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It is often said, by many search engine optimization experts, that Money Robot Submitter is great in 2017. Others proclaim that Link Building Tools are king. The simple fact is, if you are to be successful using Advanced Seo Software, all aspects of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are essential to the mix.

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Entrepreneurship and Project Management - The Missing Link

Axandra, the number one SEO software development company, is the creator of the multi award winning IBP (Internet Business Promoter) software. With a money back guarantee, IBP guarantees top 10 rankings for your keywords on Google, Yahoo, MSN, or other major search engines. The company also offers an e-book on how to successfully advertise with Google Adwords, while lowering pay per click costs.

Axandra is a privately held, debt-free corporation whose software is used worldwide by thousands of webmasters, optimizers and companies. The mission is to help small and medium sized business optimize their websites, to increase income. Co CEO's Andras Vogt and Johannes Selbach are dedicated to ethical search engine optimization methods, and to the success of your online business. Based in Staudt, Germany, their products are sold by affiliates around the world.

The company offers customers a free trial, and a money back guarantee of its multi award winning web site promotion tool. IBP, or I Business Promoter, is SEO software that will show you how to achieve the elusive top 10 rankings on any major search engine, including Google, Yahoo, and MSN, as well as many others using your keywords. IBP will analyze your website, compare it the websites in the top 10 ranking on the search engine of your choice, and generate an easy to read report. Simply by following the suggestions of IBP, your website is guaranteed to be in the top 10 results for your keyword within six months.

Axandra's IBP software offers several SEO tools designed to optimize and promote your webpage, as well as track the results and generate reports. Four of the most popular tools included in the IBP suite are the Top 10 Optimizer, the Search Engine Submitter, the Keyword Generator, and the Ranking Checker. There is also an Inbound Link tool, and a powerful Scheduler, which will allow the IBP software to run after business hours, once a week, or even once a month. Combining all these SEO tools in one piece of software, as well as a few more makes IBP a great investment for any online business, no matter what size.

Axandra, the number one SEO software development company, and creator of IBP, a multi award winning website development software, is a privately held debt-free corporation based in Germany. Determined to offer small and medium business the tools necessary to optimize their web based business, increase traffic, and increase sales, Axandra holds strongly to ethical business practices and search engine optimization methods.

2017 Link Building Tips

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If you are doing online business, definitely you will have a website to promote your product or services. Just having a website will not do any wonder in your business. You need to work hard to bring your website to the top ranking position in the search engine optimization. Here are some of the easy SEO tips that can give a professional look and reputation to your website in search engines.

1] First, find out the keyword that should be used in the content and title tag. You need to do some research in the internet to select the keyword related to your business. You can use the SEO tool and SEO software that are available on the internet for this purpose.

2] The content you load should be informative and natural. Keywords or keyphrase should be included in the content naturally. Do not use any software to write or spin the content.

3] The keyword rich title tag should appear in every page of your site. You can also include your company's or business name at the end of the title tag and make it more valuable.

4] Your website should be professionally designed targeting SEO. Keywords should be effectively included in meta tags, image Alt tag, Text links etc.

5] Use the effective source backlinks. Do not aim at more ineffective backlinks, instead a single effective and quality backlink is enough to improve your business.

6] Create blogs and post keyword rich contents in it.

7] Change the contents frequently. New information should be included in the content to create interest in the audience.

8] Use government and community websites to give backlinks to your site. This will have more impact in search engine ranking.

9] Your website should be easy to access by anyone. It should be simple to handle by the beginners. This way you can get best rank in the search engine optimization.

10] Validate your website to make it error free. Otherwise your site may miss the rank in the search engines. Validation is compulsory when there is a major change in your website design or content.

11] Avoid using multiple keywords in the web page. Do not use more than one keyword in a single page. Using more keywords will affect the performance of your website.

12] Participate in social marketing. Social marketing is one of the easy SEO tips through which you can make your business visible to millions of people globally.

How to Get More Webpage Impressions and Get More AdSense Money - 7 Tips

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Backlinks are links that lead to your web site. In general, the more backlinks that there are to your site, and the better quality sites that these backlinks are from, both tend to increase your own web site's ranking in search engines. Obviously backlinks are not the only factor that search engine use in ranking web sites, but they are known to be quite important.

Search engine optimization, or "SEO" as it usually known for short, is an important marketing activity for web site owners. Basically the idea is to achieve the highest rank possible for your site in the search results, when people search on relevant keywords. The purpose of this is obviously to increase the number of visitors to your site ("targeted traffic"), and thus hopefully boost revenue and profits, whether those be derived from sales, from affiliate programs, or from advertising.

Given what I have told you about backlinks, it should be obvious that increasing the number backlinks to your site is important. There are several ways that this can be done:

1. The first option is pay other sites to link to you. Apart from the cost, the downside for this, is not all sites are willing to accept paid links, and additionally some search engines have made statements saying that they are opposed to the practice (and may potentially ban sites involved in such schemes).

2. The second option is to provide interesting content on your web site, and hope that other people will link to it. This type of content is known as "link bait", however this marketing can be hit and miss - you're simply hoping that other people will decide to link to you. Besides which, other webmasters may not even know about your site (let alone wish to link to you), if you don't have a good ranking to start with.

3. The third option is to exchange links with other sites. This is free, but obviously, the main issue is that you need to link back. In the past, the process of exchanging and managing link exchanges was quite time consuming, but today, if you use software like SEO Elite, you can automate all the spade work.

4. The fourth option, and the one that gets you free one way backlinks to your site, is to write articles and submit them to article directories. This can generate lots of traffic, and since there are hundreds of different article directories, can get you hundreds of backlinks. Obviously, manually submitting even one article to hundreds of different article directories is incredibly time consuming, so you will want to get hold of software such as Article Submitter, as this can automate the job.

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It is often said, by many search engine optimization experts, that Money Robot Submitter is great in 2017. Others proclaim that Link Building Tools are king. The simple fact is, if you are to be successful using Advanced Seo Software, all aspects of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are essential to the mix.

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SEO - One Way Links

Ranking for keywords is not nearly as easy as it used to be, even if you are the first on the scene. In the past it simply took a ridiculous amount of content that was packed with keywords, perhaps to the point where a human could not read it, to rank highly on search engines. Then came the days of building inbound links and/or buying bundles of inbound links to drive traffic, but that day is now fading away too. Why do these techniques come and go just when people can figure them out? It is the very fact that people are figuring them out that is the problem. The only answer is to stay on top of the latest SEO techniques, but that is easier said than done.

The easiest way to stay on top of real SEO techniques is not popular, but it has to be said: pay for it. The bottom line is that search engines only remain in power and relevant so long as they return results that users want, not what content writers wish. Sometimes those are the same thing, but there are only so many links on any search engine result page (SERP) for content links and meta-descriptions. This means competition is part of the game, and search engines know that this drives some people to the point where they try nearly anything to get on top...even if it is unethical and/or goes against the needs and wants of the search engine.

As a result, search engines constantly update their SEO algorithms, and the code that compares results of different algorithms to uncover anomalies that might be telltale signs of an attempt to trick a single type of SEO routine. With so many algorithms and comparative analysis software running, it really does take a small company to continually monitor what is happening with SEO in real time. A few additional workers are required to update documents and even more workers are required to keep SEO-related software up to date. All of this labor does cost something, but failing to adhere to the latest in SEO might mean spending endless time blogging to little or no avail. The choice is ultimately yours.

You might try taking the so-called 'free' route and trust websites and forums that have potentially outdated information and risk taking bad advice that could leave lasting harm on a website from an SEO point of view. The worst-case scenario is that you end up spending a ton of time and hurting a website rather than helping it. On the other hand if you do decide to opt for paying for the latest tools and information from companies like SEO Moz, then it only becomes a question of learning how to use those tools effectively. Luckily, companies like SEO Moz pack plenty of instructions and how-to guides into their site, which means that success is only a matter of effort and diligence at this point.

2017 Link Building Tips

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How do you Get Trusted by the Search Engines?

Gaining the trust of the search-engines requires the use of a search engine optimist. The SEO will evaluate your business' current positioning on the Internet.

The SEO consultant will create a tailored, long-term and short-term plan to bring more visibility and exposure to your website.

One of the things that turns most business owners away from pursuing SEO is the costs associated with the service. Many business owners feel as if SEO Consultants are out to "nickel and dime" them. However, you must understand that the goals of your business will directly influence the costs of your optimization. The fact of the matter is that SEO is a vast theory, which incorporates many different aspects of Internet marketing.

How Much Does SEO Cost?

The cost of a SEO Campaign will vary from company to company. The bare minimum a small sized company should expect to pay for quality SEO services is $500-1,000 per month of services. A SEO Consultant will typically bill time at around $125-300. You will need, on average, six to ten months of SEO services before you start to see the full results.

What are Some of the Basic Costs of SEO?

On a typical SEO invoice, you will see some of the following items. Again, depending on your business goals, your SEO consultant may have decided not to use a particular tactic.

