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It is often said, by many search engine optimization experts, that Money Robot Submitter is great in 2018. Others proclaim that Link Building Tools are king. The simple fact is, if you are to be successful using Advanced Seo Software, all aspects of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are essential to the mix.

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Why BackLinks Are So Important

Do you have a website or do you run your own online business? If your answer is yes, then what you need is search engine optimization. SEO allows your website to be included on the first few pages of the major search engine's search results. This is important if you want to gain traffic for your website. No matter how good your website is and how useful and effective your products or services are, they will all be useless if your website is not included in, say, the first five pages of the search results. This is the reason why many online entrepreneurs use SEO software.

Just like other online tools, SEO services also have their own ups and downs. And if you want to use SEO for your website, you should know the pros and cons. Here are some of them.


· If you want to use this tool for your website or online business, you do not need to spend thousands of cash. SEO is actually considered one of the most cost-effective online tools. So if you are an online businessman who is just starting, you should think about using SEO.

· The profit that you can gain form SEO is tremendous because it can increase your sales or income significantly. It is cost-effective yet it can give you a large profit. What more can you ask for? This is one of the main reasons why people use the best SEO software to promote their website.

· If your website is at the top of the search engine ranking, it will become popular among internet users. That is the first step to establish a successful business sin the internet. Moreover, people will think that your products or services are probably good because your website got one of the top spots in the search engine rankings, which is a difficult thing to achieve because of so many competitions out there.


· You need patience if you use SEO because it takes quite a long time for you to finally observe the positive results. Your website will rank high in the search engine's results pages but it can take several weeks or months before it happens.

· This marketing tool is not foolproof. Sure, there is a possibility that your website will rank high, but there is also a chance that it won't. Compared to other marketing techniques like AdWords, SEO will not always get you a top traffic.

2018 Link Building Tips

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Title and Meta Tags

Good search engine optimization includes several factors that are explained in these SEO articles to help you achieve better search engine placement. Most of the advice given can be achieved almost immediately, where as other factors explained will take a lot of your time and effort. If you are serious about SEO then you're on the right track. Please note that the tips mentioned in these SEO articles are used by SearchBliss and some of the information stated is merely our opinion.

Before you begin reading these articles, please keep this in mind. The most important advice I can give you is to build your web pages with your visitors in mind. We have all been to sites that "don't make much sense" as a result of webmasters targeting keywords that they have trouble placing into readable text. You can have thousands of web site visitors each day, but it is useless traffic when they exit your page out of frustration, and they may never return.

Targeting the Right Keywords

Choose the right keywords. This is extremely important. Optimizing a site takes a lot of time, patience, and hard work. Doing this targeting the wrong keywords can be devastating. Find relevant keywords that are searched for often. Make sure you target "phrases" rather than single keywords. For example, targeting "hosting" alone will not help you. There are too many search results. But targeting "web hosting provider", "web hosting service", and "hosting business" will get you more realistic results (and a ton of traffic). Plus you are still targeting "hosting". I would suggest targeting ONE "reach phrase" and TWO "realistic phrases". Three phrases may seem like a lot, but not when one or two keyterms is in all three phrases. When this occurs, things don't get watered down, giving better results.

Let's begin with the "bare bones" of SEO. Title tag and meta tags. Most search engines give little to no relevance to some of these, however, since no one really knows how they are factored by each engine, they are still important steps in optimizing any web site.

1: The TITLE tag

Here is an example Title tag which should appear in-between the tags of your web page(s):

My Business Title

The title tag is very important. Why? Because search engines not only give it value in relation to optimization, SE's use it in their search results. Search on ANY search engine, and you'll see the content of this tag used in the anchor text of the links for each web site. Here is a little experiment. Follow the Google link (opens in a new window) and take a look. Google Experiment

There are 28,100,000+ pages in Google with the title tag


So most of the web page links displayed are Untitled. Why? Because who ever built these web pages used an editing program that adds the title tag, and they never changed the title text.

So what should be in the title tag? The name of your business or web site with the "keyword phrase" you are targeting. For example, your business sells "watches". This is a broad search term and using it alone my not work out for you. There are 42,500,000 estimated search results in Google. However searching for the term "Swiss watches" I get 2,760,000 estimated results. The likelihood of your site appearing in the first 3 pages of Google is much more realistic using "Swiss watches". Plus, the keyword "watches" is still present, so you are actually targeting both terms.

Here is a good title tag using this example:

Search Engine Optimization Inc, SEO Tools

Keep it short and to the point. Targeting too many keywords can "thin out" your website's relevance.


Here is an example description meta tag which should appear in-between the tags of your web page(s):

The description meta tag is less important for optimization, but it is still utilized by the search engines. Google for example, will use the web pages body text, image alt tags, and yes even portions of the description meta tag will show at times. The body text and alt tags will be discussed later on in these articles.

So in my opinion, it is important enough to use. The best way to use it is to place your keyword phrase inside this meta tag "once", then split up the phrase and add the keywords again separately. But keep it readable, and avoid too many comas. This can be viewed as "spam", so don't do it or your site could be black listed and ignored by search engines all together. Also, use two sentences maximum and avoid "sales pitches" like "The best shop ever", and so on.

Here is a good description meta tag using the "watches" example above:

Notice that "SEO" and "TOOLS" appear twice, but the second time is split with the term "SOFTWARE" (SEO software being a secondary targeted keyword phrase).

3: The KEYWORD Meta Tag

Here is an example keyword meta tag which should appear in-between the tags of your web page(s):

The keyword meta tag is believed one of the LEAST recognized meta tag by search engines. It carries very little weight when it comes to search engine optimization. However, it is not ignored by all engines. For example, through my own experiment, I have used a single keyword (like spaloof - which means nothing) that had very little if any results when searching for it. After being indexed, SearchBliss had appeared at the top of MSN. The keyword was NO where else on SearchBliss. Only in the keyword meta tag. This says to me that some search engines DO give the keyword meta tag some weight. So as a result, I still use the keyword meta tag.

I suggest adding your target keywords 3 to 4 times without REPEATING THE SAME TERM. This is viewed as "spam". Spam example: Swiss watches,Swiss watches,Swiss watches,... This is more commonly know as "keyword stuffing". It also applies to everything else being covered is these articles.

Here is a good keyword meta tag using the "SEO Tools" example:

Notice that the keywords listed 3 times (SEO & tools) are not only split up using other key terms, but are also never too close together. I do this by adding other keywords/phrases in-between the ones with the target terms. The term "SEO tools" only appears together one time.

There are also several other meta tags like the "abstract", "robots", etc. But I feel that there is no need to cover these. I believe they are not an important part of search engine optimization and have no use in these articles. Build title and meta tags now, then optimize your meta tags.

Online PR Tactics For Small Business Owners

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I recently had the chance to use Rank Builder. My amazement by the software program has urged me to write this review. This is my unbiased review of Alex Goads Rank Builder SEO Software released a few days back.

Let me first say that it is not a matter of if the software increases traffic, as this has been proven that better ranking off course equals better traffic. What you should be considering is the software itself, such as its usability and interface. Perhaps understanding why the software is important will help you best.

It is fairly easy to put together a site or a blog with hopes to earn money by means advertising or making sales for different affiliates. But many fail to realize that the creation process is not the only step. If you have dreams of becoming a successful internet marketer who earns a decent living online, I'm sorry to break it to you but, its takes little more work than that.

Here is one thought you must always keep in mind, the site is only the median of which you come in contact your prospects.

Before you start seeing revenue, you need to build traffic to your website or blog. To do so, you only need to do a couple more things.

1. On page SEO -This where you optimized your websites pages to have certain elements to help you gain access to free search engine traffic. This task is also fairly easy, and is not where most people fail.

2. Off Page SEO - Sadly, this is where most people fail. I say fail, but I should really say give up. Off page SEO is extremely difficult and time consuming, but it is vitally essential. Trust me when I say, NO ONE likes to do this. It requires hours of writing and doing tedious work that you can easily get distracted from. This is where Rank Builder comes into play.

In essence, what Rank Builder does is automatically handle most of the Off Page SEO for you. The only way to build traffic is by building quality backlinks. It's quite simple really, links are what people click on to move from one web page to another, so the more links that you have spread out the internet, the more likely some is going come across your link and click through to your website whether it be a link from a search engine or on another web page that is on topic with your site.

Rank builder is the true meaning of push button automation. The software is extremely easy to use, easy to setup once installed and features an easy to grasp interface. In this game, it comes down to whom or what can save the most time. I have used similar products; Rank Builder has proven to be the most efficient and time saving of the ones I've used. Believe me when I say, there is no others like it.

You can continue to spend precious hours on doing the same tedious task day after day to boost your site's traffic. If you're looking to save time, and have most of the work done automatically for you so you can continue find ways to increase you online salary, than Rank Builder is hands down the way to go.

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It is often said, by many search engine optimization experts, that Money Robot Submitter is great in 2018. Others proclaim that Link Building Tools are king. The simple fact is, if you are to be successful using Advanced Seo Software, all aspects of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are essential to the mix.

