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It is often said, by many search engine optimization experts, that Money Robot Submitter is great in 2018. Others proclaim that Link Building Tools are king. The simple fact is, if you are to be successful using Advanced Seo Software, all aspects of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are essential to the mix.

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Internet Marketing and Organic SEO Software

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

In simple words, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be defined as the Do's and Don'ts of Search engines that if followed properly can improve the visibility of your website which will eventually lead to better sales and promotion of your website, products and services. How?

When you launch a new website it is obvious that you will be among the millions. And among those thousands that even Google doesn't know about their existence. And a week passes by with just one or two visitors with zero contribution. It is obvious to get frustrated. But, it is more obvious to have a question in your mind what other websites are doing so that they are ranking in the first page and what you did that you got lost in the piles of search results? And the only answer is SEO! Hence, from driving visitors to your website to make your website visible in the Google and to earn better sales and promotion Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is only the solution that has no other options.

Search engine optimization is the booster pack that has all the necessary tools to optimize your website for search engines like Google and to make your business visible in the market among your probable buyers. In fact, all the websites no matter what they sell and what services they provide, if they are ranking in the first page then the reason is Search Engine Optimization and nothing else.

Why You Need Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

  • Traffic:

Traffic is something that comes at the first because the entire motive of SEO is to gain quality traffic for better sells and services. Hence, SEO is crucial factor for gaining traffic and visitors for any website because without traffic or buyers no business can be exist.

  • Visibility:

Visibility is very crucial when it comes to e-marketing because unless you gain a good visibility from your traffic there is no way you can promote your business and make better sells. And visibility can only be gain with better optimization of your website including both off page and on page optimization in your website.

  • Goodwill:

Goodwill is always the main concern of any business organization and today when there is so many online businesses, placing your website can be your one more effort to prove your care for your buyers cannot have easy access to your services and updates. Your website can not only update your customers about the changes you do in your services and facilities but it also helps to bind them so that you don't lose even those who are far from you.

  • Going Global:

Going global use to be a dream decades ago and nearly impossible even if the business organization was strong because there was the huge gap between developing and under developed countries and means of supplies were very rare. But, today this opportunity is easy and even small businesses can serve their clients who live beyond the seven seas.

  • Easy and Economical Marketing:

Online marketing is economical and easy as well. When compared with the off web marketing your expenses are very high because you need manpower to promote and the cost of advertisements are also very high. But, with the growing web surfers business marketing has become very economical because even the social bookmarking sites like: offers your advertisements low cost whereas the features they provide are enormous. Similarly, it is easy because you can promote your business with a click and completely reduces your manpower budget.

All of the above listed advantages are worthy only if you rank well in Google and other major search engines. With poor placement and zero page rank no customers will know your existence in the internet and there is no question of building goodwill.

Black Hat and White Hat SEO:

Black hat and white SEO is two different stream of SEO which are distinctly different from one another. Black hat SEO represents those people who are engaged in unethical SEO practices like: keyword stuffing, link farming and article spinning which can seriously hamper your website and your online business. Google is found to banned and delist such websites who are engaged in such practices.

Similarly, white hat SEO is the ethical way of competing in the search engine to gain desired page rank following the do's and don'ts of Google.

Free Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Free search engine optimization is "IMPOSSIBLE" but when it comes with free there are many things that hurt later. SEO being such an amazing tool to generate millions of dollars from a website that just needs regular optimization and quality services can never be free. But, to aware you there are many bad apples in the sack of SEO that has often found to hurt people.

Going for cheaper SEO services or looking for free items can really hurt your website reputation and using black hat SEO which many so called SEO's use can collapse your website performance and even Google can ban you forever. Hence, we highly suggest go for the real ones rather than looking for free and cheaper which can later result worst.

First Place Guarantee in Google:

There are many SEO related websites that often guarantee you the first place in Google. These are the bad apples in the SEO sack because when it comes to SEO no one can guarantee you the first place because Google itself doesn't guarantee these things. And if there is someone then I highly suggest you to quit before waiting those SEO's to hurt you.

Possible Guarantee for the First Place:

Although no one can guarantee the first place there has been many incidents where some SEO companies has proved this but the trick they do is simple and unethical. These SEO companies simply find the keywords which are related to your business and optimize your website in those keywords which though relates to your business but has no search queries from the visitors. Hence, optimizing your website in such keywords where buyer has no interest can give you the first place but will eventually end with zero traffic and sells. Hence, this trick is to mislead the website owners and to loot them which are unethical SEO that should be avoided.

What is SEM?

SEM refers to Search Engine Marketing which is another strong tool for online marketing. Most of the SEO consultant services also offer these services. In general it is the combination of SEO and PPC to boost your Google placement and boom your traffic.

Places to Report Spam:

If you have encountered any spam or any SEO related website has deceive you then there are places where you can complain and necessary action can be expected. Websites like: " "has all necessary list of websites that can help you to fight against internet crimes and other fraud websites.

Author: Kiran Bista

2018 Link Building Tips

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A good point to consider is that this program is one of a kind,there is not any other software similar to this one.The forex signal generator gives a idea about your investment in terms of knowledge,money and time needed to put together such a unique system.

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Restoring a PST File With Outlook 2016 Tools

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Search engine optimization is a great way to get your site established in the internet and the cheapest method as well. Now just to ask yourself a question, is it really effective for a company or an individual to use an SEO Software to help the status of your website in search engines?

There are implications with using software mainly for SEO and it works both ways.

Yes, It is very good in making strides in search engines.

Why did I personally say this? Any methods are good until it does not fit right. When doing an SEO, you will try and workout anything just for to get that coveted search engine rankings and other factors. Most of SEO companies or individuals rely on this software to achieve the satisfaction we are seeking for a keyword and also for the website we are handling.

No, SEO software is not a great tool in establishing status in search engines.

Sometimes it does really take best effort individually or a group to have that good result we are seeking. You do not need software to help you in your personal or company goals.

But software can help give you a fast output of what you want to achieve within a day, which is how SEO software work. Ten persons work in just one software, that is how you can get the fast and immediate results anyone wants from SEO software.

But when working on a system software, it is always required that a supervising person still watches over these software. So basically it does need a human intervention for this software to work.

SEO software does really provide great results when it is handled or worked on properly. Basically this software works both ways but all in all it does require a great sense of knowledge about how does SEO works and not relying in SEO software.

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Money Robot Seo Software 2018

It is often said, by many search engine optimization experts, that Money Robot Submitter is great in 2018. Others proclaim that Link Building Tools are king. The simple fact is, if you are to be successful using Advanced Seo Software, all aspects of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are essential to the mix.

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SEO Link Building Made Easy

This information is based on the principles of Laws of Attraction, Law of Allowing and Law of Deliberate Creation. And the Universal Laws of Energy (like attract likes) proven by Quantum Physics.

What colors attract people to you?

Visual presentation and appeal, whether in your marketing materials or what you wear, can turn on or turn off what people you attract. It does not matter if it's on paper matter, the Internet, like a web site, or in a presentation.

If you do any kind of speaking, writing, or design type of work, this article is for you.

I'm not just talking about visual color, I'm also talking to you about audio and writing or language color. Each affect our relationships -- friends, family, prospects, clients or customers.

It is a fact that companies with large budgets spend billions on color market research -- usually in product or packaging development.

Solopreneurs pockets aren't as deep, thus, they need to use the results of the research of the deep pocket-ers.

Colors tell someone if you are approachable. In the same way they will affect whether someone will continue clicking through your web site.

Colors will determine if someone will start reading your article in a magazine or posted on your web site. Color also helps to keep people involved on your web site (it's not just about the content) and how long they stay.

Colors also influences how people will respond and behave. A black background on your web site now represents s*x-type of web sites. It is important that if that isn't your focus that you don't use a black background.

Let's take a few minutes and play with this concept. The next time you go into a fast-food restaurant, look closely at the colors. Do they decorate with vivid reds and oranges because they encourage diners to eat and leave quickly like many of the fast food establishments. That is exactly the response they want.

Different cultures have different attitudes and preferences thus; they will have another color reaction. In China, "white" symbolizes death and in Brazil, it is the color purple. People from warm countries respond favorably to warm colors; people from colder climates prefer the cooler colors.

In America, green is associated with jealousy or money. Here are some color references for America.