  • Press Release and News Generating
  • Link Building - Links are purchased on a per site basis. The cost per link will vary depending on the competitive nature of your industry.
  • Content writing
  • Website updates or complete redevelopment of your website
  • Keyword Research
  • Niche Research
  • Industry Research
  • Placement monitoring

How Long Do I Need SEO Services For?

Forever. The visibility you gain and the search engine rank you receive from SEO are earned and they must continued to be earned. The moment you stop utilizing SE Optimization tactics on your website, you risk losing all of your previous SEO work. On top of that, your competitors will now have an advantage to "steal" your positions in the search engine. Remember, you once "stole" someone's position when you began using SEO.

SEO Services are involved with Directory submissions, blog comments, Article submissions, search engine submission, social bookmarking, text links, contextual links, forum posting, Blog Creating, Business Listings, Local Search Engine Submission and few white hat techniques.

Visit us for All Kinds of SEO Services: SEO Services in India

Why Search Engine Marketing is Important in Today's Economy

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It's summertime in Australia and summertime in Australia means one thing - cricket! And if there ever was a "mental" sport, it's cricket. I was watching a test match last week and one of Australia's greatest ever players, and captains, passed the comment that once you get to state level cricket (the step beneath playing for the national team) the game is played almost entirely in the mind. That is, a player's success or failure depends less on his physical talent with the bat or ball, than on their mental strength, attitude and aptitude for the highest level of the game.

This is not the first time I have heard this. I have heard it said that all sport played at the highest level is more than 90% a mental game. This means that what goes on inside the competitor's head largely determines their success or failure.

Over the years I have studied the great storytellers, in an attempt to ascertain what sets them apart from others and sees their books sell in the millions, while tens of thousands of manuscripts never see the light of day. After hearing Ian Chappell's comments on the cricket, I asked myself the question: What if writing too is a mind game?

In an attempt to find an answer to this question I turned to one of the pioneers of thinking, Edward de Bono, and found that his seminal work on the Six Thinking Hats® applies perfectly to the art and craft of writing. So here is my version of the Six Writing Hats.

White Hat - Facts and Figures

This is particularly important if you are writing articles or non-fiction of any sort. You must first do your research, collect all your data and organise the facts. For the fiction writer this is where you do your research on anything from location to the ins and out of different professions, to the history or biography of a person, people or place. I read once that Robert Ludlum studiously researched all his locations, drew maps and noted landmarks and interesting features of all the settings for his novels. This lent a sense of authenticity to all his work, and makes reading his books similar to watching, say Sex and the City (where New York was dubbed "the fifth lady"), or Sound of Music, where the landmarks of Salzburg featured so prominently you can still go to Austria and take the Sound of Music Tour. If you have based your novel in Paris or New York, or your main character is a lawyer or a stockbroker, it is imperative you get these details correct. Otherwise you will lose your reader before they've even started reading your story.

Red Hat - Emotions and Feelings

The most critical factor in reaching your readers is the ability to engage their emotions. When writing fiction, I advocate feeling the feelings of your characters while you write, as this brings the feelings through in your images; images your readers will identify and resonate with. A similar approach applies to writing articles. Are you wanting to make your readers laugh or cry? Are you seeking to evoke empathy for a cause or a person, or are you trying to scare your readers into taking some action, or jolt them into awareness of a problem? Emotions are the universal language. We all feel the same emotions - whether your spoken language is English, Greek, German or Spanish is irrelevant. Smiles are smiles and tears are tears. A great example of this is one of the stories in the movie Love Actually where an English man goes to Portugal to write a novel and his maid does not speak a word of English. They end up falling in love, and the only language they use throughout their courtship is the language of emotion. So when you write, I encourage you to write with emotion, whether it's outrage or love, anger or joy, passion or resentment, it will come through to your readers. Emotional intelligence is something every writer must develop in themselves.

Black Hat - Cautious and Careful

The black hat is the tricky hat. It is absolutely essential, but it must be used very consciously and precisely and must be firmly tucked back into the cupboard once you've finished with it. I like to think of the black hat as the editor's hat, quality control or the "voice of reason". When you've brainstormed some great scenes, or come up with a fresh angle on your article, put on your black hat and ask: Does this really work? Better you ask yourself that before you go to all the trouble of creating, crafting and honing a piece of writing, submitting it and then being rejected. You can do that yourself. When you have your black hat on, step out of your creative self, and look at your work from the perspective of an editor or a publisher. Look for the holes in your work, look for the breaks in logic or flow. When writing a story you need to your black hat on after planning and before you start writing. Story has a logic to it. Don your black hat and you'll save yourself a stack of time. Just remember to tuck your black hat away again before you start writing. Otherwise your inner critic will destroy anything you try to do.

Yellow Hat - Speculative and Positive

This is the very best hat to have on in your planning stages. When writing fiction your yellow hat will create those larger than life characters that are the centre of all good novels, simply by pushing them beyond all accepted limits. Remember it's not what we would do when we are bound by the strictures of polite behaviour that creates great stories. It's what we would do in our wildest fantasies that creates dynamic fiction. This hat also helps with developing strong premises and major ordeals, massive story climaxes and earth-shattering revelations. Don't ever be afraid to push your story right out there. Always come up with three alternative scenarios for any given situation, pushing your character further and further every time. Then go for one more. The most outrageous, the furthest out option is usually the one you'll end up using. If not, you can always pull it back in the editing. For the non-fiction writer, this is where you go for your fresh angle, look for new outcomes, raise new opinions and get your readers really thinking about your writing. Why would they want to read an opinion or an article identical to someone else's? Really push your own opinions out onto a limb. That's where you'll get noticed.

Green Hat - Creativity

Ah! The mother ship of all creative writers. To let your creative imagination run free, you must write with your green hat on. The words and images come up for you in your own unique way and you owe it to yourself to write them down just as they are, completely uncensored. You can don your black hat when it's editing time. When you are writing, you are just writing, so allow all the research, the planning and ideas you've had to sink into your subconscious and just watch the magic emerge. If it happens to be a three headed pink monster with legs like a chicken, then so be it. Even if you've set out to write a serious crime/thriller. Your creative imagination knows best.

Trust it.

Blue Hat - Control

I liken the blue hat to the planning process in writing. If the blue hat is the "ringmaster" in Edward de Bono's model, then it is the story or article structure in writing. All good stories have an outline, at the very least a beginning, middle and end, as do all articles. And it's well known that the best way to write a non-fiction book is to write out all your chapter headings, then your sub-headings and a short synopsis for each, then "fill in the blanks". So the function of the blue hat in writing is to plan your work before you begin, and keep your eye on your plan as you go. If you begin to deviate from the plan, that's fine, it's simply time for a new plan. But always have your blue hat nearby to plonk on your head to keep control of where you are and where you're going with your writing project.

It's important to remember that as a writer you are not just a creative artist. You are also a project manager, an editor, a researcher, an analyst, a cheerleader and a daredevil. Keep your Six Writing Hats by your side and switch effortlessly from one role to the next to guarantee the success of your next writing project.

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It is often said, by many search engine optimization experts, that Money Robot Submitter is great in 2017. Others proclaim that Link Building Tools are king. The simple fact is, if you are to be successful using Advanced Seo Software, all aspects of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are essential to the mix.

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WebFire Review - SEO Optimization

Compare WebCEO, IBP (Internet Business Promoter), SEO Elite & SEO PowerSuite

How do you sift through the top choices and choose the best SEO software at the best price? This articles gives you a framework to compare the different SEO tools on the market and find the best one that meets your needs and budget.

Web CEO, IBP (Internet Business Promoter), SEO Elite and SEO PowerSuite are among the most widely-used seo software tools out there, and all promise you growth of rankings and boosts in profits.

But just like any thing you're buying, SEO tools have good and bad points standing behind their promises, and it's best to evaluate further and weigh the pros and cons before investing your money into a particular website optimization and promotion tool.

Here are some features that SEO professionals look for in search engine optimization software:

Complete solution. Rather than having to buy several individual software SEO consultants would prefer a complete set of effective SEO software that is absolutely enough to achieve and maintain top traffic-generating positions in any search engine.

Easy and fast. SEO coaches (and clients) need intuitive software with no special preps, no specialized knowledge requirements, no Internet skills. The SEO software should guide users in quickly doing every search engine optimization task necessary to get the #1 position in any search engine.

Reliable. SEO consultants need proven and up-to-date software designed not by programmers only, but by SEO experts and website owners. The software should be stable and have features relevant for MNCs, Fortune 500 companies as well as smaller businesses and entrepreneurs.

Frequently updated. The search engines constantly evolve and change ranking algorithms. SEO trainers need software up to date with Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing and the other top search engines in order to obtain top rankings within shortest time.

Works on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. The best SEO solution would be cross-platform and run equally well for users with Win PCs or Macintosh computers - and even for Linux fans.

In concluding, Web CEO, IBP (Internet Business Promoter) and SEO PowerSuite all have free versions - you can use them before you decide to make a purchase. SEO Elite doesn't provide a complimentary or trial version. Therefore for this article we tested Web CEO, IBP and SEO PowerSuite free and paid and SEO Elite paid. All tools ran smoothly on Windows, and we didn't see any crucial bugs in WebCEO, IBP or SEO PowerSuite. (Please note that SEO PowerSuite also works on Mac OS X and Linux without restrictions.)

