update website to be the best. I have separate page for reciprocal link as well. After 3 months, I just check my backlink by SEO Elite and WOW. Only 20 directories have backlink to my site (from 1,200). Look terrible for me about "Submit Directory" Then I think submit directory is not work for me anymore so I try to use Social Bookmarking (Digg, etc..). Social bookmark can drive traffic but mostly no backlinks.

I try to learn about SEO technique from many forums site and found some technique to "Post Comment in Blog". I think this way is the best to generate backlinks. For blog comment I have some tips to find related site you can try phase below in Google. inurl:blog "post a comment" -"comments closed" -"you must be logged in" "any niche keyword"

  • mean you select website.
  • inurl:blog mean must has "blog" in domain
  • "post a comment" mean specified to page can post comment
  • -"comments closed" mean show result only active comment posted (Google Search Technique)
  • -"you must be logged in" mean show result that do not need to register/login (Google Search Technique)
  • "any niche keyword" mean you keyword related to your site

I try to comment many blog and yes I get some backlinks from their sites. But most of them "Nofollow" but don't be serious you still get backlinks except PR transfer. Don't worry.

Anyway, for submit directory I think I will be back to submit again but I need to select the quality link only. Most of quality link you need to reciprocal for sure. And the last one you MUST be concern is you content should be complete. You need to usually update your site (On page) to be friendly too.

I believe this is not my last article about SEO. I try to do many things for SEO and Traffic boost up. I will share my experience again if I can find something new on SEO Technique.

2017 Link Building Tips

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The problem most people have is that they can't wait long enough for the search engine traffic to come to their site so they quit. I want to show you how you can quickly get visitors to your site from the search engines & start making money off those visitors in no time flat.

Secret #1:

The fastest way to get visitors is to get other sites to run your ads in the form of banner ads or text ads. What this will do is give you traffic right away & it will also give you a lot of back links which will boost your SEO rankings.

So you will get visitors coming to your site literally right away & you will be fast tracking yourself to top of the SEO rankings as well.

Secret #2:

The faster you can get great links, the faster you will move up the rankings. This is a fact that I have proven time and time again. If you want to get rankings fast, you have to avoid buying garbage back links that are not relevant to your market.

If you go out and get 10 amazing links from sites with high page rank in your market, that is worth the same as getting 1,000 bad ones from sites that have nothing to do with you.

So if you follow this strategy you will get visitors right away & you will also go up the rankings in the search engines faster as well, which means even more traffic.

SEO Software - What Works Best

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Understanding the algorithms used by search engines, such as Google, can be mystifying. Let's start at the beginning:

What is a Search Engine Algorithm?

An algorithm is a mathematical process used by a computer to solve a problem or answer a question. Google, launched in 1998, is the leading search engine. The search engine algorithm was designed to find files on the internet.

Google uses many algorithms, but the very first one ever used is called PageRank, which measures the importance of all web pages (PageRank is named after Larry Page, the software developer and Google co-founder). PageRank functions by counting the quantity and quality of links to certain web pages to determine an estimate of the website's importance, and thus, its ranking as compared to other websites in the same field or category.

Google has used the assumption that the more important websites are most likely to have more links from other websites, and therefore rates the website with a higher ranking on the search engine results page (SERP). PageRank happens to be the most widely known algorithm used by Google. A whole industry of business services to take advantage of PageRank is now called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Google's algorithms change about 500-600 times per calendar year - more than once every day. The changes are implemented to make the search experience more relevant for the user. Most of the changes are minor, and don't usually change website's ranking to any noticeable degree.

For nearly two decades, Google has been refining their search engine service, becoming more sophisticated, with their massive algorithms affecting the way websites are ranked.

What is an algorithm update?

Major updates have been rolling out on a regular basis, both named and unnamed. Companies providing SEO services devote their resources to figuring out how each change affects the websites they manage. The stakes are very high, especially for websites engaged in ecommerce. If a website is built and maintained using best practices, with a focus on unique content and an easy-to-navigate user experience, the website will rate well. A strong rating turns into a superior page ranking which will provide more website traffic.

Some of the named updates over the years have been: Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, Pigeon, Possum, RankBrain, Mobilegeddon, and Pirate. Each update relates to a specific aspect of a website, such as website link quality, semantic content search, and mobile friendly (or responsive) websites.

How are algorithm updates revealed?