Red... excitement, strength, sex, passion, speed, danger.

Blue... (most popular) trust, reliability, belonging, coolness.

Yellow... warmth, sunshine, cheer, happiness.

Orange... playfulness, warmth, vibrant.

Green... nature, fresh, cool, growth, abundance.

Purple... royal, spirituality, dignity.

Pink... soft, sweet, nurture, security.

White... pure, virginal, clean, youthful, mild.

Black... sophistication, elegant, seductive, mystery, sexual.

Gold... prestige, expensive, elite.

Silver... prestige, cold, scientific.

This also means that color affect shopping habits. Red- orange, black and royal blue attracts impulse buyers. Pink, teal, light blue and navy attract smart budget Shopper. Pink, rose and sky blue attract conformists.

A great exercise to experience this -- visit large company web sites that have spent the funds on this type of research.

Try McDonald's (bright red) or Wendy's (brownish red). Their color matches perfectly with their market -- high income-ers with a view on sophisticated.

If you are a service professional, how might you put colors to use for you?

First, make sure you have the right target market. Young children materials contain large amounts of bright primary colors. These colors will attract the child yet the parents or grandparents open the wallet. This means that for the children you would use the primary colors and for the marketing material being read by the grand/parents you would use reds, blues, pinks and yellows for trust, reliability, security, and playful.

If you a web site and you choose the colors because they are your favorite, then you choose it could have chosen it for the wrong target market -- unless, of course, you are the only one or people just like you are the only ones you want buying. Pick your colors for your market. This is anything you want to attract in America.

2018 Link Building Tips

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Ignoring inbound links is wasting important search engine optimization opportunities for your site. These kinds of links are very useful in a number of ways. First of all the search engines like certain, not necessarily all, backlinks. Quality backlinks are an evidence that other sites view your site as of some value, or importance. Secondly, someone - potential customers - may click on the link and visit your site. Thirdly, the overall number of visitors increases.

Gaining quality backlinks is often referred to as a link `strategy` which shows it can not be a hit and miss affair. Obtaining good quality links has to be planned, and well thought out.

Here are some places where you can create links back to your site. With a bit of effort it is a task that can be accomplished by any webmaster. Remember, SEO is an ongoing project, and you should always be looking for opportunities.

Forget link farms. Google is wise to the methods they use of simply reciprocating links en masse. As such you could be wasting your time, effort, and possibly money by using them. Directory quality can vary, but some are still worth thinking about. Some directories are more highly regarded than others. Get a backlink from DMOZ or the Yahoo Directory and you are doing well, even if you do have to pay $299 annually to get listed in the Yahoo Directory. If you own a business, consider issuing a press release about something that may be newsworthy. Have you created a new department within the company, found a new product to market, moved premises? All of these could be worth putting in a press release, with a backlink of course. As with most things, some distribution services for releases are better than others, so do some research first.

Article directories can be an excellent way to get quality backlinks to your site. Every time you write and submit an article that gets published you have the opportunity to place one or several links back to your site. This is normally done via the author bio, or resource box. Commenting on blogs does not take a lot of time, but it can be a good way to get a backlink. Do not spam, go off topic, or post useless few-word comments just to get your link placed. If you do the chances are your comment will not even get past moderation, and will not get posted. Finally, some of the better quality sites Get a link back from those and you are doing well, and will likely be a real boost for your site. Unfortunately, it is notoriously difficult to get a backlink from those sites, but it is worth a try if you have a site that is going to be worthwhile linking to. Try the above linking strategies, and hopefully over time you will see a rise in visitors.

Link Building Secrets - Promote Your Website with a Proven Tactic

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SEO is quite a new industry. But although it hasn't been around for too long, it's one of the fastest developing niches online. The reasons for this are obvious. No matter how you look at it Google, Yahoo!, Bing and a handful of other search engines are the major source of online traffic. And it looks like the situation won't radically change soon. This ties your website's rankings on these search engines directly to your bottomline. Love it or hate it SEO is here to stay and you can't succeed without it.

Now let's look at the ways you can improve your search engine rankings, increase website traffic and ensure long-term growth of your business based on effective SEO strategy. Here're some DIY SEO tips that will help you get your website to the top of Google.

1. Keyword research or Picking The Right Keywords

It's not just about ranking high on Google that's important, but ranking high for the right keywords. Sure, you can get a top placement for any weird term you like, but unless people really search for it, there's no use ranking high for that keyword. So it's obvious that you need to pick the keywords that feature high search stats.

Although the traffic behind the keyword is important it's not the only factor that matters. The cornerstone of effective keyword research is the right focus. You need to target the search terms and phrases that are closely related to your business, your products and your customers' needs. If you get to rank high for broad terms you'll get more clicks, but on the other hand ranking for long tail will bring you more conversions and will ultimately provide a higher ROI.

SEO Tools You Can Use:

There are quite a number of keyword research tools (both free and paid) that will help you develop your keyword list, estimate the potential traffic and set the priorities. Some of the best are Google AdWords External Keyword tool, Google Search Based Keyword Tool, Wordtracker, Keyword Discovery, Word Stream and Rank Tracker.

2. Optimize Your Content

Content optimization is not as powerful as it used to be, but it's still an important part of effective SEO. The single most important element on your webpage is the title. Optimizing the title is a very tricky task. On the one hand you need to put your targeted keywords so that they stand as close to the beginning as possible, and make up the biggest part of the word count. On the other hand you need to make your titles sound natural and appealing to the users so that they will click through to your page when it comes up in the search results. Come up with a catchy and well optimized title and you'll improve both your rankings and click-through rates.

SEO Tools You can Use:

There are not too many tools for content optimization out there, I for one recommend WebSite Auditor.

3. Build Links

Link building is the heart and blood of your SEO. The link building theory is simple: get quality and relevant links to your website with keyword-rich anchor texts. The practical part is much more complicated: you need to be constantly on the look for quality websites in your niche that you can get a link from. Here are some of the most popular and effective link building techniques:

- Directory submission
- Article submissions
- Social media
- Blog commenting
- Forum Posting
- Competition Research

SEO Tools You Can Use:

Link building is perhaps the most consuming SEO tasks and you'll certainly need SEO software to speed up the process and boot your productivity. The best link building and link analysis tools you can use are SEO SpyGlass, Backlinkwatch, Webconfs SEO tools and LinkAssistant.

These are some of the proven SEO techniques that alone can improve your search engine rankings, increase your website traffic and get you to the top 10, 5 and finally 1 on Google for your most important keywords and search strings.

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Money Robot Full Indir 2018

It is often said, by many search engine optimization experts, that Money Robot Submitter is great in 2018. Others proclaim that Link Building Tools are king. The simple fact is, if you are to be successful using Advanced Seo Software, all aspects of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are essential to the mix.

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SEO and Title Optimization

This collection of link building tips are likely to guarantee that you will receive free links from already established websites. This differs from content-oriented development strategies which hope to gradually attract natural editorial links.

These link building tips focus more on targeted link placement or link insertion, whereby you are likely to control the specific anchor text used. Some of them include agreements made with others and others involve one-way action on your part.

1. Submit your site to Web Directories.

This is a pretty monotonous process that can get you several hundred backlinks if you have the time. An alternative would be to hire a manual directory submitter. Here's a list of web directories you can use. You can also find some blog directories here.

2. Submit Press Releases to PR sites.

A basic press release about your website's launch can be released to several PR websites, who will distribute it to various online news outlets. A good way to get a free link. I recommend using PRWeb and PRLeap.

3. Reciprocal Links with Similar Websites.

Its important to pick sites that are of high relevance so you'll not only get links but traffic. Reciprocal linking can be useful from the beginning but don't overdo it. You can find link partners by emailing them directly or searching through webmaster forums.

4. Squidoo Lenses.

A Squidoo lens is fairly easy to create. It only takes around 15 minutes to set up one fully and you'll be able to insert a bunch of anchor text links to your website along with your feed content. Hubpages is another similar site you can use.

5. Article Submissions.

Create a short article on your niche topic and submit it to article directories for a backlink and some traffic. You might get more links if your article is picked up and published on other websites. Here is a list of article directories, sorted by Alexa and PageRank.