For more SEO Software Reviews and Recommendations visit:

2017 Link Building Tips

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SEO software does what exactly?

SEO software frequently starts from the following assumption:

- look at the page that ranks number 1 in Google,

- do exactly the same + a bit better,

- and you will be number 1

SEO software will then examine "all" the SEO parameters that it finds out about the number 1 site in Google. Then this SE software will automate the process in mimicking this for your site.

SEO is more than a software-approach!

SEO is the art of ranking number 1 in any search engine for any keyword.

Spiders rank a web site number one because spiders "think" that this site deserves to be number one. Of course the spider cannot think: there needs to be a programmer who programs the spider to find out which site is best.

Now if you are smart enough to feed the spider exactly what the programmer thinks is important, you will have the knowledge to rank number 1.

This is exactly what SEO software does: it claims to know and tackle "all" the parameters that make a web site ranking number 1.

Pitfalls of a software-approach to SEO

Suppose you find all the parameters needed to rank a web site number 1. You manage to get all this parameters onto your site and you even manage to be rank number 1.

Now if your site is really deserving to be ranked number 1, all is fine. But if surfers start complaining that you are not, the search engine will be blamed!

It won't take long until Google finds out that "somebody broke the code" of the spiders. The spiders will be updated to give quality results to the visitors!

This means you need to get an upgrade of your SEO software approach... : you are running after the facts in stead of above the facts.

How to be ranked number 1?

You rank number 1 because you deserve it.

In spider logic this still means:

- your page talks about the keyword you are optimizing for

- you page has lots of incoming links about the keyword you are optimizing for.

This is what ranking number 1 should be about.

But my SEO software is really up to date, or is it not?

Your software can only be up to date AFTER the spiders' software is updated. Unless you write the spiders yourself, you will always be a bit later.

You cannot know all the parameters the spider takes into account, unless again you are writing the spider software yourself.

Some of the parameters you cannot influence: age of the web site is one of them. Suppose the spider needs to choose between 2 websites: the oldest one and the SEO mimic: which one to choose? The oldest one would be the easiest bet, and you cannot change the age of your web site can you?

A close look at SEO software

SEO software advertisements could say that you can get a top 5 Google Ranking in under 30 Days... If that is true, then check out to see:

- is the web site of this SEO software ranking number 1 in Google for SEO or SEO software?

- are the example web sites the SEO software mentions to be ranked number 1, really number 1: number 1 in Google that is?

It's very easy to type in the keyword phrase of the SEO software example web site and see if they are number 1 or not.

And don't be fooled by SEO software that gives numerous examples of number 1 rankings in MSN or Yahoo: if you want to have a long lasting number 1 ranking in any of the search engines, you better start having a number 1 ranking in Google.

I didn't say that it is a guarantee to rank number 1 in Yahoo and MSN once you rank number 1 in Google, but you will surely be high up there as well. On the other hand, a number 1 ranking in MSN can mean that you are no where to be found in Yahoo nor Google.

So you say: well, then I just try to rank number 1 in MSN since it seems to be easier. Well, it is easier, but then it is easier for your competition as well, so it won't take then too much effort to out-play you again. Therefor do the job good once and for all: thrive to be number 1 in Google and then fine-tune if needed for MSN or Yahoo.

Why do you do SEO in the first place?

SEO is 1 of the ways to get more traffic to your web site. But there is more in getting a lot of traffic to your site, than "blindly ranking 1 in Google":

--- Always make sure you rank number 1 for a word a lot of people are looking for! ---

If you buy any SEO software or out-source your SEO to the SEO specialists: always check their SEO examples:

- are they ranking number 1

- are the keywords they rank for popular search keywords (bigger than 10.000 searches a month in the Keyword Selector Tool from Yahoo's search-marketing is considered not too low)

- how long did it take them to be number 1

- how big is the competition for the keyword-phrase (smaller or bigger than 5 million? As a general rule : above 5 million keyword-phrase results in Google, things become though)

- how big is the competition for the quoted "keyword-phrase" (smaller or bigger than 33.000? As a general rule : above 33.000 quoted "keyword-phrase" results in Google, things become though)

If for all these items the SEO software or SEO specialist can answer YES, then you can start taking them very seriously!

Try it out for each example web site any SEO software claims to have ranked number 1 for a certain keyword-phrase. And of course, always start with checking if they are ranking number 1 in the first place! If they are not, then you are going to buy SEO software that doesn't do the job! Ranking number 2 is ALMOST number 1, and even worse, ranking number 9 is nowhere near to ranking number 1.

SEO software web sites

Whenever you are interested in something to buy on the Internet, check out the overall web site of the product you want to buy!

Some SEO software web sites are 1 page web sites: just 1 page with the product, no links, no extra pages...

Again back to basics. What was the first idea to set up the Internet? To give people information, lots of information.

And we are talking about a "NET" in Inter"NET": "net" means links here, links there, links everywhere... (that's why links are so important in SEO)

If you don't see lots of links nor lots of content on a web site about SEO, then the SEO web site is not serious about its own subject: SEO!

Back to Basics: web-traffic

Your purpose is getting as much people to your site as possible, isn't it?

SEO software has the purpose of ranking 1 in Google.

Now it is very easy to rank 1 in Google for the keyword-phrase "jhdkghgkbdcds",
but who is looking for "jhdkghgkbdcds"??? Nobody!

So if nobody looks for "jhdkghgkbdcds", then why bother to rank number 1 with it?

What is a nice number when it comes to "popular keyword searches"? If you use the Overture Keyword tool, anything above 10.000 searches a month means quite popular, but: also know that above 10.000 "the big boys' are competing
with you, below 1.000 you have the field for yourself. So a good SEO advice is work yourself from the bottom up: start with keywords that are not so popular, and once you are ranked high for those, then tackle the next more popular keyword on the list.

SEO software Conclusion

SEO is the art to feed the spiders what they like.
SEO software is running after the spiders trying to catch their attention.

Always check the numbers and the facts about any SEO software and (this) SEO article!

Then make a decision yourself. If you see that the SEO software

- is ranking well for it's own product

- is ranking web sites for popular keyword well,

only then you can consider buying it.

How to Get One Way Back Links

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Any webmaster who is serious about making money online should invest in good SEO tracking software. While freebie websites will provide general information on how a site ranks for various keywords, tracking software provides detailed information on traffic generated from backlinks, social networking sites and more. A detailed SEO report will enable a webmaster to see whether the site's search engine ratings are improving or not. Seeing how a site is faring in search engine ratings will give one a clear idea of what should be done to improve the site so it can gain even higher ratings in the future.

Before choosing the right software, it is important to do a bit of online research. See which programs have good customer review ratings. Most good programs allow users a trial period of anywhere from two weeks to ninety days. It can be a good idea to try out various programs and see which one works the best. While there are many good programs, each webmaster is different and a program that is ideal for one webmaster may not be suitable for another.

Before downloading an SEO tracking program, it is important to check the program description carefully. Some programs only work on a Windows OS while others are specifically made for Mac or Linux. In some instances, a program may be quite large and may clash with other computer software. Checking the program specifications can save a webmaster a lot of problems.

Unfortunately, some good SEO tracking programs are a bit pricey. A webmaster with a limited budget may not be able to afford a top notch program. However, this does not mean that the average webmaster cannot track his or her search engine ratings for various keywords. As was noted above, there are some websites online that will do this free of charge. Furthermore, a newbie webmaster may not need all the features, reports, graphs and other amenities provided by an expensive SEO tracking program.

A person who is setting up a website for a first time will probably find that simple tracking software is the best option to start with. It will provide clear information in a way that a newbie webmaster will be able to understand. As the site grows and become more competitive, a webmaster can always switch over to an SEO tracking program that provides the information needed to keep track of a website's growth.

SEO tracking software is important. It helps one to see how his or her site is rating for important keywords. A webmaster using this software can then get a clear idea of what needs to be done to optimize a site so that its search engine ratings can improve.

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It is often said, by many search engine optimization experts, that Money Robot Submitter is great in 2017. Others proclaim that Link Building Tools are king. The simple fact is, if you are to be successful using Advanced Seo Software, all aspects of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are essential to the mix.

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Pros and Cons of SEO Software

We are in 2017. Also, it is the best time to get updated with SEO digital marketing techniques. The current process to boost your SEO is outdated and it is all about to change this year with random pitches to contribute content on external web sites and automated e-mails.While this can work, we are going to share some updated ranking factors and updates for SEO 2017.

  • Google Penguin is real-time and a part of core algorithm
  • Launched by Google in 2012, now, Penguin is a part of 200 signals used in Google's core algorithm to judge a website's ranking. Because Penguin 4.0 is real time, we no longer have to worry about any daunting delays or wait for years to see the results of our work that we have done on our website.

  • Build Natural Backlinks:
  • When Goggle launched its Penguin algorithm, the whole world of SEO just gets a shiver. Most of the peoples or experts are still confused with how to earn the quality backlinks. Peoples or even companies are still sticking with their approach of making spammy backlinks and continue paying for their suspicious activities. Here are some ways that help you to build natural backlinks for your site:

    For local brands, make profiles on business listing sites, niche directories. It is a good way to earn some natural links.