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Site Structure Search Engine Optimization Strategy for Files and Folders

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essentially the process of improving the visibility of your website in a search engine's organic results. (Results that don't include paid ads.) The truth is, if you ask 100 marketers for explanation of SEO, you will likely receive 100 different answers. However, no Internet marketer will denounce its importance, and to see your website succeed, it is vital to at least understand the basics.

Put simply, SEO is the process of improving the quality and amount of leads to your website. By employing proven SEO techniques, your site will show up higher in search engine results. For example, when you need information, you use Google, Bing, or Yahoo because you know that is the easiest and fastest way to find it. The information that shows up on the first or second page of results tend to be the most relevant. By using SEO, you can ensure that your website is listed on the first pages of these results, which means you will have more qualified leads going to your site, and in turn, will acquire more customers.

Optimizing your website may involve editing its written content. The main areas to focus on are page titles, keywords, links within your site, back-links to your site and original content.

How It Works

SEO begins when search engines like Google send electronic "spiders" through the web, reading websites and looking for links to original content. Spiders read the web from left to right, much like you and I do. They follow each link they find and send another spider to read that website, and so on and so forth. Search engines store the data spiders find and make it easier for your site to populate search result pages.

The first step to taking advantage of spider capabilities is to make your site easy for them to crawl. This is most commonly done through creating text links that lead to important pages on your website, such as listing them in your Navigation menu or at the bottom of each page.

Before anything else, search engines send their spiders to your site title and description Meta tag to confirm that your site matches search queries. These are found and changed in your site's source code, and should include keywords your target audience may use when trying to find your services. Here is an example of how the site title and description show up in searches:

Your keywords of dentist, or a specific specialty and your location should definitely be included. When writing your site title, don't forget that humans will be reading this in search results - so don't overload it with keyword phrases. Ensure that it makes sense and reasonably describes what your site does. It is recommended that you also try to keep your site title within 70 characters. Though search engines will read your title up to approximately 120 characters, what people see is limited to the 70 characters on Google, and similarly on Yahoo and Bing. Be sure that your title makes sense and does not cut off mid-word. Titles can be individualized for each page and post on your site. Keep it relevant to the page with the appropriate amount of keywords.

What About Keywords?

Keywords are also important in the copy of your website - make sure your sentences describe your practice and explain what you do while using phrases that people would use to search for your site on Google or Bing. Think about how people search. They would be likely, for example, to type in "Denver dentist" or "Chicago Endodontist."

Since spiders crawl your site from top to bottom, your first few sentences should include your practice name, your location, your specialty, and words like "trusted" and "professional". Remember that visitors to your site will still read these phrases - so filling the copy with too many keywords can become confusing and un-natural. Read your copy out loud to yourself before publishing and make sure it makes sense and flows. Filling your site with too many keywords is also easily detected by search engines, and can result in lower search engine rankings because they consider this "spam".

Site Links

Links within your site are very important. As previously stated, on your homepage there will be a number of links coming from your main navigation menu to various areas of your site. Links are important throughout your site, and the best SEO includes a balance one link per every 120 words on average. For a page on your site to be as visible as possible to search engines, be sure to include links to other areas of your site.


The process of back-linking is rather simple, but can take time. It entails making sure your site is linked on other websites, which shows the search engines that you're credible, and will result in more spiders crawling your site, which means higher rankings in search results. Certain credible back-links can be created through social media platforms and article sites where you can publish original content. The most valuable back-links, however, are links back to your site from other high-ranking sites that have a lot of consumer engagement. For such a site to link back to you requires time cultivating a relationship through, for example, timely comments on the content or blog of their site. The point is that the people behind other websites need to see yours, like what they see, and post something about your site with a link back to you. Never use "link farms", and be wary of companies that simply link all of their existing clients onto each other's sites.

Content is King

It's been said a lot, and is absolutely true. The best ranking sites have original, informative, relevant content. Recent updates over the past year from Google in particular have started rewarding sites with original content that is updated frequently. What may have worked in the past for sites maintaining a high search ranking no longer work. (For example, keyword stuffing or copied content.) For dentists, case studies and recommendations for patients can make for great content. At Engage Dental, we work with many dental professionals to create a content strategy that is relevant to your practice, and individualized to your personal character and distinctiveness. For example, at Innovative Dental Specialists, photography is a great passion of one of the doctors there, and so we include posts of her local photography.


This article simply touches on the basics of SEO. SEO is always changing, and Google tends to release updates on how their spiders crawl sites quite frequently, so for best results, make sure you are keeping up with these updates and not letting your site get pushed to the bottom of search results. The most important things that Google is always looking for is original content, a balanced use of keywords and appropriate links. At Engage Dental, we work hard to customize sites that showcase your professionalism and your character, following "white hat" SEO practices that keep your site visible to search engines.

2018 Link Building Tips

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There are many things that a person can do with the Internet. Before, electronic messaging, chat services, and web browsing were popular among many Internet users. As the Internet became more popular, more people are exploring the World Wide Web. Thus, this created new opportunities for people to earn money. One way of earning money through the Internet is by creating websites. Indeed, if one will search the World Wide Web, there will be numerous website building software that one will find. These different website building software has some basic features that are common to all although there are certain characteristics that are available only to some. It is, therefore, imperative for a person who is seeking for a website building software to compare website building software.

In one's attempt to compare website building software, there are many factors and attributes that one has to consider. Given the fact that each website creator has different needs and different set of skills, one must assess the best software that fits his or her needs. The first consideration that one has to make in comparing software is the basic features such as website layout and web design capabilities. There are some software that have limited options as pertaining to website design while others provide more leeway when it comes to website layout and design. The second factor that one has to consider in choosing software is the linking ability of the software. The linking ability is very important since it determines the ability of a website to carry different contents of the web page. For example, there is certain software that has limited capability as to image uploading and video linking. One has to consider this factor since it will determine the volume of the content of your website and your power to add its contents. The third factor that has to be considered is the advanced features of the software. Popular advanced features include the counting of web hits or visitors. This advanced feature is important for many websites that earn money through web advertisements. Since the web advertisers base their decision mainly on the volume of Internet traffic in a website, it is important to keep track of the number of visitors that a website has. Another advanced feature is the flash introduction in a website. There are certain websites that features a flash introduction first when a person visits that website. There is website building software that is capable of this feature while other is not.

Indeed, there are many available website building software in the World Wide Web. Each has different features and capabilities. It is up to you how to choose the best software that fits your needs. You must intelligently make a decision before you invest time, effort, and money. Thus, you must compare website building software before choosing software that you think will fit your website creation needs. This will prevent you from wasting any investment and at the same time allow you to have complete satisfaction in your website creation endeavor.

10 Tips For Successful One Way Backlink Building

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I will show how simple and fast it is to build a barbed wire, electrical wire or chain link fence. Barbed wire is the easiest and most economical. It does not require any electricity or special equipment. You start by pounding metal or wood fence posts usually every 8 feet. On each end of the fence you pound 2 posts 3 feet apart and later nail a post on a diagonal starting at the top of the end post and fastening to the bottom of the second last post. It then stops the last post from bending when the wire is tightened.

Then roll out the wire usually 3 or 4 strands depending on what will be inside the fence. Tighten the wire and staple it evenly spaced to the posts. How to build wire fence? Electrical wire is the fastest fence to build although requires an electric fencer to create electric shock. Generally insulated posts are used that way the wire does not have a path to ground. Te posts are pushed in and one or two wires are rolled out and clipped in the slots in the posts. Tightened and hooked to an electrical source creates a quick means of containing animals.

Chain link fences are more difficult to build. First you pound or drill the metal posts in the ground all to the same height. Then roll out the wire and tie wire it to the posts. Caps are put on the posts as well as brackets to hold a top rail which is attached to the top of the wire. All three methods of fencing can easily be done, once you decide which type best suits your situation and a little bit of figuring you will have no trouble how to build wire fence.

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Money Robot Submitter Download 2018

It is often said, by many search engine optimization experts, that Money Robot Submitter is great in 2018. Others proclaim that Link Building Tools are king. The simple fact is, if you are to be successful using Advanced Seo Software, all aspects of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are essential to the mix.

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Penis Shrinking - Causes Of Penile Shrinkage And Why It Needs Help

Do you have a website or do you run your own online business? If your answer is yes, then what you need is search engine optimization. SEO allows your website to be included on the first few pages of the major search engine's search results. This is important if you want to gain traffic for your website. No matter how good your website is and how useful and effective your products or services are, they will all be useless if your website is not included in, say, the first five pages of the search results. This is the reason why many online entrepreneurs use SEO software.

Just like other online tools, SEO services also have their own ups and downs. And if you want to use SEO for your website, you should know the pros and cons. Here are some of them.


· If you want to use this tool for your website or online business, you do not need to spend thousands of cash. SEO is actually considered one of the most cost-effective online tools. So if you are an online businessman who is just starting, you should think about using SEO.

· The profit that you can gain form SEO is tremendous because it can increase your sales or income significantly. It is cost-effective yet it can give you a large profit. What more can you ask for? This is one of the main reasons why people use the best SEO software to promote their website.

· If your website is at the top of the search engine ranking, it will become popular among internet users. That is the first step to establish a successful business sin the internet. Moreover, people will think that your products or services are probably good because your website got one of the top spots in the search engine rankings, which is a difficult thing to achieve because of so many competitions out there.