6. Social Media Profiles.

There a whole bunch of social websites online which allow you to insert a link to your website on the profile page. Sign up for some of them, preferably using a username and avatar that brands your business or you as a person. This might come in useful when you decide to promote your site via the social website in the future.

7. Social Bookmarking/Voting Websites.

Certain social voting websites like Netscape or Digg are often crawled by search engines and their links do help to get a website indexed. 3spots has the biggest list of social voting and bookmarking websites I've seen so far.

2018 Link Building Tips

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Before choosing any link building campaign you must know which type of link building methods would really helps in increasing greater search engine ranking position results.

Some of the most effective methods to increase the number of quality backlinks which would in turn increase the amount of traffic to the web site is given below:

o Social Bookmarking - A relatively new avatar of a concept developed in the 1990s, it essentially tags one or more web sites that a person or a group of people have found useful and informative and which they think they will want to return to. These tags can be saved, shared publicly or privately and are a great form of free advertisement through 'word of mouth' interactions on the internet. If the quality of articles is good, topical, updated regularly and overall have a good reputation, getting a good amount of relevant traffic is almost guaranteed if you include articles or comments that have links coming back to the desired web site.

o Blog Comments - There are more than 70 million blog sites on the web and the number is increasing every day. There would be hundreds if not thousands of blogs relating to what a person does or feels and commenting on these while including a backlink to the appropriate web site is an assured way to drive traffic to that site.

o Article Distribution - There are a large number of websites that a person can use to post articles on subjects they are interested in. While a number of these are free sites, there are others where a small or large fee is involved. There are also services which take these articles and submit them to many websites which the individual writing the article may not be even aware of. It is necessary to write good quality articles preferably on topics that are highly topical and which either the general public or a group of people with special interests would find interesting and / or informative. Having backlinks to your own web site and using appropriate key words in these articles that have been written for submission to other web sites is sure to increase traffic to your site.

o Forum Posting - Discussing specific topics or subjects with others who have similar interests leads to the establishment of online communities called forums. By being a regular and knowledgeable contributor to these forums, in the form of comments and short posts with a backlink to his or her own web site, a person can drive up the traffic and increase their page rank.

The more common methods to increase backlinks and thereby traffic to a web site has been mentioned above, it is best to use a combination of these and some others options like creating viral reports, to get the best results.

Successful Do-It-Yourself Directory Submission and Link Building

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You have a website and /or a blog and you need traffic,because without traffic,you have no leads and without leads you have no prospects and "No traffic=No sales", right? This has got to be the #1 reason most Internet Marketers go broke and quit -no traffic! How can you generate traffic to your website? (note: I am referring to a domain name and a well designed website, not an affiliate link, but I will deal with that later.)

1) Search Engines: SEO is an art in itself,but it must be learned, or pay someone who knows how to do it for you, but if you were searching for information on a "Home Business" you would use Google, MSN, Yahoo, or some other Search Engine, right? There you have it, so realize that the majority of your "leads" are going to come from the Search Engines. In fact, I talked about that once to a BIG Gun whose list building course I took and he told me that he mostly relied on the Search Engines and "word of mouth" and Advertising. That should be a hint to all who are wasting money on certain common Internet advertising methods that if they work at all, work very poorly at the best of times. It is said that 80% of your traffic is going to come from the search engines, so your website needs to be optimized and it needs to get "found", preferably on the first two pages, or you can forget it. Another thing is, go with the wrong hosting company and your website will not get listed -at all. Not being an SEO expert, I cannot tell you why that is, but that's what I've read and heard from those who know and in fact I did experience that once myself, so I know that's true.. Do your research!

2) Advertising: Advertising is done many different ways. Here are a few:

  • Seo Companies - outsourcing the article writing, press releases, Search Engine, Directory, Ezine sites, Social Network Sites submissions.The whole 9 yards.
  • Solo Ads
  • Text Ad Exchanges
  • Classifieds
  • Backlinks
  • Reciprocal Linking
  • Search Engine Submissions
  • FFA Sites note: there's a right and wrong way to do it.
  • List Builder Emails
  • Emails to your lists and downlines.
  • Forums
  • Banner Ads
  • Blogging
  • Email - Personal contacts.not spamming.
  • Article Writing and Marketing

These are just a few ways to generate traffic to your website. You want to brand you,not your business,so even if you are using an affiliate link,it is best to:

1) Have your own domain name and website,then represent those affiliate programs on it -and build your own list by the way,with an autoresponder, webform, Squeeze Page,etc. * Why?SEO -remember what I said above about where it is said 80% of your traffic will come from?

2) At the very least,have a domain name and forward it to your affiliate link. A lot of the big guns do that.

3) Free Webpage -if you're hard up, you could buy a cheap dotinfo domain, forward to a free webpage which would be set up with information about your opportunity, even linking to a free autoresponder! Yes, there are a few, but remember: "You get what you pay for!" btw: There are ways in articles to hide the link. Think of how the big guns do it: They advertise, their website is found. Some free ebook, report, or low cost item, or in short supply item is offered...1) To make a sale, to make money 2) To get that traffic on their list. I know one big gun, who said she never advertises her businesses directly. She advertises to get traffic, build her list, then promotes those businesses to her list(s). I'm talking about a list of 30,000 or more! How did she do it? Marketing: Advertising, Traffic, Leads, Prospects, Sales. That should be enough to get you started. Use the social networking websites to "tell what you are doing (Tell,not sell" unless you want to get banned!)" Make 5 or more videos and put them on YouTube and the various other video sites. Forums - join, make a signature, then participate, help out, sound like an expert and before you know it, you'll see results. Use the other methods as soon as you can manage Don't do too much at once, especially if you're new,or an intermediate marketer. Never say die! Happy Marketing and I wish you many Traffic Jams!

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Money Robot Discount 2018

It is often said, by many search engine optimization experts, that Money Robot Submitter is great in 2018. Others proclaim that Link Building Tools are king. The simple fact is, if you are to be successful using Advanced Seo Software, all aspects of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are essential to the mix.

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How to Build Back Links to Your Website

When it comes to utilizing effective SEO, it can take months in order to perfect your technique and make the money you need to make to quit your day job. Those who have created new sites have become aware of automated search engine optimization software. These types of programs have become a revolutionary way to enhance your site and get the recognition that you need!

Before you get started with your software search you need to take a look at your site or blog. One of the most common problems that people run into with SEO is the fact that they have a poorly designed site. Make sure that your site is easy to find as well as follow. You can test out a few new layouts or designs and find out which one gets the best results.

In the internet and website world it is all about it is all about pulling in the traffic and making the best profit. Sure, you can stick to making a profit from the sales on your site. But when you expand into the search engine optimization world you are allowing yourself and your site to expand to new levels.

Once you have fixed your site start shopping around for the software that you want. There are a few different variables that you will need to pay attention to. For one thing sit down and find out how much spare cash you have. With your site you should have separate accounts to keep track of what you are spending and gaining.

From there, you need to take the time to compare a few different types of search engine optimization software. You should take advantage of any free trials that you can find. This will help you make your decision and find out which program really is the best one. Pick out 3 or 4 different types and compare each of them to get the one you want.

Once you feel you have chosen the correct search engine optimization software, all you need to do is order and download. You do not need to pay any shipping costs or wait weeks for the product to come in. Once the payment has cleared you will then be able to receive the download link and proceed.

If you want to get on the fast track to making money from your site, you need to invest in search engine optimization software. There are plenty more reasons why you should take the time to download tools like this. Look around and ensure that you choose the best program within your price range, too.

2018 Link Building Tips

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There has been much written about search engine optimization, as well it should. Search engine optimization is very important if you want to be ranked high in the search engines.

The only problem with search engine optimization is that search engines are forced to change what they consider optimized regularly due to misuse of the various techniques over time. There are individuals that seek to trick the search engines into given them more traffic than their content deserves. They do this by loading high search volume, irrelevant keywords into their content. This is getting harder to do successfully as search engines have begun cracking down on such tactics and the websites that employ them.

Cheating in search engine optimization has been the case and will always be the case and search engines will battle to squash the offenders. There are however, ways to optimize your website without falling into the whole getting banned from search engines scenario. Check out these four tips.

Tip Number One

Determine the most searched word that applies to your offering. What are the keywords your potential customers are using to search for your service or product? There are reasonably priced Keyword Analyzer programs that will tell you. Get the software and use it.