    Do not underestimate the hidden power of blogging or guest posting, blogging is one of the old but evergreen technique to get high-quality backlinks or natural links.
    Participated in the forums, discussions and also communities to earn some quality backlinks.
    Invite or ask your niche related professionals to write about your services or products on their blogs.
    Encourage your visitors to leave reviews about your website or business on review based sites.

  • Google started mobile-first indexing
  • Google released its first mobile indexing update In November. In past, Google crawled our site as a desktop user but now Google will crawl our site as a mobile user. Because most of the search query made on Google by mobile, it makes sense to put mobile first in the list of it.

    But why mobile-only index? Maybe, it is because of the different behaviors of users when searching with mobile. For example, users want the content to be served more quickly or just want to see distance or directions info during their local route searches. Additionally, it is because of getting an increase in mobile adoption rate.

    Also, do not forget, Google introduce us to its new algorithm, Intrusive Interstitials Mobile penalty which will come in Jan10, 2017. Now, what will happen with the desktop-optimized site?

    Just sit and relax. Google bot will also crawl the desktop version of your site, even though it is using a mobile user agent. That means your site can still be indexed but also optimize it for mobile too.

  • Create Useful Content
  • Google's search algorithm works well at finding poor quality content such as irrelevant content, keyword stuffed content, copied content and more. As we are in 2017, there is no doubt that Google will continue with updates to make further improvements in its search algorithms and will get better at filtering out those websites that publish copied or poor quality content. By adding internal links to your site, build up the knowledge of the readers and help them to make well-informed buying decisions. Also, it will not only help readers of your website but also enable the search engine spider bot to crawl your site's entire pages.

    User experience is essential to SEO, so it is good to test how UX affects the traffic to your website. According to Forrester, 93% of online experiences start with a search. To make it simple, user experience starts even before the user visits your site. Thus, it is important to continue to the necessary tweaks that provide a smooth visit. Your content should be charming for both, a user and search engine and thus, both readability and crawl-ability should be taken into consideration.

    Test your site's link -fix the broken links to minimize the error pages or the duplicate content. Slow page loading speed becomes critical, so do not forget to test for site's web pages from time to time. From bulky images to useless scripts, there is always a cause that your website gets slow. Good navigation helps the user browse the web pages without problems. From the menu structure to the link structure and the page's design, even a minor detail may impact the user experience.

    AMP (Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages) may also be relevant to your site and Google seems to prefer the pages that start using it. Is it time to experiment with it?

  • Location of your link
  • In SEO, it is all about location, when speaking about links. You want people that are linking to you from all over the world, but you also want to make sure that relevant, high-quality content is linking to you instead of low-quality trash.

    It is also extremely important that from what site your links are coming from. For example, a link from Entrepreneur is far more powerful than thousands of the low-quality links, particularly when that link is coming from a relevant content.

    Creating a healthy link profile is a tricky thing. But if you focus your efforts on an amazing content then those links come naturally to you. It might take long time period, but at last, they will finally come.

    Focus on good content, but also focus on the backlinks too. It is not easy not to have low-quality links or only have high-quality authority links from amazing content. If it were, everyone did it.

    Creating an "Amazing Content" going to be a massive headache and great amount of work, but very much well worth it when a near-limitless amount of free organic traffic come directly into your website over time.

    Give a try to these tactics for being into SEO upcoming race in this year. Have some valuable thoughts to share? Just throw them in the comments.

2017 Link Building Tips

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The best SEO software is not always the most expensive. What makes for the best program is if it delivers the results that you are looking for at the end of the day. Your beautiful and highly functionally website is worthless unless someone sees it. The SEO tool's only purpose is push your site up through the page rankings.

The best SEO software programs change with the times and the technology. Updates are vital to your business and should be included with the software package. You may have to pay after a certain amount of time for regular updates but it is well worth the money. This is one time that you do not want out dated material.

Keywords are the bread and butter of any website, so they need to be a big part for any of the best SEO software programs. A keyword generator is necessary to find all the right words to point people to your site.

Your site is not going to go anywhere without the use of back links. Back links can multiply like rabbits so you will want your SEO software to handle this task for you. You need to know if a links dies. You should really be aware of what sites are affiliating them with you. You never want to be associated with questionable content.

The best SEO software will not promote the use of spamming or pop up ads. Using too many of these tactics may get your site removed from a search engine. The best SEO tool only uses white hat techniques to launch your site up through the page rankings.

The strategy of using affiliates is very common so almost all good SEO programs will have a section dedicated to the use of affiliates. The best SEO software will be able to go out and find the affiliates that you need and that will promote your products out there on the internet. The purpose of affiliates and the contracts that you might need to fill out can be a little confusing but there is plenty of information available that you can educate yourself, if you choose to.

To start out in this business is not an easy task and there are many things to consider, so having the best SEO software in your arsenal is probably the best thing that you can do for yourself. You may find that you are less reliant on the software or you might decide to get the opinion and analysis of a real person regarding your website.

Instant Directory Profits Review - Secret to Getting Thousands of One-Way Backlinks

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What are backlinks? Backlinks are links to a given website placed in various locations throughout the internet. Strategically placed backlinks help consumer locate the information or products they need. Because of this factor, backlinks are valuable and actually play quite the roll in the online commercial world. In today''s ever-evolving technologically driven business world, a company essentially doesn't exist without a legitimate and stable online presence.

The modern consumer is incredibly dependent on the world-wide-web. Increasing online exposure can be incredibly profitable to businesses offering goods and services of all kinds. SEO, or search engine optimization, is an online marketing strategy used to increase a website's odds of appearing on the initial page of a given Google search query. In case you are unaware, appearing on the first page is proven to be exponentially more profitable. So what are backlinks and how do they fit into all of this?

Using Backlinks for SEO

What are backlinks in the eyes of popular search engines? Google houses a closely calculated algorithm that is used to estimate the value of a website. When referring to a search query, this value is judged by its quality and relevance. The concept is rather simple. Google's goal is obviously to provide internet surfers with the most appropriate search results. This is where the algorithm steps up to the plate.

When calculating the relevance and essential value of a website as compared to a given search query, Google takes a close look at a number of contributing factors. Among these factors is our new friend backlinks. Not only does Google analyze the quantity of backlinks a page has, but they also take the quality of backlinks into consideration.

Quality AND Quantity Matter

Backlinks hosted on high PR websites, like YouTube or highly populated article directories, are very high in the quality department. Google recognizes these websites, and various other highly trafficked web forums, as authority websites. Because of this, these specific backlinks are worth more than the average. Keep in mind that this is not to say that some backlinks are worthless. In general, the more backlinks a website has, the more traffic it receives and, therefore, it is increasingly relevant.

Using Tools to Generate Backlinks

Accumulating high quantity and quality backlinks can be tricky for a new website or blog. Often times, internet marketers use article marketing tools to create backlinks. This is essentially the process of off-page search engine optimization. These tools, can be used to post content with backlinks on thousands of websites.

While these tools can save you hours of times and headaches, it is important to use them appropriately. When promoting a young website or blog, it is important that you don't slam Google immediately with thousands of backlinks. Doing so raises a red flag and decreases your page's legitimacy in the eyes of Google. Because of this, it is important that you do what is called dripping. This essentially places your backlinking on a schedule that appears natural and not automated. Efficiently doing so will undoubtedly result in organic website traffic.

If you're looking to turn a profit online, learning to create backlinks is a must. What are backlinks going to mean to your business?

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Money Robot Software 2017

It is often said, by many search engine optimization experts, that Money Robot Submitter is great in 2017. Others proclaim that Link Building Tools are king. The simple fact is, if you are to be successful using Advanced Seo Software, all aspects of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are essential to the mix.

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WebFire Review - SEO Optimization

Getting traffic to new websites was always hard thing to do. Waiting for site to be indexed and getting high position on Google and other "big" search engines can take months, but there are some things that help you with speed up the process.

One thing is professional website (well optimized, valid, made for search engine spiders...) and the other thing is getting a lot of quality backlinks from other related websites or directories.

Finding a directories with high page rank (PR) is not very hard but unfortunately most of them require payment for submission. Definitely the biggest and best directories are two page rank 9 directories DMOZ and YAHOO. Unfortunately reviewing on those two directories can take months, sometimes even a year. There are many other free high page rank directories which are sometimes quite hard to find. So what do backlinks do? Backlinks will first provide you with traffic from the website that is linking to you, it will also bring crawlers (search engine spiders) to your website so your website will be indexed by Google or any other search engine and the third thing is that it will improve your PR and consequently higher position on search engines which means more traffic.

There has been a research that showed how many links and what PR should they be to make the PR of your website higher. So if you want a website with PR5 for you would need 101 PR4 links or 19 PR5 links... So getting few links from web directories with high PR might improve your PR drastically and the traffic results will be seen pretty soon.