· You need patience if you use SEO because it takes quite a long time for you to finally observe the positive results. Your website will rank high in the search engine's results pages but it can take several weeks or months before it happens.

· This marketing tool is not foolproof. Sure, there is a possibility that your website will rank high, but there is also a chance that it won't. Compared to other marketing techniques like AdWords, SEO will not always get you a top traffic.

2018 Link Building Tips

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This question has been thrown around for so many times lately: what is SEO? It's not a new epidemic disease that people should be afraid of. It's not also a new food recipe that people must be craving for. In simple sense, it's not something relatively new. It is a phenomenon that has started to sprout in the world more or less ten years now. It is known as Search Engine Optimization.

Everyone does know what is website and how it is used. When using the search engines and trying to look for something like a product or a service, on their pages can be found results. Upon clicking on the results, the searcher will be brought to particular websites. Now, the question is why the sites on the first page of a search engine are there and not on some other page? On thing to figure out, that's because of SEO.

When websites are ranked higher than the other sites, the core factor is SEO. One SEO thing to consider is content relevancy. It simply means that in ranking the websites, Google for instance is looking for websites that are natural, quality and relevant.

In terms of contents, the more relevant are the contents, the more quality links will be generated for a particular website. With this, the chance for such website to be ranked in the top page is higher. In addition, SEO is all about using keywords that people use when they search for something through the Internet.

In order to have better search results, it helps to keep these three important things in mind:

1. Write posts with keywords that the readers use when searching for something using the internet, say a service or a product. These questions are analogical but relevant: "What am I looking for?" or "What words should I use to get the best, most relevant results?"

2. Keep on building links. Links help to show search engines that the web pages are important. Get links from other pages. It's all about link networking. Link building as part of SEO strategies plays a very important role since it is done to produce natural and quality links.

3. Continue what is being started. In trying to bring a website to the top page of the search engines, continue doing what is being started - the natural, quality and relevant processes.

SEO, to sum it all up, is simply making sure that a particular website can be found in the top page of the search engines.

The Happening Automated Blog Posting

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Anyone can create a website for their chosen keyword, but you must be prepared to work for it. As I have said in many articles the internet empowers individuals to give you similar opportunities to a large corporation, it is loaded with free tools to help you along with your business look to them to supply you guaranteed website traffic.

To begin with we need to consider how Google measures page rankings. You are probably already familiar with Keywords, Title and Meta tags, optimizing headlines and domain names, which are generally referred to as "on page factors". All extremely important but there is a wider picture you must also consider.

When Google looks at your website it doesn't really read anything, it doesn't differentiate between a college football blog and a taxi service. This is because it is scanned by a computer program or algorithm. It does look at content but not what is contained in the content but whether it is fresh, regular and relevant.

It is generally accepted that ranking is 25% on page and 75% off page and it is essentially links from other websites that determines ranking for your keywords.

Believe me when I tell you that Google mainly takes it lead from others, if your site is crammed with links from other sites Google will immediately mark this as a popular site because of the recommendations (i.e. links) from other websites. Nothing raises the profile of a site more than the right links.

Guaranteed website traffic starts with link building, achieve this on a large enough scale Google is alerted your site gets highly ranked and traffic will follow as sure as night follows day. One caveat, as in most things quantity is no substitute for quality, focus on quality backlinks that are from authority sites and do not engage in Black Hat tactics, which is defined as the practice of using unethical techniques to make your search rankings go up.

When you begin developing a backlink strategy for your website keep in mind that search engines determine how relevant your website is not just by the quantity of websites linking to you but also by who is linking to you.

There are a great many ways to begin a link building campaign and all are time consuming, well you are in business and hard work = success. They are not difficult though and as it is an essential method of boosting your search engine ranking its time to roll up your sleeves and set about generating targeted traffic to your website at no cost.

Using Blogs to generate backlinks

Search engines have an affinity with blogs and linking a quality, relevant blog to your site gives it credibility with the search engines. First find a blog in your niche that has a "do follow" feature, make a quality posting that will be approved by the blog administrator (do not spam or post nonsense), link to your site using a relevant anchor text.

For those of you unfamiliar with the term "anchor text" this a hyperlink phrase that is keyword relevant and will direct people to your site. You will need to utilize HTML code to create this link as follows. "a href=>XYZ" (you must start and end the code with angled brackets) where ABC is the name of your site and XYZ the keywords.

Concentrate on blogs within your niche not only will the link be relevant but you could draw traffic from the readers of that blog.

Using Directories to generate backlinks

This is an extremely popular method of generating backlinks; go to where a search will provide you with a multitude of directories you can use. Words of caution though, do not try to create a load of links in the space of a few days this could arouse suspicions with Google and risk your site being down ranked. A little and often is the secret.

Again this is tedious, time consuming work and there are software products available that will carry out the function automatically. For reasons explained in the previous paragraph it is not something I would use or recommend.

So focus on one way backlinks, don't spam and make your blog post relevant and interesting, use relevant keywords but don't overdo it. I suggest submitting to as many directories as time permits but certainly no less than 25.

Using Social Book marking sites to generate backlinks

Social bookmarking sites have millions of visitors each month seeking information and are a source of backlinks that shouldn't be overlooked. They also have high PR thus are highly credible websites.

Sign up to the following sites:,,, and Start with these five and submit your site to them all, once you start to get feedback add more sites.

Using Article Marketing to generate backlinks

This is a time proven method of generating loads of high quality backlinks to your website.

Try this strategy for a month. You will require a separate blog for this and I recommend WordPress using a theme by Flexibility. Write 20 to 25 articles, on day 1 post article 1 to your blog and then submit to 6 or 7 article directories using anchor text to link back to your blog. Day 2 post article 2 to your blog and submit to the same directories. This time link your blog posting 2 back to 1.
Repeat this for all 25 articles, I guarantee traffic will follow.

I will reiterate this whole process is not difficult but it can be a hard slog and will put considerable demands on your time. Link building though must be a strategy you employ if you wish to bring those hungry visitors to your site. Don't try and implement each of the four procedures at once, take say a month on each one and make sure it is done thoroughly.

You wanted guaranteed website traffic, I have given you some solutions, give it your best efforts and you will succeed. My best wishes for your success.

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It is often said, by many search engine optimization experts, that Money Robot Submitter is great in 2018. Others proclaim that Link Building Tools are king. The simple fact is, if you are to be successful using Advanced Seo Software, all aspects of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are essential to the mix.

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Search Engine Optimization Tools Software - Determine the Right SEO Tools for You

This information is based on the principles of Laws of Attraction, Law of Allowing and Law of Deliberate Creation. And the Universal Laws of Energy (like attract likes) proven by Quantum Physics.

What colors attract people to you?

Visual presentation and appeal, whether in your marketing materials or what you wear, can turn on or turn off what people you attract. It does not matter if it's on paper matter, the Internet, like a web site, or in a presentation.

If you do any kind of speaking, writing, or design type of work, this article is for you.

I'm not just talking about visual color, I'm also talking to you about audio and writing or language color. Each affect our relationships -- friends, family, prospects, clients or customers.

It is a fact that companies with large budgets spend billions on color market research -- usually in product or packaging development.

Solopreneurs pockets aren't as deep, thus, they need to use the results of the research of the deep pocket-ers.

Colors tell someone if you are approachable. In the same way they will affect whether someone will continue clicking through your web site.

Colors will determine if someone will start reading your article in a magazine or posted on your web site. Color also helps to keep people involved on your web site (it's not just about the content) and how long they stay.

Colors also influences how people will respond and behave. A black background on your web site now represents s*x-type of web sites. It is important that if that isn't your focus that you don't use a black background.

Let's take a few minutes and play with this concept. The next time you go into a fast-food restaurant, look closely at the colors. Do they decorate with vivid reds and oranges because they encourage diners to eat and leave quickly like many of the fast food establishments. That is exactly the response they want.

Different cultures have different attitudes and preferences thus; they will have another color reaction. In China, "white" symbolizes death and in Brazil, it is the color purple. People from warm countries respond favorably to warm colors; people from colder climates prefer the cooler colors.

In America, green is associated with jealousy or money. Here are some color references for America.

Red... excitement, strength, sex, passion, speed, danger.

Blue... (most popular) trust, reliability, belonging, coolness.

Yellow... warmth, sunshine, cheer, happiness.

Orange... playfulness, warmth, vibrant.

Green... nature, fresh, cool, growth, abundance.

Purple... royal, spirituality, dignity.

Pink... soft, sweet, nurture, security.

White... pure, virginal, clean, youthful, mild.

Black... sophistication, elegant, seductive, mystery, sexual.

Gold... prestige, expensive, elite.

Silver... prestige, cold, scientific.

This also means that color affect shopping habits. Red- orange, black and royal blue attracts impulse buyers. Pink, teal, light blue and navy attract smart budget Shopper. Pink, rose and sky blue attract conformists.

A great exercise to experience this -- visit large company web sites that have spent the funds on this type of research.

Try McDonald's (bright red) or Wendy's (brownish red). Their color matches perfectly with their market -- high income-ers with a view on sophisticated.

If you are a service professional, how might you put colors to use for you?