Tip Number Two

Stay on topic when writing your content. Utilize relevant keywords in your content. I cant stress this enough. Remember the search engines are waging an all out war on websites that stuff their content with irrelevant words in an effort to fool their way to the top of searches. You could get your website banned from search engines if you employ deceptive search engine optimization tactics. Keep that in mind and avoid using such tactics. They may get you a little attention early on, but it will be short lived and costly.

Tip Number Three

Use Error Marketing to clean up your website. Well-written websites sell and hold the attention of a visitor longer. If your website is riddled with errors such as misspelled words and lack of clarity, it makes visitors feel that you aren't professional. When that happens 9 out of 10 readers leave the website earlier and never return. By applying the techniques of Error Marketing, even the lowest budgeted webmaster can have a spotless and error free website.

Tip Number Four

Always place your most valued keyword within the first 2 sentences of your copy. Also, ensure that your keywords appear in the hot spots where the search engines look.

Use your primary keyword in your copy, your meta-tag keywords, in paragraph headers, and name your website graphic file names something like yourchosenkeyword.jpg. Also, avoid having so many graphics on your website if possible. Remember, search engines cant read graphics. When these tactics are combined with well-written copy, these can go a long way into getting you the positioning your page deserve and the valued back links that zoom you to the top of the search engine rankings.

Why BackLinks Are So Important

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SEO is a big topic that comes up all the time with my clients. Everyone wants to be the number one website on Google, but don't know how to achieve this. This article is NOT saying you are going to be able to get to number one, but it will give you some guide lines on how to increase your chances greatly.

The most important item relating to SEO is to remember that CONTENT IS KING. Without endless amounts of fresh and interesting content you will never get to the top. But it isn't just the quality of content that counts; it is how the content is written. For example if you are selling cell phones you want to make sure your keywords appear in your text over and over again. It may seem repetitive but this is the best way to get Google, MSN and Yahoo! to notice you.

The next tips are in no particular order because they all play a similar small role, but together make all the difference.

  • Use meta tags and descriptions - This is an older html technology that is considered dead by some but is still being used. Your meta description is often the description that a search engine will use when displaying your website.
  • Wrap text in paragraph and headline tags. Using the proper tags will tell a search engine that your text is indeed content. Headline tags are given a higher priority by search engines.
  • No Frames - stay away from frames, it makes it impossible for a search engine to appropriately link to your site. In-turn a user may find your site but it may not have all the page elements attached to it.
  • Links - Using your keywords in your links is a great way to emphasize those words to a search engine. Never use "Click here" it is a wasted link.
  • Backlinks - Backlinks are links from other sites that point to your site. Backlinks are one of the primary things that Google looks for in determining rank. The best way to build backlinks is with your content. You can syndicate your content over blogs, rss feeds and general article submissions. Each time you submit an article make sure it has your link on it. Joining forums and social networks are also great ways of building backlinks but many of them frown on blatant advertisements so you have to do this wisely.
  • Use Text - It may sound simple, but actually using text instead of images allows a Google bot or yahoo crawler to read you site.
  • No Flash - Flash sites are bad for SEO plain and simple. Even newer Flash techniques that allow crawlers to read the site still won't end up at the number one spot simply because of lack of perceived content since your website is only one page.
  • Web maps - Creating and submitting a web map notifies the search engines of which pages are the most important and how often they change.Time - SEO is slow, be patient.
There are many other things you can do to increase you rank naturally, just remember do not cheat and pay for a service to do this for you.

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It is often said, by many search engine optimization experts, that Money Robot Submitter is great in 2018. Others proclaim that Link Building Tools are king. The simple fact is, if you are to be successful using Advanced Seo Software, all aspects of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are essential to the mix.

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SEO Link Building Made Easy

Getting good search engine ranking for your website is not an easy job. Search engines like to see a website that has thousands of quality back links. Your website will not be noticed by the search engines as long as you don't build tons of quality links to your site.

Search engines determine the importance of a website by the number of links that website gets from quality websites. There are many link building strategies.

One of the popular link building strategy was to do link exchange with other sites in your niche. Many people used this strategy. But Google has stopped giving importance to reciprocal links.

The only way to get good search engine ranking is through getting one way back links for your site. Not a few hundred back links but in fact thousands of back links.

How do you get thousands of back links for your site? One method that has consistently been used by internet marketers is to write article and submit them to different article directories.

Article marketing has been and is still the time tested method of driving traffic and build links for your site. Other methods have come and gone but this method still works and in fact is getting more popular.

The only difficulty with article marketing is this that you need to write good articles for submission to different directories. You dont need one article but in fact hundreds of them.  If you submit the same article to different directories, your articles will be treated as duplicate content.

Many serious internet marketers use article marketing as a successful link building strategy that give long term results. But can you write a different article for each directory. Surely, it is a laborious task.

Internet marketers have figured out a way around this method. They write three to four version of the same article. Spin them with a software that generates hundreds of unique versions.  They then use software to submit these unique versions to hundreds of directories and ezines.

You can purchase that software online. You can also join an Article Submission Service online for a monthly fee. There are many. Some good, other not so good.

This article submission service is the best in my opinion. You can try it risk free for a month to see whether it works for you or not. It will submit hundreds of unique versions of your articles to hundreds of different directories automatically. Don't waste money on Google AdWords. Use this service to build long term traffic for your site.

2018 Link Building Tips

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Have you ever questioned why some highly relevant websites show very poor ranking in the search results? The answer might as well lie in bad keyword placement decisions. See, there are many places on your website where you can place your keywords - and they differ in the effectiveness with which they help you achieve higher ranking positions.

The major keyword placement locations usually are:

1. Title Tag

Search engines usually give the most weight to the page's title, because it tells them what the web page is about. Therefore you should place your most important keywords between the tags. For best results, it is advised that you keep it within 5 - 10 keywords and to-the-point. If you make the title too long, you risk that part of the title will be cut out by some search engines and won't get displayed. Also, since search engines return the title as the search results, your HTML title should be both descriptive and attractive because that's what makes visitors click through your website.

For example, the following title describes well the web site, and therefore is a good choice:
Web Submission - search engine optimization SEO and submission software

2. Meta Tags

Meta tags are special HTML tags, usually within the ... portion of the web page. Unlike normal HTML tags, Meta tags do not affect how the page is displayed. Meta tags allow you to control how search engines catalog your web site. Not all search engines make use of these tags, but using them will definitely improve your position in those that do. The most commonly used Meta tags are Description and Keywords tags.

Meta Description Tag:

The description tag lets you specify a short summary about your web site. Most search engines use the Description Tag for their summary description when they display your website in the search results. This is also very important from the visitor point of view as it tells the searcher whether your website is relevant to his search and worth the visit. Therefore this tag should clearly describe what one can find on your web site.

Here's an example:

The actual size used is not as important as the message it conveys, but do not exceed the limit - the recommended summary size is between 200 - 250 characters maximum.

Meta keyword tag:

The keywords tag is used by search engines to help them in indexing your website. This is important because search engines use this information to determine what queries your website will come up under.

The basic HTML format of the Meta keyword tag is:



(Notice that it includes both words and phrases)

Note that inclusion of commas is not necessary so they can be removed if you are hovering around the limit. Including them however, makes the tag much more readable.

The common abuse of the Meta keyword tag was -- and still is -- the repetition of words in the tag, which is called spamming. Never insert the same word twice in a row in this tag, even if you're using different variations. You can use the same word in different phrases, but avoid repeating keywords in this tag. The recommended length limit is between 10 to 20 keywords.

3. Body Text

When creating your keyword-rich web page copy keep in mind following 2 concepts: Keyword Prominence and Keyword Proximity.

Keyword Prominence:

Keyword prominence refers to how keywords are close to the "beginning" of the web page. The closer the keywords are the better. The reason behind this is that Google for example, usually picks up description from the first 2 paragraphs. If the first paragraph is keyword-rich, your web page has a good chance to rank well for these terms.

Keyword Proximity:

Keyword proximity refers to the closeness between your keywords on the page. In general, the closer the keywords are to each other, the better.

The following is a good sample of a well optimized phrase for the keyword London flower shop:

Red Rose Ltd is the leading London flower shop.