2017 Link Building Tips

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What is the basis of search engine optimization? The answer is - keyword density and selection. It is impossible to form SEO tactics without the appropriate keywords/phrases. SEO copywriting is not possible in the absence of keywords. The importance of accurate keywords/phrases cannot be ruled by even the top most search engine optimizers. You might think there should be some success formula to create the magic, but there is no such formula.

Copywriting, coding and linking are the three most essential factors of SEO. Their proper usage determines the outcome of the optimization process. Usually copywriting comprises one third portion of the entire procedure.

The websites that are slotted in the first page of any search engine results as a result of entering in a key phrase doesn't have a similar keyword density that you had typed. If there was any formula for setting keyword density, then every site would have similar keyword saturation intensities.

Apart from identifying the target key phrase/words, the next step is to decide upon the positioning of these key phrases in the web content. They require specialized formatting and are sometimes highlighted online. There are certain basic guidelines that if followed, might yield positive outcomes. The key phrases, if possible, should be included in headlines and sub-headlines, provided it makes sense.

Following the keyword density strictly, despite it not making relevant sense, is not a brilliant idea. Using a key phrase once or twice in a paragraph is okay. On the whole, the web page should look interesting and attractive.

Use natural language which is easier to understand, and create interest in the minds of the target site visitors. Sometimes your site may rank in the topmost position, but what is the point if your content is awful to read, and causes the reader to go to another site result? Keywords/phrases usage shouldn't look funny and senseless. As sugar dissolves in milk, the key phrases should adjust and blend into the web content. Currently every small or big firm is willing to outsource their projects to SEO Company India.

SEO outsourcing service from India yields better quality and offers tremendous monetary benefits. The IT workforce in India is far cheaper and has a good hold on the English language. Their work is often at the level of international quality standards. The World Wide Web is a highly competitive field, therefore it is always advisable to hire a professional SEO firm to target the right keywords and set their appropriate density. Now-a-days outsourcing to SEO companies in India has become a highly cost effective and lucrative option. But remember to always consider the past work assignments of the outsourcing company before finalizing the deal.

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A Simple Way Your Website Can Show Up on the First Page of Search Engine Results Today

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The following is a description of links for Search Engine Optimization and what they can do for your site.
One Way Links...The Natural Ones: When search engines are ranking a site, they look for sites with authority. Having links from multiple related sites is one such method of gaining authority. The best type of links for doing this are one way links in which a site links to your site, but you are not required to link back to theirs. These links are based on how good your content is and the resources you offer. Ways of getting one way links include submitting your website to directories and asking webmasters of related sites to include a link on their page.  
Catch Links with Link Bait: This involves creating images, videos, content, or anything else of high interest that will cause people to want to link to you. Some examples include mortgage calculators, website grading software, funny videos, etc. This is a very successful way of gaining links and is very budget friendly. Use this in combination with social bookmarks and you can generate tons of traffic.
Paying for Your Links: Looking for websites in your chosen niche and negotiating a price for a link back to your page, is another way of gaining links. However, Google seems to punish websites that do a large amount of link buying and these sites tend to lose their rankings in the search engines if too many paid links are discovered. For newer sites, this can be a major problem so this form of gaining links is only recommended for older, more established websites.

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Money Robot Social Media 2017

It is often said, by many search engine optimization experts, that Money Robot Submitter is great in 2017. Others proclaim that Link Building Tools are king. The simple fact is, if you are to be successful using Advanced Seo Software, all aspects of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are essential to the mix.

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How to Get One Way Back Links

There are a number of good choices when it comes to blog platforms. Two of the most popular are blogs using Wordpress or Blogger.You also could use Typepad or Drupal. Whatever your choice for blogging, you should have your own domain for your blog. That gives you the freedom to post whatever you want and to control the content.

A blog should contain original content that is updated regularly. The search engines rate blogs higher
that have good original content over blogs that simply re-post articles or snippets from other sources. Article snippets that are on topic to your blog can be useful, but should be supplemented by your own original content.

If you've been a blogger for very long you probably find that you prepare your blog posts in bunches. You might write 5 or 10 blogs posts in one day. Some folks will then go to the trouble of logging onto their blog each day to post an article. That can burn you out on blogging quickly. It is better to use a blog automator.

A blog automator is a software tool that lets you load all your articles or blog posts to a queue, select the schedule for posting and select the blog to post to. Folks who post to blogs for a living, or to generate extra income, use blog automators.

Two blog secrets you should keep in mind are that it's important to post original content and to post regularly, at least a couple times each week. Those are two secrets to successful blogging no matter which blog platform you choose.

2017 Link Building Tips

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SEO is the acronym for search engine optimization. People use search engines to find information on the Internet. The typical search engines are Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Businesses have begun to use SEO to market themselves through the web. Companies use articles to advertise themselves on search engines and to try to gain a higher page rank, so as to gather more traffic to their sites. By placing certain keywords within your article, you have a greater chance of getting a higher page rank on search engines.

By using SEO, businesses have a greater likelihood of increasing their sales. When a business's advertisement is on one of the first pages of Google it tends to get better traffic to their site and this grows their sales. Because search engines are used around the world, they are never shut off and the business can be promoted twenty-four seven. SEO is not only beneficial to companies but also to the every-day people. If a person uses the same keywords that are put into an SEO article they tend to get their information faster, and it becomes easier to use the Internet in finding the information they want.

What Is SEO's Contribution to Sales?

Optimizing your business on search engines is like climbing a ladder until you are at the top. For companies, SEO contributes to their promotion and advertising and draws more consumers to their business. SEO writing is in high demand today because of how popular the Internet is, and it is an easier, cheaper, way to promote your company. For writers, SEO gives them a new medium of workforce because the companies will hire writers to produce articles that will catch the consumer's eye.

We no longer have to ask, "what is SEO?" Instead, ask "what can we expect from SEO?" If you're a new business, you can expect that SEO is the best way to promote yourself and by using the right keywords you could be well on your way to gaining a greater consumer interest. SEO is the best way for small businesses to grow and gain leeway in the world. All businesses use SEO whether small or big because it has become the fastest growing form of marketing in the world. A professional SEO company can help increase the number of qualified visitors to websites, thereby increasing sales. Search engine marketing is the most cost-effective way to advertise.

SEO Software - How Do You Know Whether It's Worth the Money?

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This question has been thrown around for so many times lately: what is SEO? It's not a new epidemic disease that people should be afraid of. It's not also a new food recipe that people must be craving for. In simple sense, it's not something relatively new. It is a phenomenon that has started to sprout in the world more or less ten years now. It is known as Search Engine Optimization.

Everyone does know what is website and how it is used. When using the search engines and trying to look for something like a product or a service, on their pages can be found results. Upon clicking on the results, the searcher will be brought to particular websites. Now, the question is why the sites on the first page of a search engine are there and not on some other page? On thing to figure out, that's because of SEO.

When websites are ranked higher than the other sites, the core factor is SEO. One SEO thing to consider is content relevancy. It simply means that in ranking the websites, Google for instance is looking for websites that are natural, quality and relevant.

In terms of contents, the more relevant are the contents, the more quality links will be generated for a particular website. With this, the chance for such website to be ranked in the top page is higher. In addition, SEO is all about using keywords that people use when they search for something through the Internet.

In order to have better search results, it helps to keep these three important things in mind:

1. Write posts with keywords that the readers use when searching for something using the internet, say a service or a product. These questions are analogical but relevant: "What am I looking for?" or "What words should I use to get the best, most relevant results?"

2. Keep on building links. Links help to show search engines that the web pages are important. Get links from other pages. It's all about link networking. Link building as part of SEO strategies plays a very important role since it is done to produce natural and quality links.

3. Continue what is being started. In trying to bring a website to the top page of the search engines, continue doing what is being started - the natural, quality and relevant processes.

SEO, to sum it all up, is simply making sure that a particular website can be found in the top page of the search engines.

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It is often said, by many search engine optimization experts, that Money Robot Submitter is great in 2017. Others proclaim that Link Building Tools are king. The simple fact is, if you are to be successful using Advanced Seo Software, all aspects of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are essential to the mix.

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Fifty Gig Ideas You Can Post On Fiverr

As a small business owner, building a web site is just part of the process of getting your business noticed online. SEO is undoubtedly a key part of the puzzle, and websites that get the best rankings from search engines, naturally tend to get the most organic traffic as well.

Often however, small business does not have the time and budget to focus on advertising issues, and they rather opt to rely on reputable SEO companies to do the job for them. This does not mean that they leave everything in the hands of a third-party, as their needs to be certain checks and balances in place to ensure that they get value for money. The following basics should be taken into consideration when procuring affordable SEO services.

1 - Seek out the best search engine optimization companies for small business

These service providers will have the experience and confidence of operating in a niche area. They will be comfortable with using legitimate white hat SEO methodologies to set up, or revamp a website. One of the techniques they would employ is the use of several short articles pertaining to a similar topic around your business, instead of opting for one lengthy article. Very long pages get a lower weighting than shorter ones by the search engines, and many viewers will certainly not read the whole thing if it takes a few screens to do so.

2 - Optimize your site to improve your visitor experience

This is an important consideration and only becomes possible if the website is highly entertaining whilst also able to keep the visitor attention. You do want first time visitors and return visitors to stay on your website for extended periods of time. Not only will these additional traffic increase your sales, but the search engines will increase your ranking accordingly.