This is fascinating: some updates are announced; others are rolled out covertly and are full realized by watching page ranking activity. Google sometimes confirms the updates after the update is launched. Lately, Google has been silent about confirming their algorithm updates. The SEO industry watches the metrics carefully to determine what aspect of page ranking is being affected. When they notice large changes in search results, they conclude that an algorithm update has occurred.

What is the Fred Update?

On Wednesday, March 8, 2017, industry experts noticed major changes while using Google tracking tools. This algorithm change has been dubbed the Fred Update.

Until the experts full digest the meaning of the page rankings, the nature of the update is speculative. The Fred Update is showing early signs of being associated with the quality - not content - of links. Gary Illyes, Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google, tweeted a picture of colorful Fred the fish on March 7: "DYK for each search result there may be several title candidates & the one that it's believed to work best for query is shown to the users".

Since there is an evaluation taking place to select the best query result, looking at pages that rank better than your website may uncover opportunities to improve content without duplication. Unique content and quality linking to and from your website will help improve page ranking. The most recent massive algorithm update to date is Google Penguin 4.0 (Phase 1 and Phase 2). This update largely removes the penalty for bad links on sites, and in turn devalues the bad links, which still negatively affects rankings, but not to such a degree that sites are penalized.

Penguin was significant in that it targeted low quality websites that contained 'spammy' content. Their main concern was with flagging websites that would harm user's computers or cell phones.

Google Penguin 4.0

The Google Penguin update had been on in development, under revision, for two years before being released. The update actually launched on September 27, 2016.This update was unusual because it was multiphasic, taking quite a bit longer to be released than most other algorithm updates.

The second phase was released on October 6, 2016. After this second phase launched, the algorithm "temperature" dropped off and got relatively back to normal. Moz reports the weather by day showing the temperature or turbulence of the Google algorithm. When Google makes a change, there is often a shakeup of the page rankings. This week the Moz temperature is 94o; this shows the likely effect of the Fred Update.

Knowing the complex nature of evaluating the worthiness of a website, understanding these updates, and recognizing how the algorithms affect a website and its ranking is the work of companies who provide SEO services. You may choose to carry out this work in-house, but hiring an outside firm to handle your SEO is often money very well spent.

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It is often said, by many search engine optimization experts, that Money Robot Submitter is great in 2017. Others proclaim that Link Building Tools are king. The simple fact is, if you are to be successful using Advanced Seo Software, all aspects of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are essential to the mix.

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Optimizing Your Images for Google Image Search - 4 Image SEO Tips

Search Engine Optimization practitioners can agree on very few things. Usually, if you ask 100 SEO'ers a question, you're very likely to get at least 50, if not 100 different responses. Every SEO'er has an opinion and will gladly share with you their "empirical and irrefutable" evidence that backs up their claim.

I believe that there's only 1 thing that most search engine optimizers can agree on. That one thing is that you need to have back links, also called inbound links, to your site if you want the search engines to find you.

A back link, is a link that points to your website from another website.

There is a lot of discussion about whether the links need to come from relevant sites or not. What I mean by that is this:

Suppose you have a site about growing your own vegetable garden. Is it more valuable to have a link from the gardening section of a department store website, a link from another gardener's website, a generic link from a university website, a link from a government site or a link from a totally unrelated site? My answer is: it doesn't matter where the link comes from.

I believe, that a link, is a link, is a link. I do not believe that there is much weight given to the origin of the inbound link, but there is much attention given to the quality of the link. More on quality of links on my website below.

Bottom line: Everyone can agree that you need backlinks to your sites and most everyone agrees that the best kind of link is an anchored, keyword rich link.

Now, how do you get back links?

Here are 2 ways:

Method 1: Do it by hand. Meaning, go out and find sites that you can add links to and start adding links to your site on them.

Lots of sites allow you to add links to your website in exchange for something. Sites like and others allow you to add links pointing back to your site in exchange for content.

The manual method can be very time consuming, tedious and can also be very labor intensive. The biggest advantage of the manual method, is that it only costs you your time.

Method 2. Use software to do it for you. There is a type of specialized software that goes out and finds sites that allow automatic posting of links and do all of the link building for you. The biggest advantage of this is that it frees up your time to do other things. The downside, is that this type of software is not free.

Which method is best?

It's up to you to decide. Both methods work really well on their own, but probably a combination of manual and software link building programs will yield the best results over time.

The real secret sauce is that you need to know your target keywords. If you don't know what keywords to target, no amount of backlinks will do you any good.

Keywords are the key element.