As oppose to:

Red Rose Ltd is the leading flower shop for the London area.

Note: Keyword Density

Keyword Density used to get (or may be still gets) lots of undeserved attention. It tells you many times a keyword is used on a web page in relation to the rest of words on the same page.

There should not be such a fuss around keyword density as it does not really help to optimize your web page. And that's because is simply does not take in account both concepts above: it does not tell you where the keywords are located and what the distance is between them.

When creating your webpage copy writing don't forget who you wish to impress - search engines or your potential customers? Keep in mind that it does not matter how well your web page is optimized or how well your website ranks. If you fail to impress your visitor, you lose the sale and you make no profit. And profit is what matters on the Net.

6 Free SEO Tools to Powercharge Your SEO Campaign

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SEO software does what exactly?

SEO software frequently starts from the following assumption:

- look at the page that ranks number 1 in Google,

- do exactly the same + a bit better,

- and you will be number 1

SEO software will then examine "all" the SEO parameters that it finds out about the number 1 site in Google. Then this SE software will automate the process in mimicking this for your site.

SEO is more than a software-approach!

SEO is the art of ranking number 1 in any search engine for any keyword.

Spiders rank a web site number one because spiders "think" that this site deserves to be number one. Of course the spider cannot think: there needs to be a programmer who programs the spider to find out which site is best.

Now if you are smart enough to feed the spider exactly what the programmer thinks is important, you will have the knowledge to rank number 1.

This is exactly what SEO software does: it claims to know and tackle "all" the parameters that make a web site ranking number 1.

Pitfalls of a software-approach to SEO

Suppose you find all the parameters needed to rank a web site number 1. You manage to get all this parameters onto your site and you even manage to be rank number 1.

Now if your site is really deserving to be ranked number 1, all is fine. But if surfers start complaining that you are not, the search engine will be blamed!

It won't take long until Google finds out that "somebody broke the code" of the spiders. The spiders will be updated to give quality results to the visitors!

This means you need to get an upgrade of your SEO software approach... : you are running after the facts in stead of above the facts.

How to be ranked number 1?

You rank number 1 because you deserve it.

In spider logic this still means:

- your page talks about the keyword you are optimizing for

- you page has lots of incoming links about the keyword you are optimizing for.

This is what ranking number 1 should be about.

But my SEO software is really up to date, or is it not?

Your software can only be up to date AFTER the spiders' software is updated. Unless you write the spiders yourself, you will always be a bit later.

You cannot know all the parameters the spider takes into account, unless again you are writing the spider software yourself.

Some of the parameters you cannot influence: age of the web site is one of them. Suppose the spider needs to choose between 2 websites: the oldest one and the SEO mimic: which one to choose? The oldest one would be the easiest bet, and you cannot change the age of your web site can you?

A close look at SEO software

SEO software advertisements could say that you can get a top 5 Google Ranking in under 30 Days... If that is true, then check out to see:

- is the web site of this SEO software ranking number 1 in Google for SEO or SEO software?

- are the example web sites the SEO software mentions to be ranked number 1, really number 1: number 1 in Google that is?

It's very easy to type in the keyword phrase of the SEO software example web site and see if they are number 1 or not.

And don't be fooled by SEO software that gives numerous examples of number 1 rankings in MSN or Yahoo: if you want to have a long lasting number 1 ranking in any of the search engines, you better start having a number 1 ranking in Google.

I didn't say that it is a guarantee to rank number 1 in Yahoo and MSN once you rank number 1 in Google, but you will surely be high up there as well. On the other hand, a number 1 ranking in MSN can mean that you are no where to be found in Yahoo nor Google.

So you say: well, then I just try to rank number 1 in MSN since it seems to be easier. Well, it is easier, but then it is easier for your competition as well, so it won't take then too much effort to out-play you again. Therefor do the job good once and for all: thrive to be number 1 in Google and then fine-tune if needed for MSN or Yahoo.

Why do you do SEO in the first place?

SEO is 1 of the ways to get more traffic to your web site. But there is more in getting a lot of traffic to your site, than "blindly ranking 1 in Google":

--- Always make sure you rank number 1 for a word a lot of people are looking for! ---

If you buy any SEO software or out-source your SEO to the SEO specialists: always check their SEO examples:

- are they ranking number 1

- are the keywords they rank for popular search keywords (bigger than 10.000 searches a month in the Keyword Selector Tool from Yahoo's search-marketing is considered not too low)

- how long did it take them to be number 1

- how big is the competition for the keyword-phrase (smaller or bigger than 5 million? As a general rule : above 5 million keyword-phrase results in Google, things become though)

- how big is the competition for the quoted "keyword-phrase" (smaller or bigger than 33.000? As a general rule : above 33.000 quoted "keyword-phrase" results in Google, things become though)

If for all these items the SEO software or SEO specialist can answer YES, then you can start taking them very seriously!

Try it out for each example web site any SEO software claims to have ranked number 1 for a certain keyword-phrase. And of course, always start with checking if they are ranking number 1 in the first place! If they are not, then you are going to buy SEO software that doesn't do the job! Ranking number 2 is ALMOST number 1, and even worse, ranking number 9 is nowhere near to ranking number 1.

SEO software web sites

Whenever you are interested in something to buy on the Internet, check out the overall web site of the product you want to buy!

Some SEO software web sites are 1 page web sites: just 1 page with the product, no links, no extra pages...

Again back to basics. What was the first idea to set up the Internet? To give people information, lots of information.

And we are talking about a "NET" in Inter"NET": "net" means links here, links there, links everywhere... (that's why links are so important in SEO)

If you don't see lots of links nor lots of content on a web site about SEO, then the SEO web site is not serious about its own subject: SEO!

Back to Basics: web-traffic

Your purpose is getting as much people to your site as possible, isn't it?

SEO software has the purpose of ranking 1 in Google.

Now it is very easy to rank 1 in Google for the keyword-phrase "jhdkghgkbdcds",
but who is looking for "jhdkghgkbdcds"??? Nobody!

So if nobody looks for "jhdkghgkbdcds", then why bother to rank number 1 with it?

What is a nice number when it comes to "popular keyword searches"? If you use the Overture Keyword tool, anything above 10.000 searches a month means quite popular, but: also know that above 10.000 "the big boys' are competing
with you, below 1.000 you have the field for yourself. So a good SEO advice is work yourself from the bottom up: start with keywords that are not so popular, and once you are ranked high for those, then tackle the next more popular keyword on the list.

SEO software Conclusion

SEO is the art to feed the spiders what they like.
SEO software is running after the spiders trying to catch their attention.

Always check the numbers and the facts about any SEO software and (this) SEO article!

Then make a decision yourself. If you see that the SEO software

- is ranking well for it's own product

- is ranking web sites for popular keyword well,

only then you can consider buying it.

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It is often said, by many search engine optimization experts, that Money Robot Submitter is great in 2018. Others proclaim that Link Building Tools are king. The simple fact is, if you are to be successful using Advanced Seo Software, all aspects of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are essential to the mix.

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Simple Tactics to Get High PR Backlinks

Search Engine Optimization for Google Image Search

You may have noticed a recent trend on Google lately. They seem to be
integrating their different vertical engines such as Image and Blog search, into
the normal search results. For certain search queries, you even see a few images
appear above the webpage results.

With this change in the way Google displays results, website owners must
place additional focus on optimizing for image results. By taking a quick look
at your log files or analytics software, you might be surprised to see you are
already getting decent traffic from image searches.

The following tips will get you started with optimizing the images that
appear on your site.

Alt Image Text: Probably the most significant factor in ranking for an
image search is the contents of the image alt property. Basically, the alt text
should contain a brief description of the item as if you were explaining it to a
blind person. After all, the original intention of this property for the vision

Surrounding Image Text: Google will weigh the surrounding text heavily
when in determining what the picture is about. Be sure to place relevant
keywords above and below the image you are optimizing.

Image File Names: Another important factor is whether or not keywords
are in the image file name. For example, if you were trying to optimize for the
word "Christian
t-shirt", you might name the image christian-t-shirt.jpg. Of course, it
always difficult to optimize this way if you are forced to go back and change
the name of existing images. Keep keywords in mind when you are naming them in
the first place.