3 - Take advantage of header tags.

Search engines use the headers to rank websites. Use different tags - like H1 or H2 - to emphasize your products and services. Visit competitor's websites and view their source codes and tags. That lets you in on their own SEO techniques, including keywords and whilst you might not wish to imitate their methods, this bit of marketing intelligence gathering can make you think of other keywords and things to try.

4 - Authoring a blog and commenting on other blogs

In order to raise your profile in your specific or related website's niche, you need to be seen as being active within the online community, as this is deemed to be a very good Search Engine Optimization technique. Blogs can easily rank in search results, on condition that they feature new content and quality data. The back-links coming from blog posts also play a very large role in search engine rankings.

5 - Use videos along with a video site-map for increasing your rankings.

Try to include introduction videos of yourself and staff, as well as product demonstrations. After you post the video to your site, you must also employ keywords in text, and then submit the URL through Google Webmaster Tools, and also post your video to various outlets like YouTube.

As mentioned earlier, small and medium enterprise owners often have budget and time constraints when it comes to online marketing, so opt for SEO packages for small business, in order to maximize the return on investment. Always insist that the 5 points as raised above are included in the service offering as these optimization tips have been proven to work both in past and current online marketing strategies.

2017 Link Building Tips

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Is there such thing as massive free backlinks?

Making first page in Google is the key to more targeted high quality traffic that will ultimately translate in more sales at a lesser cost.

One of the best ways to ensure high Google rank is by getting the higher possible number of backlinks to your website. Some backlinks you can get for free, others you'll have to pay for.

However, in order for backlinks (free or not) to have a true impact in your Google rank, you must direct a huge number of them to your URL, so getting them by paying or through link exchange could leave you either broke or with a bunch of annoying links in your own site. So, the best way to ensure massive one way links to your website is to get a huge number of free backlinks. Now, where do you find those free backlinks?

Simple: through article and directory submission. By submitting your content and URL to a large number of directories, you can get massive backlinks for your website absolutely free!

A large number of free backlinks will then mean a higher Google rank, but also a large number of directories to submit to. Doing this manually will get you a lot of free bakclinks, but at an unthinkable cost of your time (at 10 minutes per submission, 1500 submissions well, do the math).

Then, in order to get a useful number of free backlinks you have two options:

  • You can turn to paid article and directory submission services, which will charge you a fee for each submission. So much for a free backlink!

The problem is that this expense will become recurring when you start a new campaign, because you need to generate backlinks for all of your blogs and websites, so if you are after free backlinks this is not the best way to go.

I've tried various specialized services like isnare (for articles) and directory maximizer (for directories), and getting free backlinks through them is great because you have to do nothing, but they can be costly and they have a limited capacity. Moreover, you won't have 100% control of the free backlinks you are getting.

To get truly free backlinks you must make the submissions yourself, but not in the old fashioned way.

  • This leads us to the second option, and the best way -in my opinion- to get massive free backlinks while you control when and how the submissions are made: doing it yourself using an automated article and directory submission software.

These softwares are designed to automate the submission of your articles and your URL's to more than 2000 directories in less than 2 hours, so you get truly free backlinks in massive numbers for your sites and blogs, free backlinks that you control and can keep track of.

Of course getting free backlinks using these softwares will involve an investment, but it is a one time investment as opposed to the recurring costs of paid submission services. On the other hand, once you have the softwares you can make unlimited submissions which means unlimited free backlinks for life for all your campaigns and projects.

On top of that, these softwares will provide you with instant free backlinks to more than 400 article and website directories at no cost, since you can download and use their standard versions free. That means you can get more than 400 truly free backlinks without paying a dime.

So there really is such thing as massive free backlinks, you just need the right tools to get them.

Good (SEO) Search Engine Optimization - Title and Meta Tags

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The process of search engine optimization can be a multifaceted one. That is a truism that we sometimes overlook. In other words, we might have a single, unilateral opinion on what needs to be done to make a search engine optimization program effective. Doing the same thing time and time again may lead to some results. However, problems will arise because you will be perennially limited to outcomes based on the same approach.

So, what are a few of the common methods people will employ to boost their search engine optimization potential? There are a variety of methods you can employ. Here are some of the more common ones:

Link building: Without a doubt, this is the traditional "bread and butter" strategy that needs to be employed when looking to get the most out of your search engine optimization ventures. Effective link building will lead to effective search engine ranking. Never lose sight of this fact.

Article marketing: This is an SEO tactic that entails quite a bit of work and a little extra effort. However, in terms of the impact it can have on SEO success and traffic generation, it is an excellent venture worth exploring. Article marketing entails writing articles based on subjects similar to the content of your website. These articles on then published on various directories where they aid in boosting the search engine rankings of your site. They will also provide the basis of a great deal of organic traffic from the readers.

Promotional Blogging: Such a process would be very similar to the aforementioned article marketing venture with the obvious difference being that you will promote your own blog as the primary promotional vehicle as opposed to submitting material to an article directory. Is one better than the other? This really is not the question you should be asking. Rather, you would be better served employing both methods and experience positive results.

On a side note, working with a helpful article spinning software program might help the process. Basically, an article spinner would create unique variants of a particular article. From this, you would then be able to post scores of articles on different blogs and article directories. The end result of this would be a great impact on your SEO goals.

Social Media Marketing: While most people look towards developing a promotional social networking site as a means of traffic generation, it can also prove to be an excellent source for SEO impact. Adding links to a profile, using the profile's blogging platform, and simply raising general awareness towards your primary website can all be enacted through social media networks. And, of course, all of these methods will aid in boosting your SEO potential dramatically.

There are scores of other ways you can boost your search engine optimization potential. In all honesty, the key to successful SEO work is to always employ various different methods that can deliver exceptional results. This will ultimately help the cause and deliver the desired outcome or at least get you as close to it as possible.

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Make Money Robot Funciona 2017

It is often said, by many search engine optimization experts, that Money Robot Submitter is great in 2017. Others proclaim that Link Building Tools are king. The simple fact is, if you are to be successful using Advanced Seo Software, all aspects of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are essential to the mix.

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Automatic Backlink Software: Directory Submission Tips for Link Building

Project 1: Analyzing backlinks through a specified search engine

This project essentially allows the website owner to carefully analyze the competitors through the different search engines. This gives you an idea of what anchor texts are used when people link their websites.

Project 2: Finding and Sending Email to High Page Rank Partners

Through this feature, you will get to find and email people with the PageRank that you specified. Using email templates, you can email hundreds of people with a customized message. You can also set the email so that each recipient would not know that the email was sent en masse.

Project 3: Analyzing all in title all in anchor, or all in text.

This allows a user to determine the rankings for each all in anchor, all in title, and all in text according to the keyword specified by a website owner.

Project 4: Verifying if link partners are continually linking back

It is highly important to monitor if each link partner is doing the right thing. This project helps a website owner do the monitoring part.

Project 5: Finding out your ranking for a specific keyword(s)

Knowing your rank based on different keywords or key phrases is crucial under SEO. Since SEO is all about ranking on the top, this project allows you to understand better how important ranking is. It allows you to know your ranking based on different keywords searched by online users.

Project 6: Determining the number of indexed web pages

This is a known time saver. You just have to enter the domain name of web pages and determine those which are indexed.

Project 7: Find highly optimized websites

It gives you an idea how top ranking sites managed to stay on top through some SEO techniques.

Project 8: Finding and submitting through link submission forms

By entering relevant keywords and the number of websites that you want to exchange links with, you can boost your traffic ranks with link submission forms.

2017 Link Building Tips

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Your number one goal is the satisfaction of your customers, and you have built your business on this principle. You arrive on time for appointments, return calls, hire dependable and responsible employees, and strive to provide the highest quality service possible. Though your own business is principled and fair, you know this is not the case for every company in your industry. Some skip corners and cheat their clients in exchange for short-term gain.

In the SEO industry, these sorts of methods are known as black-hat SEO. At best, black-hat SEO is a quick fix, providing a temporary boost for your rankings that will drop off as soon as your contract ends. At worst, these techniques can get your website penalized or banned by the search engines.

A representative recently announced that Google is now cracking down harder than ever on these black-hat techniques, improving the search results ranking algorithm to make it more difficult for spammy or low-quality sites to rank highly. Search engines are engaged in a continuous battle against webspam, and companies that use spam in order to gain higher rankings can expect to pay the price as search algorithms become smarter.

You have invested too much into your website to be penalized for the actions of an underhanded SEO company. To protect your website from the repercussions of unapproved SEO techniques, it is essential to choose an ethical, white-hat SEO company to handle your Internet marketing. A black-hat SEO company will most likely not tell you that they are using these methods, so how do you know which company to trust with your website?

First of all, a reputable SEO company will demonstrate a commitment to quality. You should only do business with a company that will produce the unique, quality content that Google and other search engines value. If your SEO company is not showing you what they are writing on your behalf, you have no way to know if they are fulfilling their promises in this regard. A dependable company will show you any material written for your account.