First, make sure you have the right target market. Young children materials contain large amounts of bright primary colors. These colors will attract the child yet the parents or grandparents open the wallet. This means that for the children you would use the primary colors and for the marketing material being read by the grand/parents you would use reds, blues, pinks and yellows for trust, reliability, security, and playful.

If you a web site and you choose the colors because they are your favorite, then you choose it could have chosen it for the wrong target market -- unless, of course, you are the only one or people just like you are the only ones you want buying. Pick your colors for your market. This is anything you want to attract in America.

2018 Link Building Tips

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Link building plays a major role in improving and retaining your website rankings. Link building is a continuous process. If link building is not monitored and done in a proper professional manner your website is more likely considered as spam website and in the worst case scenario it can be removed from the search engine index rather than boosting your ranking. A well know fact is back-links encourage the crawlers and spiders to constantly visit and update your website.

Back link are considered the queen of Search Engine Optimization. It is an incoming link to a website or a web page linking back to you from another website. A back link is also known as inbound links, in-links, incoming links and inward links. Google considers back links as the main factor while awarding page rank to a web page or website.

Back Links - Types:

Back links come in various forms:

  • one way link,
  • Reciprocal link,
  • Theme based link,
  • Directory submission Link,
  • Three way link.
  • One way link is the most beneficial to a website as it enables better ranking with the help of search engine optimization and this is achieved with the help of efficient directory submission.
  • Reciprocal link exchanges as well as three way link exchanges are some of the SEO target strategies, which contribute to enhancing the awareness of your website.

Link Building can benefit a website in the following ways:

  • Indexing and frequent visits to your website is enabled through links.
  • The popularity of the website is tremendously increased.
  • Quality link building enhances website's Google page rank.
  • Ensures long term higher rankings in search engines.

Search Engines looks for Quality rather than Quantity of Back Links:

· Quality back links enable a website to be within the reach of the spiders and crawlers as well enhance your ranking.

· Quantity facilitates only frequent crawling and indexing of your website.

In the modern world where quantity more often than preferred precedes quality, however when it comes to back links, quality plays a vital role in helping get a higher rank while quantity alone will no way enhance your website ranking.

Get Backlinks - 4 Easy Ways to Get Website Backlinks

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What is SEO software? Well, it is the software made for the modern Internet market. It has high-quality functions, and what is even more important, it makes a strong difference between failure and success. This is a great solution for searching on your engine and making some good marketing results. For sure, this software works to improve better search performance of your website. While the web is getting more competitive, the effective techniques of these programs are upgrading and growing. These are some of the things it offers: domain names, public relations, link building, advertising, keyword selection, and many more.

What software is the best for the upcoming year?

Web SEO is said to be the best SEO software since it is made to suit all your SEO needs. It contains plenty of tools to help you find all you need on the web. Also, these tools manage the keywords you require. If you need this software on your Mac, this is, unfortunately, impossible because it is made only for the Windows operating system. This software is awarded Top Ten Reviews Gold Award. It is made to give you the best of link building and management, keyword optimization, competitor analysis, and performance reporting.

There is also Moz, which is a top SEO tool provider. It also offers a keyword generator (it tells you which phrases are sending the traffic you are not tracking), research tools, and link analysis. There is also the list of options for the beginners. In order to help you make your whole SEO program, there are also some tutorials showing you how Moz functions. This software also has the keyword suggestion tool, which makes the website searching faster.

Going with What Works for You

Besides these two, some of the best SEO software that should be mentioned are Semrush, SEOmasters, and Traffic Travis. When deciding on an SEO software package, you should consider getting some opinions from other website owners on what SEO programs they use for site optimization. You should also take advantage of free trials when they are offered. These free trials can be used as "test runs" to allow you a little time to familiarize yourself with the software. You always want to choose the software that is user-friendly and dependable. In any case, search engine optimization is highly important for any website or web-based business.

In conclusion, SEO software is the best solution for those who want the highest ranking of their websites. If you want your website visited every day, install some of these, and you won't be wrong. Search faster, provide faster, find the appropriate links and addresses and save your time. The future of search engine optimization is guaranteed and will always be a vital necessity for the survival of any website. With all of its benefits given to support your engine searching in the best possible way.

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It is often said, by many search engine optimization experts, that Money Robot Submitter is great in 2018. Others proclaim that Link Building Tools are king. The simple fact is, if you are to be successful using Advanced Seo Software, all aspects of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are essential to the mix.

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Choosing a White Hat SEO Company

As a marketing company whose focus is maximizing our clients' return on investment we research all sales and marketing systems to be used internally and for our clients thoroughly.

In 2008 we began a focus on the important of effective telemarketing for our company and many of our clients. Typically telemarketing systems get set up and then ignored for years. As technology improves and efficiency can be enhanced it is important to revisit telemarketing operations periodically.

We met with several of our clients and quickly realized that many of their telemarketing operations were behind the times and not as cost-effective as they could be. Our team then began to research which dialer system on the market was the most cost-effective.

Keep in mind that cost-effective does not mean we wanted to just find the cheapest system. We would not forgo quality for price. Our goal was to find the best dialer system for the money. The key characteristics we tested included:

o Quality of the predictive dialer: if the system did not have an excellent predictive dialer it was quickly removed from consideration
o Ease of integration: we wanted a system that can be up and running quickly, changed, updated and enhanced efficiently
o VoIP technology: this was a must to maximize quality and minimize cost
o Scalability: the system should not be easily outgrown or oversized
o Web based: this allows for use in the office and at home for home workers
o Excellent lead management system: an essential component
o Strong reporting technology: to track success of individual agents, projects, etc

Our team tested many systems. Some failed miserably, including some pretty big names in the industry. Other systems impressed us, including some relatively little known systems. The dialer system that impressed us the most is offered by SafeSoft Solutions.

Our researchers were very impressed with the quality of the predictive dialer. It passed all of our tests with flying colors. We were surprised at how easily the system was up and running and how logical the user-interface was.

The company's website is and they offer a free trial of their dialer system. It is definitely one you will want to try.

2018 Link Building Tips

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If you really want to get your website a lot of exposure, you're going to have to get it listed in website directories. Why? Three reasons:

1. Search engines will use your websites' inclusion in them (two in particular: Dmoz and Yahoo) as a sign that your website is an authority on your keywords, and rank your site much higher in placement for your keywords.

2. You'll receive traffic from the directories

3. Your Page Rank and keyword weight will increase when you've got lots of backlinks with your keywords in the anchor tag (see my other posts) and you'll get a higher ranking in a search for your target keywords.

The two most important website directories to submit your site to are Dmoz (The open directory) and the Yahoo Directory. Google's search algorithm gives a high advantage to websites listed in these two directories. Both take forever to get yourself included in, and Yahoo is not free, but it's worth the wait and money if you're looking for real exposure. Make sure your site contains quality content and is well-built, submit your sites to both of them, and wait (a while - sorry) for your traffic to increase upon your site's inclusion.

Smaller directories are worth getting in to for two reasons: visitors to your website, and backlinks. While you may not get a lot of traffic from each, multiply 10 visitors per directory times a hundred directories, and you've got yourself 1000 visitors. Not bad for a day's (or an hour's - see below) work. Also, the backlinks you get from the directories will add to your PR.

Make sure you have your target keywords in the title you provide the directories - they'll use that as the URL anchor text when linking to your site.

Also, stay away from paid listings at first if you're doing this on the cheap - paid listings are useful later once you've built up a bit of traffic to your website and increased your PR. Just go with free directories - many will add your site for free if you backlink to them.

So, the general method here is to find a list of website directories, visit each one, enter your info, submit the listing, and wait. If you have to do this manually, it will take forever. So what I do is use a program called Directory Submitter. It is a nifty program that has a list of over 2500 directories built-in, and when you visit a directory within their program, it will auto-populate all the fields with the desired information, saving you *tons* of time - you can submit to 10 directories with this program in the time it would take you to do one manually. It's great for me too as it tracks multiple websites you want to submit and tracks who you've submitted to - a huge time saver. If you've got multiple sites and want to submit to a lot of directories, then Directory Submitter will do the trick nicely.

The added traffic you'll get from submitting to directories is really worth it, so if you're trying to build traffic to your site and you haven't submitted your websites to the Big Two directories and the smaller guys, give it a try and watch your traffic soar.

Explaindio in 2016: Trial, Mega Bundles and Other Offers

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In ecommerce business, it is essential to supervise backlinks. There are several individuals who use up a great deal of effort in writing and publishing exceptional articles. However, they fail to monitor which of these articles are being hit upon by search engines. When you write articles, make sure that you account each of those articles in an Excel file. This is because there are articles which search engines are finding more attractive. So, you have to know which articles are excelling and which ones are not.

Are you familiar with Google Webmaster Tools? You have to be familiar with it because that is the next thing you need to accomplish. Your website has to be validated. Once your website has been validated, you can then check your website's current stats, that includes backlinks. It will provide detailed information of which websites Google is utilizing and which one of your web pages have backlinks leading to them. It will then make you realize how to design a certain backlink scheme that will make your website ranking improve in search engines. It will also help web traffic to your website pick up.  