2017 Link Building Tips

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Link building is unfortunately a process that all webmasters have to go through in order to increase rankings with search engines. One way related links forms a big part of search engine optimization and Linkpipeline software claims to provide a way to provide for this process. The product claims that none of the methods used are dirty black hat tricks and definitely does not involve spamming in order to build fake backlinks.

Linkpipeline software works by simply installing it onto blogs which takes less than five minutes to do. Normal content are then posted on the blogs and then the software gets to work by adding related outbound links at the bottom of the blog posts. Other related blogs which also has the software installed then posts links to a person's sites. In essence the software works on an install and then set and forget principle in other words it is said to work on full autopilot.

Linkpipeline developed by Matt Callen claims the software was created with one goal in mind and that was to allow internet marketers to come together in a big link building network and ultimately generate more free traffic and thereby facilitate the SEO process. All this had to be done in a hundred percent ethical way that would not infringe on what search engines require. It is claimed that the software has been field tested and therefore has proven to build quality links to a website. It is further claimed that this software is so unique and powerful that it is very difficult to compare it with other link building software currently on the market.

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Get a Great Search Engine Ranking Fast!

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In any kind of activity performed, reporting plays a very important role. The same applies for a search engine optimization campaign. It is crucial that there can be accurate and precise search engine optimization reports that can be generated in order to keep the webmaster updated on the progress of the marketing campaign. There are different kinds of reports that can be made available in order to ensure that the reporting process is comprehensive and can give all the required updates to the person subscribing to the campaign.

The first type of the various search engine optimization reports is the web ranking report. This report gives you information on the rank that your website has achieved for keywords on the various search results. It is basically an indicator on how well the SEO company is doing in terms of converting their efforts into actual results. There are a lot of paid or free third party software applications available for tracking these ranks. It is better to ask for a report that is compiled by a third party because that will give you the genuine results.

The next SEO report that you must demand is an excel activity report which will give you the information on the various activities that have been done. With such a search engine optimization report you can verify that the provider is actually completing all the tasks that are required for the successful SEO process and that have been promised to you. It is also a fair indication of the amount of hours that go behind a process and therefore will give you an idea if you are paying the right price for it or not.

Google analytics reports are also very important and can be asked for. These are obtained by adding a tracking code on the website which will help you track the visitors on the site. They are considered to be very important as they help you see the number of people coming to your site on a regular basis and thus the kind of marketing that you need to do. You also get a fair idea about the keywords that are working well for you as against the ones that are not.

If you have constant access to all the above mentioned reports, there are greater chances that you'll have a better chance to get the best SEO services as you will always be able to tell what will be the best for your website. A company that can provide you all this information on a regular basis, is the kind of partner you must choose.

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It is often said, by many search engine optimization experts, that Money Robot Submitter is great in 2017. Others proclaim that Link Building Tools are king. The simple fact is, if you are to be successful using Advanced Seo Software, all aspects of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are essential to the mix.

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Seo Elite Review Of Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI)

Most people are puzzled about how to combine their Twitter Marketing Strategy with their Twitter for SEO efforts. In fact, most naysayers say that Twitter (and social media) in general are useless for search engine marketing.

I say they are plain wrong!

Granted, Twitter does not have link juice. But because of their insanely high pagerank, your tweets and even your Twitter profile page can get on the first page of Google just with the simple backlink strategy that I'm about to reveal in this 7 step Twitter SEO blueprint below:

1) Use a keyword research tool to find a keyword phrase you want to rank for.
2) Write the Tweet with the keyword phrase in it. Ideally, it should link to a blog post or article of a similar topic for additional traffic.

3) Write a simple 250 word article on EzineArtlcles and use the keyword phrase as an anchor text to your "money" tweet.

4) Write another simple 250 word article on HubPages or Squidoo with an anchor text backlink to your Tweet.

5) Digg both your EzineArticles articles and Hubpages/Squidoo post

6) Use a social bookmarking software like OnlyWire to bookmark the Diggs.

7) Ping everything, including the RSS feeds.

Now, just wait a few days for your Tweet to rank for your keyword phrase on Google. If you're fortunate, the properties that you use as incoming backlinks to your Twitter feed can get ranked on the front page of SERPS as well.

This is one of the best ways to use Twitter for SEO tricks as a profitable compliment to your Twitter Marketing Strategy. Try the 7 step plan and let me know.