Another essential quality to look for in white-hat SEO company is transparency. You should never be left in the dark on the processes of your campaign, regardless of results. A reliable SEO company will keep you informed of the methods they are using to improve your search rankings, and will use reporting, tracking and analytics to show you the progress of your campaign.

The success of any business is ultimately a reflection of its services, methods and principles, whether the business is a "brick and mortar" shop or an Internet marketing company. If you want sustainable results from your Internet marketing campaign, always choose to do business with a company practicing white-hat SEO.

Article Marketing Tips - Should I Submit One Article to Multiple Article Directories?

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You have a website and /or a blog and you need traffic,because without traffic,you have no leads and without leads you have no prospects and "No traffic=No sales", right? This has got to be the #1 reason most Internet Marketers go broke and quit -no traffic! How can you generate traffic to your website? (note: I am referring to a domain name and a well designed website, not an affiliate link, but I will deal with that later.)

1) Search Engines: SEO is an art in itself,but it must be learned, or pay someone who knows how to do it for you, but if you were searching for information on a "Home Business" you would use Google, MSN, Yahoo, or some other Search Engine, right? There you have it, so realize that the majority of your "leads" are going to come from the Search Engines. In fact, I talked about that once to a BIG Gun whose list building course I took and he told me that he mostly relied on the Search Engines and "word of mouth" and Advertising. That should be a hint to all who are wasting money on certain common Internet advertising methods that if they work at all, work very poorly at the best of times. It is said that 80% of your traffic is going to come from the search engines, so your website needs to be optimized and it needs to get "found", preferably on the first two pages, or you can forget it. Another thing is, go with the wrong hosting company and your website will not get listed -at all. Not being an SEO expert, I cannot tell you why that is, but that's what I've read and heard from those who know and in fact I did experience that once myself, so I know that's true.. Do your research!

2) Advertising: Advertising is done many different ways. Here are a few:

  • Seo Companies - outsourcing the article writing, press releases, Search Engine, Directory, Ezine sites, Social Network Sites submissions.The whole 9 yards.
  • Solo Ads
  • Text Ad Exchanges
  • Classifieds
  • Backlinks
  • Reciprocal Linking
  • Search Engine Submissions
  • FFA Sites note: there's a right and wrong way to do it.
  • List Builder Emails
  • Emails to your lists and downlines.
  • Forums
  • Banner Ads
  • Blogging
  • Email - Personal contacts.not spamming.
  • Article Writing and Marketing

These are just a few ways to generate traffic to your website. You want to brand you,not your business,so even if you are using an affiliate link,it is best to:

1) Have your own domain name and website,then represent those affiliate programs on it -and build your own list by the way,with an autoresponder, webform, Squeeze Page,etc. * Why?SEO -remember what I said above about where it is said 80% of your traffic will come from?

2) At the very least,have a domain name and forward it to your affiliate link. A lot of the big guns do that.

3) Free Webpage -if you're hard up, you could buy a cheap dotinfo domain, forward to a free webpage which would be set up with information about your opportunity, even linking to a free autoresponder! Yes, there are a few, but remember: "You get what you pay for!" btw: There are ways in articles to hide the link. Think of how the big guns do it: They advertise, their website is found. Some free ebook, report, or low cost item, or in short supply item is offered...1) To make a sale, to make money 2) To get that traffic on their list. I know one big gun, who said she never advertises her businesses directly. She advertises to get traffic, build her list, then promotes those businesses to her list(s). I'm talking about a list of 30,000 or more! How did she do it? Marketing: Advertising, Traffic, Leads, Prospects, Sales. That should be enough to get you started. Use the social networking websites to "tell what you are doing (Tell,not sell" unless you want to get banned!)" Make 5 or more videos and put them on YouTube and the various other video sites. Forums - join, make a signature, then participate, help out, sound like an expert and before you know it, you'll see results. Use the other methods as soon as you can manage Don't do too much at once, especially if you're new,or an intermediate marketer. Never say die! Happy Marketing and I wish you many Traffic Jams!

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It is often said, by many search engine optimization experts, that Money Robot Submitter is great in 2017. Others proclaim that Link Building Tools are king. The simple fact is, if you are to be successful using Advanced Seo Software, all aspects of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are essential to the mix.

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SEO Options - Tthe Secrets to Search Engine Success - Tricks For Google Search Engine

The technology is always about redefining the human experience in terms of innovation and comforts. The era of digitalization has already begun where digital signatures play an exquisite role in defining individuality of any business, person or place. This digital era has commenced a market in the virtual world where the ideas can be floated throughout the globe in blink of seconds, which make it possessed with the ideal power to either "boom or doom" anything in seconds. This necessary digital shift has also outspokenly created an essential requirement to have a digital identity for every business that unknowingly or knowingly make them stand on the global stage.

The technological innovations with these heterogeneous powers are stabilized and controlled via consecutive manipulation which is done by a digital media agency. These agencies provide integrated and strategic solutions for marketing and advertisement for businesses as per the requirement of the trading product(s). Nowadays, the world is connected through an invisible web of data which is commanded with wired/unwired portable devices namely smart phones, desktops or laptops.

Digital media agencies - the right catalyst for your business

A major portion of today's world population is dependent on the internet to interact, explore and conclude purchases online that makes this digital medium an ideal place to influence large population. Such agencies assist businesses' thought fulfilling their digital marketing and advertisement requirements like webpage designing, online banner construction, app development and so on employing the most appropriate techniques for them. For handling all these projects, these professional agencies have the best of experts working for them to effectively and efficiently deal with the client's requirements. Therefore, such an agency takes their challenge severely and delivers optimum result for the businesses under the optimum time period.

Few kinds of agencies that prominently dominate the market and are employed by the business owners for marketing and advertisement as per their requirements are:

The digital campaign agency

This type of agency uses traditional television commercials to attract the customers for their client's business.

The integrated marketing agency

These agencies generally utilize paid search, smart phones, email, display etc. They use data analytics and marketing-automation platforms like followwonk or buzzstream and so on.

The digital solutions agency

One of the most advanced forms of such agency models is the digital solutions agency that operates more like a custom software development company. These agencies usually try to create digital experiences via custom software that enhance the overall customer experience for the client product.

With so many technological innovations, these advanced agencies are getting much close to users' requirements and are therefore able find appropriate customers using various techniques and strategies for advertising and marketing for their client's product(s).

2017 Link Building Tips

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The question of which is best, a website or a blog has a different answer today than it might have a few years ago. As the saying goes "the more things change the more they stay the same". This holds true when discussing the differences between websites and blogs.

A few years ago the difference between these two Internet platforms was greater than it is today, yet what made them different then, does the same now.

Websites are generally more static than blogs. What this means is that their content doesn't get changed very frequently. Content is static with few changes made over time. Whereas with blogs, which are noted for being active, have their content changing frequently. It is for this reason that they are so popular with search engines like Google.

Sharing Stories with Friends and Family

Blogs were initially set up so that people had a place on the Internet where they could create sort of an online diary or journal. They had a place to tell their stories and share with their friends and families. Now, of course, we have social networking sites like Facebook, which is easy to use and performs all the functions most social blogs were created for.

Another difference between websites and blogs is the ability to communicate with the visitor. Blogs by definition provide space for comments and back and forth communications on the posts or web pages. Websites, on the other hand; traditionally don't have this. Some websites now have the flexibility to provide places for comments so this is not such a major difference between the two platforms any more.

Websites Generally Incur Greater Cost then Blogs

Websites are more expensive to create and maintain than blogs. Unless you are skilled with using HTML code, understand CSS scripts and how to use FTP, you will no doubt have to hire a webmaster to take care of these things for you. This of course costs money. Any future changes will also incur additional costs which could make owning a website less attractive for many.

Blogs are easier to create and maintain. Also, updating and adding content is much easier to do and the owner can learn how to do it fairly easily. Blogs rank higher with the search engines as well because the content is added to and updated far more often than with websites.

Blogs are now being used more and more in the place of websites. There are themes and styles available that make them look very professional so they remain attractive to the potential customer. This is why more and more blogs are being used for ecommerce. You don't need to have a website to conduct business on the Internet.

At the end of the day, deciding on whether or not you want to have a website or blog will depend on what your purpose is, your skill level, and budget. Visit blogs to see what they look like and how they are structured and do the same with websites. Then decide what will work best for you and what you want to achieve.

Why Search Engine Marketing is Important in Today's Economy

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Every SEO professional agrees that doing SEO barehanded is a dead-end deal. SEO software makes that time consuming and painstaking job a lot faster and easier. There are a great number of SEO tools designed to serve every purpose of website optimization. They give you a helping hand at each stage of SEO starting with keyword research and finishing with the analysis of your SEO campaign results.

Nowadays you can find a wide range of totally free SEO tools available on the web. And this overview of the most popular free SEO tools is going to help you pick up the ones that can make your website popularity soar.

Google AdWords Keyword Tool

Keywords lay the foundation stone of every SEO campaign. Hence keywords unearthing and faceting is the initial step on the way to Google's top. Of course you may put on your thinking cap and make up the list of keywords on your own. But that is like a shot in the dark since your ideas may significantly differ from the terms people really enter in Google.