When you are designing an SEO scheme, link building is one of the most essential tasks to accomplish. It is the foremost method to keep your site in popular search engines and improve your web pages' rank. It is better to create a higher number of backlinks, however you should not overdo it. You may not want to post hundreds of articles with backlinks to your site in one day. You could be reprimanded by search engines. This kind of practice is not accepted.   

Initially, it could be mind-boggling to learn how link building is done correctly. You may also be slightly in awe once you figured out its significance. You only need to pay attention and be standardized. You need to manage these written and published articles and also the keywords you were able to use. Choose to publish your articles on popular sites such as EzineArticles, Hubpages and Squidoo. But make sure to publish not too many articles in one blow. You may have been thinking of increasing the traffic to your website, so you'd hire people to write loads of articles for your website. This can negatively affect your site.

One good way to start your link building scheme is to outsource. You can hire freelance article writers to write high quality articles for you. Article writing jobs are pretty popular nowadays. There are those who charge sensible rates. Then, make it a point that you publish these articles yourself to better manage your website. When you want your online business to gain more, why don't you try link building? Surely, you will notice how big the difference it gives your online earnings, especially if done properly and monitored on a regular basis. All you need to do now is to sign up for the Google Webmaster Tools and have your articles and keywords ready. From that point on, you will be able to design a game plan for your website's success.

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It is often said, by many search engine optimization experts, that Money Robot Submitter is great in 2018. Others proclaim that Link Building Tools are king. The simple fact is, if you are to be successful using Advanced Seo Software, all aspects of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are essential to the mix.

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Comparing Website Building Software

A backlink is a link from one webpage to another. An internal link goes to a webpage on the same website whereas an external link goes to another website.

Link juice is the currency of backlink value. Each link acts as a recommendation or vote. The total value of link juice coming into a webpage testifies to its authority or reputation. Provided the receiving page has outbound links, the link juice flows out again and is distributed in equal proportions.

Backlinks are not of equal value. Google tells us, through their spokesman Matt Cutts, that the algorithm for determining the link value from a link depends on the reputation of the linking page (PageRank) divided by the number of outbound links. There is a slight necessary reduction otherwise the system would implode.

The number of inbound links to a webpage can be determined by searching for 'link:pageURL'. The results vary for the different search engines. Google tends to show a relatively small number as it returns only links that have a PageRank of at least 3 or 4. My preferred search engine for this purpose is It would be possible to visit each linking webpage and determine its PageRank and number of outbound links. However, this would be prohibitively time consuming.

Backlink Checking Programs:

Link Popularity Check: A free program that finds all the backlinks to website homepages on AllTheWeb, AltaVista, Bing, Google, and Yahoo.

SitePopularity: Finds the number of inbound links to a URL (homepage or internal page) on Google, Yahoo, AllTheWeb and Altavista. The free version looks at a maximum of 10 URLs.

BacklinkWatch: This is a free program that finds all the backlinks to a webpage and the anchor text, PageRank and outbound links on the linking page. It provides no means to calculate the value of each link and no facility to export the data.

SEO SpyGlass: Locates all the links to a webpage on the search engine(s) of your choice. The program then looks at each inbound link for several factors. By including the PageRank and total number of outbound links on the linking page, the program will calculate the link value of each inbound link to the webpage by dividing PageRank of the linking page by the total number of outbound links. There is a small reduction as explained above. It is possible to highlight all the data and copy this into a spread sheet such as Excel. The total link value of all the inbound backlinks can then be determined by summation.

Rank Tracking Programs:

Link Assistant's Rank Tracker: This program finds the top webpage of a website for a list of keywords on user selected search engines and records its current position. Changes in positioning over time are presented in tables and graphs.

Those engaging in backlinking campaigns should monitor progress with a selection of the above type of programs. Otherwise they may be indulging in potentially uneconomic activity.

2018 Link Building Tips

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One of the best things that a webmaster can do to promote his or her web site is to get more links ("backlinks") leading to it. Links to a web site can help generate a bit of extra traffic directly, as well as contributing to higher rankings in search engines (and thus more traffic from search engines). Obviously a prominent link from a popular web site is less valuable than a relatively obscure link from a little-known site, but every little link counts for something.

There are many ways to get links to your site, some active, some more passive.

The most passive way of getting links is simply to provide interesting content on your site ("link bait") and hope that people will link to it. Of course the trouble with this approach, is that you have no real control over when people decide to link to you, and thus may be waiting a long time for incoming links - especially if people can't find your site in the first place!

There are several active ways to get links. These include, link exchanges, submitting to directories, and writing articles. Let us review each of these.

1. Link exchanges are the traditional way to get more links on the Internet. There is nothing wrong with them, but they are two way links. That means that although you are getting incoming links, you are also sending traffic to other site's and and giving away some of your "search engine juice" to other sites. Link exchanges can also be time consuming in terms of finding link partners, setting up links, and managing your links page, so you might want to get a program like OutRankSmart, SEO Elite, or SEO Equalizer, to help with the job.

2. There are over 1,000 directories on the Internet which accept free submissions. Getting listed in these is an easy way to get your first few hundred one way backlinks. Manually filling out over a thousand directory submission forms is of course not a good use of your time, so I would suggest using some Directory submitter software to help.

3. Writing your own articles is the best way to build up more and more links to your site in the long run. You need to do this on a regular ongoing basis. To get the most return from each article, you should submit it to as many article directories as possible - you can submit to the leading handful of directories manually, but if you want to submit to the next several hundred as well, you ought to consider buying some article submitter software.

SEO Software - A Variety to Choose From, But Which One is the Best?

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With competition on the World Wide Web, the skills to rank higher on search engines are getting trickier, though good work pays! Some of the things to be kept in mind when you look into links to sites that fetch you high rankings are:-

Link Structure

  • The link structure of different sites varies and whether they are actually cohesive to the site's ranking is to be understood.
  • Is the stratagem attractive or not so attractive? Sometimes the number of links and word count help rank a website also.

Determine Whether The Back Links Are Natural

  • Some supposedly high ranking sites sport low grade links. These could have been efforts of old link building which have become dated or irrelevant. They may be comments discussion threads on a forum page which is distracting.
  • Of course, there can be very relevant links provided which can optimize your search and save on time.

Volume Does Not Influence Ranking

  • Some sites may show a lot of traffic. How much they are organic is the question. It may be the result of traffic that is bookmarked, affiliate traffic, a social site link or direct traffic. Google may analyze thus; if you are bouncing to LPB from LPA then the content of LPA ranks low as it did not satisfy your query.

Links from Different Domains Help

  • Sometimes new domains need to get links to your site. Using the best SEO software you can verify that the domain names are not pointing them or setting up as aliases to your site - they must have names like 301 redirect and the main URL.

Longer Content Is Related To Higher Rankings

  • Long articles take time, which means more words to make their content relevant. A use of Google Console can help you decide what type of content helps you rank higher for certain keywords. Posting the URL of interest on Google Console gives you access to the statistics of the "who" and "why" factors. You gain insight into people's choice and thought processes.


  • A domain with keywords in the title, external links, internal links and URL is currently receiving more preference from Google. The optimized link juice contains a well networked internal link format. This information is vital to marketers.

Strategy for Link building:

  • It is important to craft useful content, useful to readers.
  • Creating attractive infographics will grab eyeballs.
  • You can guest blog provided you provide rich, content that is non spammy. Do not use keyword enhanced text to link to your own site.
  • Roundup posts are favored:

People love reading expert opinions on various tools which provide insight into aspects of the industry unexplored earlier. It adds value and authenticity to SEO link build up.

  • Testimonials: You may attest branded services, applications, tools which you value. These link value add to your site.
  • Cleanup old content: To update information refreshing outdated content is important. It is effective in building quality links to your site. Collect best content and present it in a meaningful way to reach large audiences. distills your work.

Reach out to good bloggers, social media and ask friends, colleagues and clients asking for Backlinks and refreshing old Backlinks add quality to your site.

  • Do look out for competitive sites to keep yours at the top and link top sites to any new content you make. Make use of the SEO software review and try to connect to sites with high domain authority so you can enter a competitor's landing page naturally.


This is only a mere scratch in this vast study of site building techniques. Top SEO tools help you enhance this live journey of a site buildup and its qualitative maintenance.

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It is often said, by many search engine optimization experts, that Money Robot Submitter is great in 2018. Others proclaim that Link Building Tools are king. The simple fact is, if you are to be successful using Advanced Seo Software, all aspects of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are essential to the mix.

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SEO Software Reviews - SEO Elite, Web CEO, Internet Business Promoter (IBP), Or SEO PowerSuite?

SEO link building is the cornerstone of a successful search engine optimization strategy. Every website needs to build backlinks in order to be ranked by the search engines on the results pages. It can be frustrating and it is easy to build low value ineffective links.

What is SEO link building?
SEO link building is defined as the process through which high value backlinks to your site are obtained from high ranking websites. Your keywords should always be used within the anchor text to ensure maximum value. Links can be generated through advertisements, comments, articles, press releases, social media or bookmarks on social sites.