Link Anchor Text: Although it's somewhat uncommon to link directly to
an image that's not in a web page, you can greatly increase your ranking by
using relevant anchor text in the hyperlink just as if you were optimizing for a

As people's search preferences become more sophisticated, the popularity of
vertical search engines will grow. In addition, Google and other SE's will
likely continue to mix results from various types of content. If you ensure that
you keep on top of these changes, you'll likely continue to see your site rise
above the rest.

2018 Link Building Tips

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The technology is always about redefining the human experience in terms of innovation and comforts. The era of digitalization has already begun where digital signatures play an exquisite role in defining individuality of any business, person or place. This digital era has commenced a market in the virtual world where the ideas can be floated throughout the globe in blink of seconds, which make it possessed with the ideal power to either "boom or doom" anything in seconds. This necessary digital shift has also outspokenly created an essential requirement to have a digital identity for every business that unknowingly or knowingly make them stand on the global stage.

The technological innovations with these heterogeneous powers are stabilized and controlled via consecutive manipulation which is done by a digital media agency. These agencies provide integrated and strategic solutions for marketing and advertisement for businesses as per the requirement of the trading product(s). Nowadays, the world is connected through an invisible web of data which is commanded with wired/unwired portable devices namely smart phones, desktops or laptops.

Digital media agencies - the right catalyst for your business

A major portion of today's world population is dependent on the internet to interact, explore and conclude purchases online that makes this digital medium an ideal place to influence large population. Such agencies assist businesses' thought fulfilling their digital marketing and advertisement requirements like webpage designing, online banner construction, app development and so on employing the most appropriate techniques for them. For handling all these projects, these professional agencies have the best of experts working for them to effectively and efficiently deal with the client's requirements. Therefore, such an agency takes their challenge severely and delivers optimum result for the businesses under the optimum time period.

Few kinds of agencies that prominently dominate the market and are employed by the business owners for marketing and advertisement as per their requirements are:

The digital campaign agency

This type of agency uses traditional television commercials to attract the customers for their client's business.

The integrated marketing agency

These agencies generally utilize paid search, smart phones, email, display etc. They use data analytics and marketing-automation platforms like followwonk or buzzstream and so on.

The digital solutions agency

One of the most advanced forms of such agency models is the digital solutions agency that operates more like a custom software development company. These agencies usually try to create digital experiences via custom software that enhance the overall customer experience for the client product.

With so many technological innovations, these advanced agencies are getting much close to users' requirements and are therefore able find appropriate customers using various techniques and strategies for advertising and marketing for their client's product(s).

The Positive Aspects of Website Building Tutorial

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What is Search Optimization Software?

Search Engine Optimization Software can be a webmasters dream, and a competitors worst nightmare. You'd be surprised by how many people simply don't use any type of Search Engine Optimization Software. Some of the reasons they don't use SEO software:

o They lack knowledge on what search engine optimization software even is.

o They possess little knowledge on how it can help their business.

o They don't know the difference between good software & a lemon.

By acquiring this knowledge, you will easily become a Search Engine Optimization Expert.

How can it help my business?

Search Engine Optimization software can help your business by giving you the tools you need in order to succeed in your business. Some SEO software tools give you the option to spy on your competition, to see where they are getting their links from, what keywords they are competing for, and so much more. SEO software is probably one of the greatest competitive advantages you can get amongst many other webmasters.

By using SEO software, you will ultimate be able to tell what works, what doesn't, and how you can rank high in the SERP's (Search Engine Result Pages). Ranking high in the SERP's is a basic necessity if you want your internet business to thrive.

What are characteristics of good SEO software? What do I look for?

Good SEO software gives you great insight on what's happening behind on the scenes of the internet. The greatest SEO software out there gives you the ability to spy on your competition. Imitation is the key to succeeding on the internet, and if you can spy and imitate your competitors, you will gain a competitive edge. Not only will you be able to imitate what they are doing to rank high for certain keywords, but you will also have the ability to do what they are doing, plus more.

Once you generally know how Search Engine optimization works, SEO tools & keyword research tools will become a must in your journey to become successful in the SEO field.

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Money Robot Software 2018

It is often said, by many search engine optimization experts, that Money Robot Submitter is great in 2018. Others proclaim that Link Building Tools are king. The simple fact is, if you are to be successful using Advanced Seo Software, all aspects of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are essential to the mix.

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Free Website Analysis

"To educate a person in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society." -Theodore Roosevelt, U.S. President

Teddy Roosevelt hit the mark with his words. To educate a child in reading, writing, and arithmetic, and not about living is to raise a menace to society.

How do we as parents, teachers, and mentors help children build character? Below you will notice the five character-building goals to instill in your children. Using questions as practical tools is an easy and excellent way to promote those goals and build character too.

Imagine that a boy named Harold recently moved into your neighborhood. He constantly causes trouble. The school principal just sent him home with a note addressed to his parents about his acting out in class. You and your child discuss Harold's problems. You center your discussion on the five key goals listed below. To instill each goal, ask your child the following practical questions:

Goal 1:

Empathy-Being aware of and caring about others' feelings.

Question: If you were Harold, how would you feel?

Goal 2:

Role Taking-Putting oneself into another's shoes and understanding where they are coming from.


What do you think Harold wanted by acting out in class?

Goal 3:

Social Awareness-Being aware of other's opinions, their needs, their likes, and dislikes.


If you were a classmate of Harold's, what might you think of Harold?

Goal 4:

Self-Reflection-Examining our own thoughts,feelings,and, behaviors.

Have you ever misbehaved in class? How did you feel about yourself?

Goal 5:

Internalizing Good Advice-Taking to heart the advice your child gives to others and following it when he or she needs it.


If you were giving good advice to Harold, what would you tell him?

Congratulations! By asking the above questions, you have just strengthened your child's character because you have awakened your child's thoughtful mind and caring heart.

We've examined what goals to instill and what questions to ask. Let's learn where to build character by asking the above questions in the following situations:

Problem characters on TV

Problems on the school bus

Problems in the classroom

Problems in the neighborhood

Problems at home

Problems in discussion stories

Now, it's time to take action. If you're like most busy parents just remember the questions and ask them often. Get your children to think and to feel wisely. By using these tools now and you will be building character in your child and a better society for us all.

2018 Link Building Tips

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If you ask anyone who works in the SEO industry what optimisation means and what its purpose is, they'll probably be able to give you a quick, if not necessarily straightforward answer. The aim is clearly to improve the status of your business website /brand on the results pages of search engines: the higher the ranking, the more likely users will be attracted to your services. Now ask those very same people how to best achieve this and the waters start to get a little muddier.

Some SEO experts favour on-page, or on-line optimisation techniques, others prefer off-page. The majority, you would hope, would recommend a combination of the two strategies. If it could just be left at that, the world would be a simpler place. However, SEO professionals don't seem to do 'simple'. They'll start telling you about the importance of 'organic' marketing, 'Meta tag' settings and other weird and wonderful sounding concepts that you really 'must' use. Is it any wonder we mere mortals get confused? What do any of these terms actually mean? Well, hopefully after you've read this article the waters may become a little clearer.

On-page SEO refers to the optimisation of the pages that make up your actual business website. This is the more technical aspect of the optimisation process and refers to those factors that have an effect on website or webpage listings in natural search results: these factors are controlled by you or by the coding on your web pages. Any optimisation will focus on the keywords that make up the content or the copy on your web site. It will also look at areas like HTML coding, Meta tags, unique content, website design and layout. Essentially on-page optimisation is all about tweaking all the technical bits and bobs that lurk beneath the surface, so that both search engines and ordinary users are given the precise information they're looking for: the better and more accurate the results, then the greater the traffic.

Offline SEO refers to the optimisation of the pages away from your website. They are referred to as 'off-page' because they are not controlled by you or by the coding on your website. Off-page optimisation techniques focus predominantly on areas like link building, directory and article submission, blog posting and forum posting. The purpose of offline optimisation is to maximise all the links that come off your website pages to encourage a higher placing in the search engine results.

So which is best?   
It won't surprise you to learn that there isn't a simple answer to this. Well, there wouldn't be, would there? Each has its own merits and limitations. It's all a matter of horses for courses: it depends on what your ultimate goal is and how quickly you expect to see the results.