2017 Link Building Tips

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Local link building is essential for any company or website that caters to a local audience. If you do things right, you can absolutely dominate your local niche. What you need are some proven strategies for targeting a local audience. This form of link building can drive relevant, targeted traffic to your site and help you build relationships with authoritative local link sources. Quality links build value and trust. Here are some of the best local link building strategies for a successful SEO campaign:

Create Your Own Network

Try to obtain links from organizations or websites related to your business. If you have an ecommerce site that sells products online, contact your suppliers and ask them for a backlink. Connect with local bloggers and get links from them. Check out local business group and join up. Try to get listed on the local Chamber of Commerce or the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website. Links from these sources add tremendous value to your site.

Start a Blog

The first thing that you need to do before starting a local link building campaign is to make sure that you have great content that will draw links to your website. Create a blog related to your business and add informative articles, vide tutorials, and free guides. If you don't have time to write fresh content regularly, work with others in your niche that share a common market, but are not direct competitors. Ask them to contribute to your blog in exchange for a backlink and free advertising.

Send Out Local Press Releases

Send out press releases to local online and paper newspapers whenever you something of interest going on within your company. Online press releases are a great way to spread the word about your latest products and services, or let people know about your website. This strategy can generate relevant backlinks from trustworthy sources. If you have just launched your site or you simple want to get faster results, you can use automatic backlink software. This useful tool works best when combined with organic link building and SEO.

Get Listed in Industry Related Directories

Adding your website to industry related directories is the easiest way to get backlinks and attract organic traffic. Make a list of niche directories and local business directories, check their rankings in search engines, and submit your site to the best ones. Focus on quality, not quantity. Directory submission can be a powerful marketing tool for local businesses.

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What is WebFire? WebFire is a training site designed by Shawn Casey and Brian Koz to help online marketers achieve greater results. The software consists of easy to use training tutorials and training tools. The training tools are designed to achieve better on-page and off-page search engine results for your website. In addition to the SEO training and tools, the co-founders also provide an affiliate program.

How can WebFire benefit you and your website? If you take advantage of the training tutorials provided, your website should see a significant improvement in search engine rankings. Likewise, that means more traffic to your website. There are numerous tools provided. Take each tool and training one at a time. The founders suggest you take each training step by step, one by one, and don't get overwhelmed. With a long-term process using these tools, your website will dramatically improve in SEO rankings.

Training Tools: The training within WebFire include the following tools: Video tools, domain tools, site tools, press tools, article tools, keyword tools, and lead tools. All these tools are designed to increase your website search engine optimization rankings with the search engines. The tools are too numerous to cover all in this review, so I will highlight the one's most significant to your website.

Site Tools: The site tools include keyword backlinks, site analysis, site rank tracker and submit your site, et al. The most significant tool here for immediate results is the 'submit your site' tool. The submit your site tool allows the user to submit a specific blog post or article to 86 different search engines and directories targeting a specific keyword within your niche. This tool is very powerful. When you follow the training specifically, you should see immediate improvement in your search engine rankings. I have found this tool very easy to use.

Leads: Every online marketer needs leads. WebFire is designed to attract more leads to your website. The lead tool includes information and website links within your niche. The training video tutorials show the online marketer how to get immediate traffic to his website. This tool includes the relevant sites within your niche. It also includes relevant sites for guest blogging and which sites within your niche allow for guest blog posts.

Keyword Tool: The main keyword tool within WebFire allows the user to search a specific 'keyword phrase' and the competition for that keyword. The keyword tools also provides related keyword phrases using a particular keyword. The keyword tools also provides the keyword density for your particular site. Very valuable information when you are trying to rank your site for a particular keyword or phrase.

Video Marketing Tool: The WebFire software also contains training on video rankings, including YouTube, Daily Motion and Blip TV. Within the WebFire software you can produce a video or upload your very own video directly to YouTube, Daily Motion and Blip TV instantly. The video training walks you through each simple step.

Article Marketing Tool: The article marketing tool contains an article spinner that produces multiple articles using related phrases from one particular article. The tool also provides an article submitter that will immediately submit your article to the relevant article directories including

Affiliate Program: The affiliate program with WebFire is two tiered. The first tier pays a 50% commission on the monthly membership ($49/month) and 25% on all upgrade sales. The second tier is designed for the affiliate marketer that wishes to promote the software. The second tier pays a 5% commission on all sales and recurring monthly payments.

Conclusion: The training and techniques taught within this software are sound business practices to help any website. The video tutorials and tools are recommended by most top marketers. When followed, the training will produce a significant SEO improvement for your website.

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It is often said, by many search engine optimization experts, that Money Robot Submitter is great in 2017. Others proclaim that Link Building Tools are king. The simple fact is, if you are to be successful using Advanced Seo Software, all aspects of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are essential to the mix.