Why build links?
Search engines place a lot of importance on the quantity and quality of backlinks to a website. Links form a big part of the algorithm used by search engines to determine ranking and backlinks from high volume websites have the ability to generate a lot of traffic to your website. Websites with a lot of quality links are seen as experts on their subject matter and will therefore rank high on the search engine result pages.

How can SEO links be build?
There are numerous methods that can be used to build links. Some of the acceptable and widely used methods are:

- Article marketing
- Comments on blogs or forums
- Reciprocal links
- One-way links
- Press releases
- Facebook and Twitter
- Bookmarks
- Directories

Article Marketing
This is a very effective tool and can also be used to establish credibility. Articles should be written using your keywords (keyword density of 3% - 6%) and should relate to your website, product or services. Always ensure that the links back to your website contains your keywords in the anchor text. Follow the guidelines and rules of the article directories when submitting articles to ensure that your articles are published.

Comments on Blogs or Forums
Links can be created by commenting on blog or forum posts. It is advisable to place a link back to your website in your username and not in your comment. This method of SEO link building has been abused and you may find that a lot of blogs and forums delete comments that do not add value. For maximum results it is advisable to comment on blogs or forums that relates to your website, service or product and that allows do-follow links.

Reciprocal Links
It is a good idea to have a few quality reciprocal links to high PR websites. When two websites link to each other it is called a reciprocal link. Always link to a website with a high PR (page rank)that relates to your service or product. Links can be obtained through contact with the webmaster of the website that you want to link to and some websites have an automated process. It is important to make sure of the PR of the page that links to you since not all website pages have the same PR.

One-way Links
High value one-way links are the gold of SEO. The search engines allocate more value to one-way links than reciprocal links. Posting content (not comments) on popular blogs or high PR websites generate quality one-way links. Some blogs and websites allow guest posts and it is important to build a relationship with these type of sites. Always manage your links to ensure maximum value and only build links from established websites in good standing.

Press Releases
One-way links, awareness and traffic can be generated through press releases. This method has also been abused and the search engines are aware of this. Only submit a press release when you have something to share or announce and make sure that it is well written. You should ideally not submit more than 4 press releases in a year.

Facebook and Twitter
Promoting your website through Facebook and Twitter is a must. High quality links generating traffic to your website can be build through these sites. You can reach a lot of potential customers and improve your rankings by using these two sites effectively.

Another method that has been badly abused. One-way links can be build by bookmarking your websites on various social sites. The value of these links have decreased due to abuse but it is still a viable SEO link building method.

You can build one-way links by submitting your website url to directories. Try to limit your submissions to directories with a high PR.

What not to do
- Do not make use of link farms
- Do not build links from banned sites
- Do not build links from gambling or porno sites
- Do not build massive amounts of links in a short period of time
- Do not use black hat techniques

The key to a successful SEO link building strategy is to continuously build high quality links over a period of time. You should aim to build 10-20 links per day using a combination of methods. This should not take you more than an hour daily and is worth the effort. It is important to understand that SEO link building takes time and will not push your website to the number one position on the results pages overnight.

2018 Link Building Tips

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"Success in business lies in the ability to get customers to buy from you" (Robert Craven).

I understand small publishing houses that specialise in the Spirituality and Religious niche sectors in general like to operate a policy of attraction rather than promotion. That's great news as this is also a strong theme in current and latest thinking about selling.

These days' people don't wish to be sold to; they prefer to find/get/buy something of value themselves.

Is this a principal reason why 'word of mouth' and personal recommendations are so powerful, and why 'Try before you buy' schemes make a great marketing strategy to stimulate sales, and is a marketing model which works in many industries?

Could this approach be applied to publishing? The answer is most unlikely NO. Once a book has been used it is clearly second hand, and therefore its value is lost or greatly reduced. So how does one entice a prospective reader customer to buy a book, and what successful models are there in today's book marketplace?

Anthony Robbins, the world renowned success coach and expert on what works in business, suggests a key strategy to 'speed up success' is to model on who is already succeeding. Robbins suggests that success leaves clues. I tend to think he's right. Who is succeeding in the work of book reselling, it has to be the No1 Global giant:, and in the UK, it is

What can we learn from Amazon on how to sell books, what clues do they give us?

I believe it is simple stuff, so what does Amazon do, and do well?

· Focus on value to customer? Amazon offers a vast choice of books.

· Feedback - customer reviews.

· Ease to find on the net, ease of use (good design of website), easy to buy?

· Account history, and wish list.

· Personalisation - what is of interest? Recommendations, based on customer history.

· What did others buy? Others who bought this also bought, review or whatever.

· Customer Service - quick delivery.

Much of what has made Amazon successful relates to the things that work on the internet generally, i.e. online retailing techniques like customer feedback/reviews etc. However some of Amazon's innovation has actually become the norm for the internet, such as introducing recommendations to consumers (linking to similar subjects, categories etc, and what others consumers have bought etc.)

So my simple recommendation on how to start eMarketing to a small publishing house would be to:


Purchase one of the low cost software packages best suited to its products (see above), load up its stock inventory, and...


Work hard to encourage existing loyal and new customers to write reviews of its books on its website site, as well as Amazon, Google Books and the article websites.

These days it is inexpensive to buy software packages that can provide much of what Amazon online can deliver and what publishers need to retail their stock inventory online. Examples of Amazon clone software is Ubimall (, and PHP Probid software ( - auction site software - which can be set up for online shopping, but comes with the added advantage of SEO functionality in that the product descriptions are within the URLs which means the products listed will be found by the search engines. A good low cost example is PHPMyDirectory which is low cost (circa £50), has SEO capability, is easy to set up, and has the facility to handle reviews. Google loves review sites as it is content rich for the consumer.

The secret is to get visitors to the site and then to convert browsers into book buyers. This is especially difficult for small publishing businesses whose inventory is small, and their resources modest. What action can small publishers take to stimulate interest in their products?

Three factors are important in book retailing.

-Search -Find -Reviews (recommendations)

Consumers need to search for the product. They need to find the products, and they need to have recommendations to buy the product.

What are people looking for?

Who buys your books?

Book consumers search for books written by authors they respect. Book Consumers search for books about people they respect, or for books of subjects of interest.

What productive marketing skills work for the internet?

I have already mentioned reviews. One of the best methods in e-marketing is the use of article writing, and strategically posting the articles on key sites such as, and specific forums within the relevant niche sector (e.g. book son spirituality) with hyperlinks included within the article (or within the signature) to specific pages on your website related to the product, e.g. an article on a book by AELRED OF RIEVAULX, 'The Way of Friendship' (M. Basil Pennington (editor) New City Publications), and as well as including a section of the book, to also include a link within the article to the publisher's website's page on the book itself.

The net result should be a tangible increase in the relevant page's ranking AND of the website itself, by inclusion in the search engines indexes. This means that the book's title could be found via a Google/Yahoo/MSN search. Other factors that might help could include linking to Google Books review of the book, and a review on

Therefore it is a wise strategy is to scatter the internet with book reviews and articles to raise the profile of the book and the publishing house.

The phrase "Don't judge a book by its cover" is true, but creating a virtual browse via recommendation and reviews overcomes this obstacle and is a proven way to growing book sales. There is a statistic often quoted that 80% of people who buy books never read them in their entirety i.e. % of book purchases that end up gathering dust on shelves. Yet it is also true that 80% of book publishers' profits come is likely to come from 20% of book reading customers. In terms of spirituality and reading the principal customer segment group are women aged between 28-55 years old. You have probably heard the term: "If you want to hunt bear you need to go where bear live?" Where do women interested in spirituality go to get ideas about books? The best answer is: go and ask them.

A key differential with spirituality and religious publishing is that the product is unlikely to have a sell by date. Spiritual principles are eternal. Aelred of Rievaulx's Way of Friendship has been around for centuries. In commercial publishing this is much rarer, and perhaps the best example is Napoleon Hills work, 'Think and Grow Rich' based upon his research at the time of the Great Depression, and first published in 1937. It still achieves phenomenal sales and phenomenal reviews even today.

As food for thought, I'll close this article with a quote, from the Patsula Media's Entrepreneurs Guide, "Please don't sell me books; sell me pleasant hours (reading) and the profit of knowledge."

Julian Rowe Business Correspondent Business Service Finder

Strengthening Internal Website Links - Hub and Spoke Strategy

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There is a myth that traffic is hard to get. It is not. Traffic is traffic. It is just a click on a computer. However, good web traffic is hard to get, good web traffic that has a fair proportion of credit card wielding, want what you have got, eager buyers, well that's another story. Here are my top 7 ways to attract some of those eager beavers over to your place:

1. Advertise - No surprises here, but the opportunities on the net are pretty much limitless. Get some expert help if you don't know what you're doing, but Google AdWords is a great place to start.

Then there's banner advertising, classified ads, ads on blog networks, ads on individual sites and blogs, offline advertising in newspapers and magazines, eBay classifieds, trust me, I could on and on. This is another good place to start your advertising campaign.

The important thing to remember when buying advertising is to 'buy relevant' i.e. it is far better to have 1 visitor who wants what you have against 100 visitors who just drift on by, without so much as clicking on one of your 'call to actions' (such as your newsletter sign up, buy button etc.)

2. Buy traffic - Yep, you can buy traffic. 100,000 visitors for so much. Buyer beware. Pop under traffic needs specific offers to make it work and a lot of other 'network' traffic is a lot of rubbish.