Here, Google AdWords Keyword Tool comes in handy. Despite the fact that this tool is originally aimed to assist Google AdWords advertisers, you can use that for keyword research too. Google AdWords Keyword Tool helps you find out which keywords to target, shows the competition for the selected keywords, lets you see estimated traffic volumes and provides the list of suggestions on popular keywords. Google AdWords Keyword Tool has a users-friendly interface and moreover it's totally free. You can use some other paid alternative tools like Wordtracker or Keyword Discovery that may be effective as well, but Google AdWords Keyword Tool is the ultimate leader among free keyword research tools.

XML Sitemaps Generators

To make sure all your pages get crawled and indexed you should set sitemaps for your website. They are like ready-to-crawl webs for Google spiders that enable them to quickly find out what pages are in place and which ones have been recently updated. Sitemaps can also be beneficial for human visitors since they organize the whole structure of website's content and make website navigation a lot easier. The XML Sitemap Generator lets you make up XML, ROR sitemaps that can be submitted to Google, Yahoo! and lots of other search engines. This SEO tool also lets you generate HTML sitemaps that improve website navigation for humans and make your site visitors-friendly.

SEO Book's Rank Checker

To check whether your optimization campaign is blowing hot or cold you need a good rank checking tool to measure the fluctuations of your website's rankings. SEO Book's Rank Checker can be of great help in that. It's a Firefox plug-in that lets you run checking ranks in Big Three: Google, Yahoo! and Bing and easily export the collected data. All you have to do is enter you website's URL and the keywords you want to check your positions for. That's it and in some seconds SEO Book's Rank Checker provides you with the results on your rankings. It's fast, easy-in-use and free.

Backlinks Watch

Links are like the ace of trumps in Google popularity game. The point is that the more quality links are on your backlink profile the higher your website ranks. That's why a good SEO tool for link research and analysis is a must-have in your arsenal. Backlink Watch is an online backlink checker that helps you not only see what sites have links to your page, but also gives you some data for SEO analysis, such as the title of the linking page, the anchor text of the link, it says whether the link has dofollow or nofollow tag, etc. The only drawback of this tool is that it gives you only 1,000 backlinks per a website, regardless of the actual number of backlinks a website has.


Compete[dot]com provides a large pool of analytical data to fish from. It's an on-line tool for monitoring and analysis of online competition that provides two categories of services: free Site Analytics and subscription based paid Search Analytics that lets you take advantage of some additional features. Compete an out-and-outer SEO tool that lets you see traffic and engagement metrics for a specified website and find the sites for affiliating and link building purposes. Compete is also a great keyword analyzer, since it lets you run the analysis of your on-line competitors' keywords. Some other features to mention are subdomain analysis, export to CSV, tagging etc.

SEO PowerSuite.

SEO PowerSuite is all-in-one SEO toolkit that lets you cover all aspects of website optimization. It consists of four SEO tools to nail all SEO tasks. WebSite Auditor is a great leg-up for creating smashing content for your website. It analyzes you top 10 online competitors and works out a surefire plan based on the best optimization practices in your niche. Rank Tracker is a great at your website positions monitoring and generating the most click-productive words. SEO SpyGlass is powercharged SEO software for backlink checking and analysis. This is the only SEO tool that lets you discover up to 50,000 backlinks per a website and generate reports with ready-to-use website optimization strategy. And the last and the most advanced in this row is LinkAssistant. It is a feature-rich powerhouse SEO tool for link building and management that shoulders the main aspects of offpage optimization.

Free versions of these four tools let you tackle the main optimization challenges. You can also buy an extended version of SEO PowerSuite with advanced features to make your optimization campaign complete.

Summing things up we can conclude that there are lots of SEO tools that will never burn a hole in your pocket and let you effectively run your website optimization campaign with minimum of costs and efforts.

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It is often said, by many search engine optimization experts, that Money Robot Submitter is great in 2017. Others proclaim that Link Building Tools are king. The simple fact is, if you are to be successful using Advanced Seo Software, all aspects of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are essential to the mix.

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The Best SEO Ranking Checking Software Reviewed

Backlinks are the lifeblood of the internet. The quality and variety of the backlinks you have pointing to your site - along with the content on the site - helps it to show up in the search results more often. In no particular order, here are the best places to get backlinks to your site.

1. Local or industry specific directories

These tend to get discounted because directories are considered old fashioned. But local and industry specific directories tend to be quite selective about the sites they feature and are normally moderated by real human beings rather than merely accepting all and sundry.

2. Facebook posts

Facebook is one of the largest and most popular sites on the internet. People use it to chat and also use it to recommend things to friends - which is where the links back to your site come into play.

3. LinkedIn profiles

If you are involved with a company, chances are that you have a LinkedIn profile.

If you've neglected it, as many people do, this may be relatively plain and boring. But that doesn't mean it should be! You can edit your profile and can include links back to your company website as well as other things related to you.

4. YouTube videos

As you probably know, YouTube is the second largest search engine on the web.

It's used by millions of people daily and videos - even on the most obscure topics - get watched.

You can easily create videos on your phone or even inside YouTube itself. It has the option of recording your webcam or creating slideshow style videos once you log in to your account.

And you can include backlinks to your site in the video description, which encourages real visitors as well as search engines.

5. Articles

Websites like this one are a very effective way to get the word out about your site.

They have a large number of regular visitors and readers. And you are allowed to have links back to your website in the resource box that follows the articles.

6. Twitter

It seems that almost every website you visit has the option to Tweet.

Whilst the links that are used on Twitter are typically shortened because of the limited character space allowed, they still count as links back to your website and are still taken account of as backlinks.

7. Press releases

If you've got some news to tell the world, press releases are a good way to do it.

Whilst there are some people on the web who would claim that press releases are ignored, a quick visit to Google News will show you that they are alive and kicking.

You need a story that counts as news but, if you're stuck for ideas, a quick flick through almost any newspaper or magazine should give you plenty of inspiration.

8. Infographics

Infographics can be as simple or as complicated as you want them to be.

They are best used as a way to simplify otherwise complex topics - I like to use mindmaps for this but other people use image software like Photoshop or get them created on sites like Fiverr.

Then pin your newly created infographic to sites like Pinterest.

9. Guest blogging

This has come in for some criticism in recent months but it still works if done correctly.

You contact websites that are open to outside authors contributing articles to their site - everyone from the Huffington Post downwards - and then contribute a quality post which is then published, including a link back to your website.

2017 Link Building Tips

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There are three things you can do right away to make your Internet marketing efforts a lot more efficient than they probably are.

1) Stop checking your e-mail every 10 minutes.

You're going to drive yourself crazy and never get as much done if you're constantly stopping whatever it is that you're working on to see if you got any new e-mail. Set aside time throughout the day when you'll check your e-mail. And even when you do check your e-mail, have a specific goal in mind. If you're doing so to see if there are any customer service related inquiries, then try to focus on that. Don't get side tracked checking out what someone forwarded to you.

2) Turn off the TV and focus on your work.

When you're working at home, alone, it can get a little bit lonely. That's still not an excuse for having the television on while you're working. It's a needless distraction. Certainly having a channel on that plays nothing but music might be appropriate depending on your ability to focus. But you need to be careful that certain songs don't trigger emotional responses that lead you into a distracting daydream. Don't laugh! This can easily happen without you even consciously realizing it.

3) Create a to-do list that you follow.

Not a big surprise here, but having a to-do list can dramatically improve your efficiency. That's especially true if you're someone who typically jumps from one thing to another in a misguided effort to get everything done at the same time.

To sum it up, stop checking your e-mail every 10 minutes, turn off the TV and focus on your work, and create a to-do list that you keep up-to-date and follow. You'll find that your Internet marketing efficiency will truly skyrocket.

Five Ways to Improve Your Site's Ranking

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Most people are puzzled about how to combine their Twitter Marketing Strategy with their Twitter for SEO efforts. In fact, most naysayers say that Twitter (and social media) in general are useless for search engine marketing.

I say they are plain wrong!

Granted, Twitter does not have link juice. But because of their insanely high pagerank, your tweets and even your Twitter profile page can get on the first page of Google just with the simple backlink strategy that I'm about to reveal in this 7 step Twitter SEO blueprint below:

1) Use a keyword research tool to find a keyword phrase you want to rank for.
2) Write the Tweet with the keyword phrase in it. Ideally, it should link to a blog post or article of a similar topic for additional traffic.

3) Write a simple 250 word article on EzineArtlcles and use the keyword phrase as an anchor text to your "money" tweet.

4) Write another simple 250 word article on HubPages or Squidoo with an anchor text backlink to your Tweet.

5) Digg both your EzineArticles articles and Hubpages/Squidoo post

6) Use a social bookmarking software like OnlyWire to bookmark the Diggs.

7) Ping everything, including the RSS feeds.

Now, just wait a few days for your Tweet to rank for your keyword phrase on Google. If you're fortunate, the properties that you use as incoming backlinks to your Twitter feed can get ranked on the front page of SERPS as well.

This is one of the best ways to use Twitter for SEO tricks as a profitable compliment to your Twitter Marketing Strategy. Try the 7 step plan and let me know.

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