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SEO Pressor - What Is Different About This WordPress SEO Software?

SEO is not as hard as many would have you believe, and the rewards are immense. SEO is simple and hence it is not a rocket science. However, doing SEO is not easy, and though the SEO techniques are obvious, applying the right technique to the right site at the right time is the key.

Of course one of the best things is when you are able to find tools that will help you optimize your website for free, more on that in a bit.

SEO is often thought to be just a set of some technical tricks, and as a professional SEO, I confess to spending a lot of time with clients fixing technical issues. A site's structure though, is just as important. SEO is a mix of science and art. Keeping up with changing technologies and search engine industry consolidation is part of the picture, but only part. SEO is no longer just based on text analysis. In the age of universal search, SEO-based brand promotion has to include the way images, videos and text are added to the site to ensure visibility and relevance to key search terms used by consumers.

One of the most important steps when planning your website is to make sure that you spend adequate time doing keyword research. There are literally millions of pages out there on the internet, and no good will come of you creating a page that is already very similar to something that already exists. Keyword research consists of finding holes in the market where there is opportunity: a fair amount of people searching for a term where there are not a lot of websites out there already covering it.

2017 Link Building Tips

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Is Mass Traffic Accelerator a scam? This brand new piece of Internet marketing software is apparently able to allow its users to tap into niche markets in countries that are not English speaking. The automated SEO features also help to boost its users site rankings automatically and get them ranked near the top of Google's search engines results.

1. What Are Some of the Features of the Automated Mass Traffic Accelerator Software?

So far, I have found that it truly works to tap into foreign non-English speaking niche markets and capitalizes on markets that competitors are missing out on. Once the sites are created by this program tool, they can be set to run on autopilot mode and are require very little maintenance from their users. The buttons and text put on the buttons of these software tools are also really intuitive and easy to understand even without going through all the video tutorials.

2. Is the Mass Traffic Accelerator Software Really Worth the Money?

However, if you have very little experience with making money online and creating new web pages in general, you should definitely go through all the training tutorials before attempting to use the online interface. Overall, I would say that this program has allowed me to make money from low competition markets with very little of my time to set up the campaigns.

3. How Does The Mass Traffic Accelerator Help Its Users to Make More Money From Their Sites?

Besides providing the tools necessary to automate the many tasks promised on its website, the owners have also provided their own training materials on which markets they recommend their clients to tap into, including their respective languages and countries etc. After reading through these guides and seeing all the opportunities out there, I must say that there are probably more than ten times more money making opportunities available for any new marketer to tap into.

4. Review of the Professional Mass Traffic Accelerator Consulting Services

The consulting service is one program that I find extremely useful whereby I am provided with campaigns on a regular basis. All I need to is simply copy and paste the campaigns materials and input my own links. This service provides clients with professional advice on how to make money from specific niche markets using tested and proven strategies on those markets. Some of these ready-made components provided are keywords and a set of products to promote.

What Are "Webmaster Tools" and "Webmaster Software"?

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The best SEO software is not always the most expensive. What makes for the best program is if it delivers the results that you are looking for at the end of the day. Your beautiful and highly functionally website is worthless unless someone sees it. The SEO tool's only purpose is push your site up through the page rankings.

The best SEO software programs change with the times and the technology. Updates are vital to your business and should be included with the software package. You may have to pay after a certain amount of time for regular updates but it is well worth the money. This is one time that you do not want out dated material.

Keywords are the bread and butter of any website, so they need to be a big part for any of the best SEO software programs. A keyword generator is necessary to find all the right words to point people to your site.

Your site is not going to go anywhere without the use of back links. Back links can multiply like rabbits so you will want your SEO software to handle this task for you. You need to know if a links dies. You should really be aware of what sites are affiliating them with you. You never want to be associated with questionable content.

The best SEO software will not promote the use of spamming or pop up ads. Using too many of these tactics may get your site removed from a search engine. The best SEO tool only uses white hat techniques to launch your site up through the page rankings.

The strategy of using affiliates is very common so almost all good SEO programs will have a section dedicated to the use of affiliates. The best SEO software will be able to go out and find the affiliates that you need and that will promote your products out there on the internet. The purpose of affiliates and the contracts that you might need to fill out can be a little confusing but there is plenty of information available that you can educate yourself, if you choose to.

To start out in this business is not an easy task and there are many things to consider, so having the best SEO software in your arsenal is probably the best thing that you can do for yourself. You may find that you are less reliant on the software or you might decide to get the opinion and analysis of a real person regarding your website.

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