Traditionally on-page optimisation will produce better long-term results, but these can take time.  If your business aim is to get yourself established on the likes of Google and Bing or other high-ranking search engines, then you'll have to be prepared to be patient. Building a reputation and creating top-notch, relevant content takes time and effort. Those SEO companies and business who aren't prepared to bide their time will have to explore other avenues to get the quick fixes they desire.

Off-page optimisation can and often does produce quicker and more-measurable results, but that can come at a price. It's all predominantly about link building. If your website is able to link to high-profile, respected websites, then your ranking can receive an immediate boost just through the power of positive association. Off-page SEO can give your business website this boost, a sort of kick start if you'd prefer, but it can't necessarily sustain it for the longer term. If your aim is sustainability, then it's probably much wiser to use a combination of both optimisation strategies.

Everybody seems to want the quick fix nowadays: I suppose it's a direct consequence of living in a world where we all appear to demand instant gratification. However, some things are still worth waiting for: when they eventually come, you appreciate them all the more. Internet marketing strategists will tell you that the only way for a website to achieve sustainable organic growth is by adopting a holistic marketing strategy, and do you know what? I think they're probably right.

SEO Elite Software Review

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To fast track SEO your website and get it on the 1st Page of Google as soon as possible, take the following steps immediately:

1) Decide on one main target keyword/phrase. Don't aim too high first of all. Think Security Window Tinting Essex not simply Window Tinting.

2) Search your target keywords on Google to check if you are already on Page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 etc. Make a note of what page you appear on (if you appear) so you can track your results.

3) Put your keywords in the Page Title of your Home Page.

4) Put your keywords in the content of your Home Page. Once at the top of the page text, once in the middle of the page and once at the bottom of the page.

5) Put your keywords in the ALT text of the images on your Home Page.

6) Create a Site Map page and put a text link to the site map page on your Home Page.

7) Add a link on every page of your site pointing back to your Home Page and use your keywords in the Anchor Text of these links. Check and make a note of how many inbound links you have using Yahoo Site Explorer.

8) Ask everyone you know to add a link to your site from their site and tell them how you want the Anchor Text to appear (your keywords).

9) Submit your website to relevant online directories. Any links will be OK for now, reciprocal or otherwise, we just want Google to see your site is getting popular. Use your keywords as the link back to your site if you can.

10) Write a 400 word article that solves a problem or gives valuable information relating to your business and submit it to 10 article directories.

11) Add a few lines of text or an extra page to your site once a week. Make sure the text you add is original content and any new pages must include a Keyword Rich link back to your Home Page.

12) Try to get 5 new incoming links to your site every week from then on.

After a couple of weeks, check your position on Google. After 3 or 4 weeks, Yahoo Site Explorer will start to show your incoming links.

If you follow the above and you already have an established site, you should start seeing improved rankings within a couple of weeks, depending on how old your site is. If you have a brand new site it could take a little longer to get higher up on Google.

Obviously the more competitive your keywords, the longer it may take to get on the 1st Page of Google.

You can do all of this for all the pages on your website all at once if you wish, but if you just focus on your Home Page first of all it will help you get results faster, which will encourage you to continue. Once you get this right for one Keyword you could delegate the process or outsource it to someone.

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Money Robot Coupon 2018

It is often said, by many search engine optimization experts, that Money Robot Submitter is great in 2018. Others proclaim that Link Building Tools are king. The simple fact is, if you are to be successful using Advanced Seo Software, all aspects of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are essential to the mix.

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The Items to Consider In Website Building Software

One of the big debates when you start your home internet
business is whether you should learn how to do SEO for your
site yourself or hire a professional. There are advantages
and disadvantages to both methods. In this article I would
like to compare both situations.

If you are just starting out there probably is a very big
chance that you do not have that much money to invest.
Usually a professional company will charge in the region of
at least $2000 a month. If you do not have this money to
spend then your budget will force you to do this yourself.
However, if you are starting with a fairly large budget and
you have a very good idea with a lot of your own products
to sell then this may be a good idea. Just make sure that
you choose a reputable company. It will save you a lot of
time if you do not have to do this yourself.

One of the big advantages of learning this is that you can
build as many websites as you like without having to pay
extra for additional optimization charges. Basically, you
can build your own virtual real estate online. Look for
profitable niche markets and then create your web site
yourself. You can use a combination of affiliate links,
Google AdSense advertising or create your own products.

However, one of the disadvantages is that you need to keep
pace of the developments in the industry. What works today
may not work in the future. This will require a massive
investment of your time and interest. You can follow white
hat strategies which will ensure your long term success
like building a quality web site that people will want to
link to. However, if you hit a problem like say for example
you have a dynamic web site using a scripting language and
all of the sudden your site gets dropped from the search
engines you will be alone and struggle to get your rankings
back if you do not know what to do.

I have briefly looked at the two paths that you can follow,
however your decision will most likely be made by how much
time and capital that you have to invest in your business.

2018 Link Building Tips

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Free home based business leads. Every online marketer knows you gotta have them, particularly when you're just getting started and especially if you don't have an endless supply of money for marketing your home based business. But what's the best way to find them? Ah...that's the question every online affiliate or mlm business owner desires the answer to. Do you have the answer to that question? If not, or you just want to pick up some extra tips, than this article is for you.

In reality, there are quite a few effective methods for generating free home based business leads at the time of this writing, so I'm going to share a few with you here. But keep in mind, when it comes to attracting home based business leads on the internet, the rules of the mlm lead generation game are always changing, and sometimes they change fast. That's just the nature of the internet...constantly new and better methods being developed all the time.

That leads me to your mlm lead generation system that you are currently using. You are using one, right? Your best bet for being able to stay in the game until you create that incredible mlm income is to use a system that instructs you on how to consistently generate free home based business leads that come to you, how to turn those targeted leads into prospects, how to monetize those prospects with your system's funded proposals, and then lastly, how to get a percentage of those prospects to ask you about your online mlm business.

As I previously mentioned, things change quickly on the internet, so mlm lead generation strategies that work really well today may not be as effective a few months from now because so many people are using them. That's why it's so very critical that the mlm lead generation system you use constantly provides you with training on the newest cutting edge strategies to keep your free home based business leads coming in on an ever increasing basis.

Keeping that in mind, here are some of those strategies to begin generating home based business leads right away. You're most likely familiar with some, if not all of these techniques, because a lot of folks are successfully using them. However, there are "tricks" and techniques you can use that will provide you with an advantage, but I'm afraid that would involve a lot more room than we have here right now. So here are the basics of a few of those strategies.

  • Blogging. Blogging has been around for quite a while now, but done right, it is a great way to develop your reputation as an authority on your niche so that people will be drawn to you. The system you use should provide you with step by step instructions on how to get started with your own blog, how to incorporate your system's funded proposals into it, and how to effectively promote it. This is not the fastest way to start generating free home based business leads, but using it with and promoting it with additional lead generating techniques is a great way to brand yourself as a leader (which people are attracted to) and is great for the long haul too. Google loves good content blogs! Just make sure you are providing lots of valuable niche specific, keyword optimized info on your blog and not creating a huge blatant sales page.
  • Article Marketing. Article marketing is a terrific way to generate lots of free highly targeted leads. The more keyword optimized articles you write on your best niche topics, the more exposure you will enjoy. If you create articles that provide valuable content for your readers and use the author bio to point them back to your content-rich blog, you can generate lots of free home based business leads for years to come.
  • Social Media Sites. Social media sites like Twitter, MySpace and Facebook provide a fabulous way to connect with millions of people online. However, there is a correct way and an incorrect way to use them. The mlm lead generation system you use should provide training on how to effectively use these sites to build relationships and network with other like minded people. This is an excellent free resource for generating home based business leads that everyone should be using.
  • Video Marketing. Video marketing is an extremely valuable asset to add to your mlm lead generation arsenal. It's simple and yet highly effective, and is a method that can generate free home based business leads very rapidly. Your system should provide training on the most effective ways to use video marketing to promote your blog, your articles, and well, simply put, You. If you're not making use of video in your marketing, you may be losing out on the 6 out of every 10 people online that are watching video!
  • Pay-Per Click Advertising. PPC is probably one of the most effective mlm lead generation strategies on the entire internet at present, but I left it for last because you must have a marketing budget that will last several months to truly use this effectively. Most people starting out in internet marketing don't have the money for this. However, once your funded proposals start generating some consistent income, I would highly endorse utilizing this method. Your system should provide training on how to use PPC the right way, and when you do, it can literally begin generating free home based business leads in a matter of hours of writing your ads!