As always, when purchasing traffic or advertising, make sure that you have adequate tracking codes in place to make sure you know where your visitors and revenue are coming from (otherwise you will make some bad judgment calls later on).

The other big tip is to buy small and test. Then if it works and only then, scale up. Last word of advice (I promise): Visitor numbers are vanity, profit is sanity.

3. Forums, comments, articles, Press releases, newsletters, tell a friend - I think I've covered most of these options elsewhere but do not underestimate the power of these strategies.

If you have Google Analytics or Fruity Plugins installed you will soon see where your traffic is coming from. One well placed forum post can do wonders for your sagging washing line of a visitor graph! Get someone to sign up to your weekly newsletter and you've got 52 opportunities to get them back to your site.

Give them a reason to do so. Don't forget one of my personal favorites, the tell a friend option. Do you have one on your site?

4. Buy existing website - Too simple really. Buy an existing web-site or a recently expired domain. Make sure they have PR, back links and existing visitors. Then either add a mini site with a link to your target site or put a 301 (permanent redirect) to your target site.

5. Recruit the best SEO expertise you can afford - Search engine optimization is a maze. A big one. Unless you're going to make a career out of it, hire someone in. It will be a heap cheaper in the long run, especially when you put your learning and 'making mistakes' time, along with the lost opportunity costs into the overall equation.

6. Build and or join a blog network - Yep, they are out there. The long way is to build your own, effectively a group of niche related blogs, all making incestuous link love to each other. Their sole purpose in life is to target your 'money site'.

Shorter routes including a buying a blog network and or joining a group of like minded blog owners, who will happily swap semi automated posts with each other.

7. Distribute link bait - This is very powerful and when done right will create riches from rags. The simple concept is to create (or buy) an eBook or piece of software that other people are then incentivized to distribute on your behalf, usually through an affiliate scheme such as Clickbank or the like.

A classic model is to give away a free e-book, and then encourage the readers of that e-book to then re brand the same book with their affiliate links and then distribute that book to their list, via their website. Very powerful.
A win win for all parties concerned.

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It is often said, by many search engine optimization experts, that Money Robot Submitter is great in 2018. Others proclaim that Link Building Tools are king. The simple fact is, if you are to be successful using Advanced Seo Software, all aspects of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are essential to the mix.

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Finding the Number of Backlinks to Your Site

All companies want to show up at the top of the list in search results. Your website is your most important business tool. The need for businesses for get found online has made web marketing essential. The key to a successful Internet marketing campaign is to create a unique language that grabs customers' attention and reflects your brand name.

Here are some simple tips on how to get your website found online:

Optimize Your Website

A professional website, with a clear message and relevant keywords, is the best way for your business to gain visibility online. Update your website to include keywords in its text and meta tags. What words do your target clients use to search online for your products and services? After choosing your main keywords and key phrases, incorporate your brand language into your company tagline. Create a website header and a compelling description for your business. Use a SEO friendly design.

Send Out Press Releases

There are many free press release distribution services that can help you promote your business. Publishing press releases online on a constant basis will create a large number of backlinks to your website, which increases traffic and search engine rankings. Use wire services to distribute your press release to hundreds of websites.

Write Newsletters That Sell

Staying in contact with your clients is essential if you want to retain their business. Online newsletters are an excellent marketing tool that will keep your customers up to date with your latest products and services. By sending online newsletters once a month, all the costs involved in print newsletter can be avoided. You can use online tools and web statistics programs to see how many people are reading your newsletter, how much time they are spending on each page, and which websites are linking to your newsletter.

Use Social Media

Social media can help you attract new customers and gain exposure online for a very low cost. Sign up on Facebook and Twitter, join groups or networks, and share relevant information with your potential clients. Create compelling profiles that include your company tagline and website address.

Internet users are more comfortable initiating contact through social networking sites than they do in other forms of communication. Get in touch with people who are interested in what you have to offer. Several strategic pages on social media sites can increase your popularity and help you get quality backlinks with minimum investment.

2018 Link Building Tips

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If you have an online business and crave success, social bookmarking is one of the main things you need to do. This is because social bookmarking can assist your customers to get the access to your website easier and faster. Another reason for doing such a thing is that you can obtain more backlinks. These backlinks are able to help you generate traffic.

However, this mission is not easy to accomplish. Besides, this takes many hours of yours. If you do not know how to do it, there is a great solution you may like. Hiring a social bookmarking service company is the solution. If this solution sounds interesting, you will like to read some tips on how to find the best social bookmarking service company below.

Choose an Experienced Company

In order to get the best result, it is recommended that you hire an experienced provider. These days, there are a lot of social bookmarking service providers out there. But only a few companies have many years of experience in the field. So, before you decide to hire a company, it is better for you to make a research first. The problem you may have when it comes to deciding the right company is the difficulty in finding some objective customer comments about the quality of the company that interests you. In this case, you can find other sources that provide customer comments or reviews about the company you want to hire.

Choose a Company That Provides Services at Reasonable Prices

Some social bookmarking service providers may charge you high prices for their services. In order to find a company that charges you reasonable prices, you need to learn the quality of the services some companies have to offer. It will be better for you to spend more hours to compare more companies. This way, you can save much money. However, it is recommended that you hire the one that offers you cost-friendly services.

Choose a Company That Uses Manual Submissions

Seeing the fact that there are a lot of tools out there, it is necessary for you to ensure that the company you are going to hire offers you manual submissions. It is because manual submissions are effective to lead people to your site.

Just keep in mind the three important things when you intend to hire a social bookmarking service company. If you make a good decision, there is no doubt that you will get many benefits. Your website traffic may increase every day.

Internet Marketing and Organic SEO Software

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Penny Stock Prophet is a stock analytics program which only targets penny stocks as the name would suggest. I like trading with penny stocks because of their greater profit potential, but there is also a great deal of risk associated with it.

Because of this I've been looking for an analytics program to deliver the right picks to me so that I can trade accordingly. Now that I've been using Penny Stock Prophet for some time now, I would like to share my results in this review. If you've been interested in getting into the stock market for some time now, consider this review of what could be the best penny stock software.

Part of what makes this the best penny stock software is how it works to identify which stocks are going to perform well against which are set to drop in value. It does this by taking the full scope of the market into account which is the common practice amongst high-profile and skilled traders with the major trading houses.

What happens is the stock market travels in cyclical patterns which continue to repeat themselves over every several years, and individual stocks perform the same way. So by looking at the origins of what later proves to be a profitable stock trend from the past, if you can find similarities in real-time stocks which are exhibiting the same behavior, you can put together a precisely accurate idea of how that stock is set to perform.

I mentioned about the penny stock aspect of this program. Because of their lesser values, it is quite common to see a penny stock quickly double or triple in the short term with relatively little outside trading influence on it. You commonly see these stocks go on huge jumps here and there.

Of course they can just as easily go the opposite direction. For this reason, it's a good idea to trust a program like this if you can't do the analytics work yourself.

To give you a better idea of how these stocks can perform and provide further evidence for why this gets my vote as the best penny stock software out there, the first pick which I received from it was valued $.18 at the beginning. I invested accordingly and watched as that stock more than doubled in value $.38 by the end of that first day.

The next morning I began checking on that stock on the hour as it continued decline. It's a great feeling to be invested in the stock and see it climb before your eyes and knowing that you're walking away with that profit. It finally topped off at $.57 a share, more than tripling from its initial value.

That is not to say that every pick has performed as impressively. Some picks took longer to reach their apex is whereas others hit it in hours. The most important reason I hail this as the best penny stock software is the reliability aspect as with this program I've made money on 18/20 picks which it has generated for me since starting with it months ago.

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It is often said, by many search engine optimization experts, that Money Robot Submitter is great in 2018. Others proclaim that Link Building Tools are king. The simple fact is, if you are to be successful using Advanced Seo Software, all aspects of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are essential to the mix.

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Strategies for Success in Online Marketing - It Is a Marathon Not a Sprint!

Why should you explore the options available for automated link building software? There are a number of reasons why it is necessary to utilize such software programs for your SEO and link building needs. The most obvious is the speed and efficiency that such a program can deliver. When you are tied down to the slow process of manually placing links throughout the internet, you will discover that your ability to efficiently maximize your website's success potential will be limited. Needless to say, this is not the optimum position to be in when you are looking to succeed with your link building plans. Then, there are the opportunity costs that will be incurred when you try to perform exclusively manual link building plans.

Opportunity costs basically refer to allocation of time and resources. In other words, if you are spending a lot of time manually placing links throughout the internet, you will not be spending any time doing anything else. After all, you can generally only complete one task at a time. Even those that are effective with multitasking will have problems with being overburdened with having to complete too many tasks at the same time. That is why it is helpful to employ automated processed which can make life a lot easier for those that would prefer a more streamlined method of link building. Again, this is where link building programs are so helpful. It opens the door of opportunity to handle other business tasks. You cannot spend all your time building links and a solid automated software program will make sure you do not have to deal with such issues.

Then, there is another huge positive to working with an automated link building software program. The links are placed on the net in an extremely quick fashion. And, of course, the quicker the links are placed on the internet the quicker they will be indexed by the search engine robots. And yes, the quicker this happens, the quicker the site will move up into the top ten of the search engine rankings. That means you online business will be able to generate revenue much quicker than it would be if you had to wait weeks and weeks - or possibly months - for your website to achieve a decent ranking in the website. The longer you wait to rank high in the search engines, the slower your business growth will be. There is no way around that and this is why automated programs are so enormously helpful.

Mostly all the revenue that a commercial website will produce will be the result of the organic traffic deriving from the search engines. That means you will also need to maintain your website's presence in the search engines. New links must always be added and that can involve a huge time commitment...unless you have the proper automated program adding those links perpetually.

2018 Link Building Tips

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SEO is a big topic that comes up all the time with my clients. Everyone wants to be the number one website on Google, but don't know how to achieve this. This article is NOT saying you are going to be able to get to number one, but it will give you some guide lines on how to increase your chances greatly.

The most important item relating to SEO is to remember that CONTENT IS KING. Without endless amounts of fresh and interesting content you will never get to the top. But it isn't just the quality of content that counts; it is how the content is written. For example if you are selling cell phones you want to make sure your keywords appear in your text over and over again. It may seem repetitive but this is the best way to get Google, MSN and Yahoo! to notice you.

The next tips are in no particular order because they all play a similar small role, but together make all the difference.

  • Use meta tags and descriptions - This is an older html technology that is considered dead by some but is still being used. Your meta description is often the description that a search engine will use when displaying your website.
  • Wrap text in paragraph and headline tags. Using the proper tags will tell a search engine that your text is indeed content. Headline tags are given a higher priority by search engines.
  • No Frames - stay away from frames, it makes it impossible for a search engine to appropriately link to your site. In-turn a user may find your site but it may not have all the page elements attached to it.
  • Links - Using your keywords in your links is a great way to emphasize those words to a search engine. Never use "Click here" it is a wasted link.
  • Backlinks - Backlinks are links from other sites that point to your site. Backlinks are one of the primary things that Google looks for in determining rank. The best way to build backlinks is with your content. You can syndicate your content over blogs, rss feeds and general article submissions. Each time you submit an article make sure it has your link on it. Joining forums and social networks are also great ways of building backlinks but many of them frown on blatant advertisements so you have to do this wisely.
  • Use Text - It may sound simple, but actually using text instead of images allows a Google bot or yahoo crawler to read you site.
  • No Flash - Flash sites are bad for SEO plain and simple. Even newer Flash techniques that allow crawlers to read the site still won't end up at the number one spot simply because of lack of perceived content since your website is only one page.
  • Web maps - Creating and submitting a web map notifies the search engines of which pages are the most important and how often they change.Time - SEO is slow, be patient.
There are many other things you can do to increase you rank naturally, just remember do not cheat and pay for a service to do this for you.

Website Vs Blogs: How to Decide Which Is Best for You

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In many cultures, a traditional head covering called a turban is common. Making a turban is fun and easy once the basic technique has been learned. You will be wearing a turban in no time if you follow these instructions.

Set the cap securely to your head. The cap is a perfect accessory to hold the hair-curls from peeping beneath the turban.

Take the cotton strip and place it on top of your head. With eight inches remaining under the neck, the rest should be maintained before your face.

Start the wrap. Position one palm atop your head in order to secure the material. With your other hand grab the front part of the fabric and pull it back and over to the right side of your head. Pull the cloth tightly as you make a full circle around your head.

Begin wrapping a second time. With this wrap you will send the material slightly to the right so that when you look at the turban front on you see that the right side is lower than the left.

Another wrap around. Now, place the wrap so the tilt is on the rear of your head with the high side placed above the last wrap on your head.

Do this wrap over and over. By covering it you just fold it from left to right direction round your body on vertical axis. Covering should be continued till completion of your head and leave only 24 inches of cotton left.

When wrapping around the turban, ensure that the final two feet are in a horizontal orientation. This horizontal section is what holds all of the wraps of the turban where they belong.

Push the ends under a wrap. Once you get to the end of the cotton cloth, you will need to tuck the end of the cloth beneath a lower wrap.

The turban can be tilted back on your head for a finishing touch. In order to wrap the turban properly, place the tilts low over the face causing the final tilt to give the turban a very traditional appearance.

After you have practiced making a turban for a while, it becomes easy.

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It is often said, by many search engine optimization experts, that Money Robot Submitter is great in 2018. Others proclaim that Link Building Tools are king. The simple fact is, if you are to be successful using Advanced Seo Software, all aspects of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are essential to the mix.

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The Dual Benefits of Marketing Automation for B2B Lead Generation

Every affiliate marketer/online marketer knows the power of getting ranked high in Google for a good keyword term. Yet so many fail at getting enough backlinks to help them achieve those hot spots. In this article I'm going to give you a brief overview of how I go about getting TONS of high quality one way backlinks to all my sites.

I use Article Marketing, Video Marketing and Press Releases.

That's all I use and it works like gangbusters.

I write 10 articles each day around my niche topic and I submit it to a article directory such as EzineArticles. Every Thursday and Friday I submit 2 articles to a service called I get about 100 backlinks from that alone.

I write one press release Sunday and then on Mondays I use and I use their paid distribution service of about $40 to blast my press release to all powerful news websites. The backlinks from those sources alone are incredibly powerful.

The other method I use is to create 1 short video each day with Windows Movie Maker. It's a free software. I create a video that explains content. You don't have to create a fancy video. The main goal of these videos will be for backlinks and not traffic. Sure traffic will come, but it's the backlinks that will boost you in the search engines which will lead to constant traffic.

Take that 1 video and submit it to a service called They will submit your 1 video to over 18 video sites. Talk about backlink juice in an instant! So by creating and submitting just 1 short video each day we are talking about 126 backlinks within a week.

So there you have it. My short tutorial for obtaining one way links in the shortest possible time. There are some other methods like social networks, but that is beyond the scope of this article.

2018 Link Building Tips

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There has been much written about search engine optimization, as well it should. Search engine optimization is very important if you want to be ranked high in the search engines.

The only problem with search engine optimization is that search engines are forced to change what they consider optimized regularly due to misuse of the various techniques over time. There are individuals that seek to trick the search engines into given them more traffic than their content deserves. They do this by loading high search volume, irrelevant keywords into their content. This is getting harder to do successfully as search engines have begun cracking down on such tactics and the websites that employ them.

Cheating in search engine optimization has been the case and will always be the case and search engines will battle to squash the offenders. There are however, ways to optimize your website without falling into the whole getting banned from search engines scenario. Check out these four tips.

Tip Number One

Determine the most searched word that applies to your offering. What are the keywords your potential customers are using to search for your service or product? There are reasonably priced Keyword Analyzer programs that will tell you. Get the software and use it.

Tip Number Two

Stay on topic when writing your content. Utilize relevant keywords in your content. I cant stress this enough. Remember the search engines are waging an all out war on websites that stuff their content with irrelevant words in an effort to fool their way to the top of searches. You could get your website banned from search engines if you employ deceptive search engine optimization tactics. Keep that in mind and avoid using such tactics. They may get you a little attention early on, but it will be short lived and costly.

Tip Number Three

Use Error Marketing to clean up your website. Well-written websites sell and hold the attention of a visitor longer. If your website is riddled with errors such as misspelled words and lack of clarity, it makes visitors feel that you aren't professional. When that happens 9 out of 10 readers leave the website earlier and never return. By applying the techniques of Error Marketing, even the lowest budgeted webmaster can have a spotless and error free website.

Tip Number Four

Always place your most valued keyword within the first 2 sentences of your copy. Also, ensure that your keywords appear in the hot spots where the search engines look.

Use your primary keyword in your copy, your meta-tag keywords, in paragraph headers, and name your website graphic file names something like yourchosenkeyword.jpg. Also, avoid having so many graphics on your website if possible. Remember, search engines cant read graphics. When these tactics are combined with well-written copy, these can go a long way into getting you the positioning your page deserve and the valued back links that zoom you to the top of the search engine rankings.

Keywords Suggestion - My Review on Micro Niche Finder

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SEO is not as hard as many would have you believe, and the rewards are immense. SEO is simple and hence it is not a rocket science. However, doing SEO is not easy, and though the SEO techniques are obvious, applying the right technique to the right site at the right time is the key.

Of course one of the best things is when you are able to find tools that will help you optimize your website for free, more on that in a bit.

SEO is often thought to be just a set of some technical tricks, and as a professional SEO, I confess to spending a lot of time with clients fixing technical issues. A site's structure though, is just as important. SEO is a mix of science and art. Keeping up with changing technologies and search engine industry consolidation is part of the picture, but only part. SEO is no longer just based on text analysis. In the age of universal search, SEO-based brand promotion has to include the way images, videos and text are added to the site to ensure visibility and relevance to key search terms used by consumers.

One of the most important steps when planning your website is to make sure that you spend adequate time doing keyword research. There are literally millions of pages out there on the internet, and no good will come of you creating a page that is already very similar to something that already exists. Keyword research consists of finding holes in the market where there is opportunity: a fair amount of people searching for a term where there are not a lot of websites out there already covering it.

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