Now this is in no way a comprehensive list for generating home based business leads, but it offers an excellent place to start. Forum posting, niche-related blog posting, etc. are a couple more ways you can get backlinks to your blog and increase your search engine ranking. The list goes on...

Bottom line, there are several effective mlm lead generation strategies you can make use of to attract targeted free home based business leads to your site or lead capture page and put you on the fast track to the mlm income you're dreaming of. Of course, how you process your leads after you get them is a whole different story that we'll have to save for another time. Until then, keep it real, and keep taking action!

"It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed."
-Napoleon Hill

Blog Choices

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For anyone that owns their own website, you have probably heard about the significance of backlinks. There is actually Web Traffic Genius software that generates backlinks that does exist. However, the problem is finding the right kind of software to utilize in your predicament.

Backlinks are used in a means to generate more traffic to a particular website. People have come to find out that the more backlinks that you have on your site, the better traffic you can expect to obtain. More traffic equals out to more revenue in your pocket.

The backlinks that you decide to obtain on your website should be related to the initial theme of your site. If the links that you obtain are not related to anything on your site, then the search engines will not recognize them, which means your page rank will continue to remain as is.

Search engines are actually what give web pages ranks. All web pages upon being created are put onto a ranking scale. The scale fluctuates from 0 to 10. If your utilizing software to help you generate backlinks than you need to ensure that the links that you are opting to use for your site do not have a page rank that is lower than a page rank 5.

If you obtain a back link that has a lower page ranking then your site holds, it could actually cause your sites ranking to go down. Remember the main objective with the backlinks is to raise your page rank not cause it to drop. Do a little bit of research concerning the software that you desire, to ensure that you are only getting quality links.

One of the greatest things about the Web Traffic Genius software is you are able to generate backlinks without doing much work on your part. Trying to obtain backlinks on your own can be an extremely tiresome task. Many people simply do not have the time available to generate these links so they leave their site as is, and forget about it completely.

With Web Traffic Genius software that generates the backlinks for you, you can leave the qualms of having to get your backlinks on your own alone. There is finally Web Traffic Genius that has been designed that will work for you in your internet business, and help you increase the amount of traffic that your site generates.

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Money Robot 2018

It is often said, by many search engine optimization experts, that Money Robot Submitter is great in 2018. Others proclaim that Link Building Tools are king. The simple fact is, if you are to be successful using Advanced Seo Software, all aspects of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are essential to the mix.

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Keywords Suggestion - My Review on Micro Niche Finder

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most cost-effective forms of Internet marketing. If you're reading this article, it's most likely because you're on a quest to decipher the world of SEO and you need help. Fortunately, there's an array of training formats and services that you can take advantage of to learn the art and science of SEO.

Static Versus Interactive Options

As you go through the various options discussed below, it's important for you to realize that SEO will appear to be a very nebulous approach to Internet marketing. The history of SEO is complex and you're going to have a lot of questions. That said, I've divided the SEO training options into 2 types: Static and Interactive.

Static options consist of a series methods to learn SEO by someone telling you what to do. It's very limited because of the uni-directional nature of the information. In other words, the information flows in one direction: From the source to you. You can get something out of these methods but don't expect to get to an advanced level. A book, for example, can only take yo so far in this field.

Contrast this with interactive options which are the best case scenario. Why? Because you want to get feedback from an experienced professional while you're learning.

Static "One-Way" Options

You can learn from these but don't expect feedback.

SEO Books

There are SEO books available but they all have one major flaw: They get dated quickly. You might be able to get a general overview of SEO as well as some worthwhile techniques but knowing why you're implementing specific techniques is just as important as knowing how to do so. A lot of books won't cover the "why" and will simply tell you to do use this technique or that method.

SEO Software

While a number of software options exist, few will teach you very much. Sure, the companies that produce these products will tell you everything you want to hear and boast about how easy it is to use their software but if you don't know what the information means, you won't get far. SEO software may be useful as a tool but it will never replace true knowledge. I woldn't recommend it as teaching tool. Your marketing is just too important.

SEO Videos

A few companies have developed SEO video tutorials. These may answer some of your questions but you'll never get the most current, big picture. Also, you're typically relying on one approach to the subject. What if you want multiple perspectives on the best way to use a given technique? You probably won't find it here.

Video Tutorials

You can find short video tutorials on YouTube for basic ideas but you'll need someone to help you put it into context. For example, you can watch a video on using directories for link building but you wouldn't necessarily be made aware of the fact that it's a somewhat dated concept that is only used as part of larger linking campaigns nowadays, if at all.

Slideshow Presentations

Some websites like SlideShare have PowerPoint presentations with general guides to topics like SEO. You may be able to learn something from them but they are often too vague to be of any value to the novice student.

Conference Tutorials

In some cases, you may be able to find videos or other media summarizing SEO conference sessions where key ideas have been discussed. Again, the lack of context could make it difficult for a novice to follow. Still, some good ideas that you haven't thought of or come across may be provided so this could be worthwhile for continuing education.

Interactive Options

The best SEO training options are always the ones with highly qualified trainers who have experience teaching. Your Internet marketing shouldn't be left to amateurs or one-sided debaters. It's just too important, especially in today's competitive technologically-savvy world. Do you want a taxi driver who got his license yesterday or a few years ago? Would you prefer to hire a lawyer who graduated last week or one that has years of experience on cases just like yours?

Blogs & Forums

While blogs and forums seem like great places to learn SEO, they are actually full of people who have no idea what they are talking about. I wouldn't recommend these for people who are just beginning to learn about SEO. They're much better suited for individuals who have some basic experience and know how to differentiate the non-sense from reality.

One-On-One SEO Training

In this format, you can learn SEO by hiring a professional to walk you through all of the important steps you need to achieve master-level results. This is the best option for anyone who wants to truly learn what it takes to get to the top, convert visitors, and retain them.

Corporate SEO Training

Larger companies have unique needs, such as bringing individuals and small teams from different departments together to learn about SEO. If they don't have someone in-house, they could benefit from having an experienced expert teach a workshop.

2018 Link Building Tips

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Press Releases as a Means of Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization - SEO can be simply said to be a case and matter of improving the placement of a given site in search engine results. It's a question of getting onto page one or at the very worst at the top of page two.

At this point in time, in the year of 2009, Goggle is king. If you rank well on the Goggle search engine product you will cover the most amount of bases - you will cover the largest group of potential customers and traffic. Further what works for Goggle in SEO will usually work for the two remaining market leaders - Yahoo and the Microsoft MSN or now Microsoft "Live Search" search engine product.

It's always a matter of "cat and mouse" when it comes to Search Engine Optimization tactics and procedures. What worked last year or even last week may well have been identified by other marketers, overused and denigrated and reduced in apparent value by Goggle or other search engines. The question becomes - is the specific tactic effective at the current time? Is it worth the effort and expense?? If so - will it have the same effect in the near future?

In most cases it's a matter of trial, test, retest and reverse engineering. It a question of evaluating what works - both with your sites and your competitors as well. What works? What does not work? It may only not be a matter of what your competitors are doing for results, but rather perhaps "What are they not doing?"

For example you may be beating your brains out doing some specific task - be it to create links, or working to increase page saturation with a given keyword term. Upon your work and examination you may well find it that it is a matter of not what your competitor is doing as compared to your specific work efforts and results. Rather it may well that he is not performing or accomplishing a given tactic or strategy. You may well be focusing on a certain set of keywords - that are important in the given field or industry. This can be a lot of effort and hard work on a consistent basis by you. Yet no matter what you do you cannot seem to rank in that marketing area. What are your competitor doing that they rank and you can never seem to?

Upon examination and reverse engineering of the efforts and links of your competitor (who seem to both easily and consistently rank), you may simply discover that your friendly rival or perhaps you might consider even an adversary may simply not be working that specific marketing area or target focus. This could be accidental on their part or even planned. It may well be that this accomplished search engine placement marketer may well learned their lesson well from this same discipline of reverse engineering of theirs or others evidence and results. After all in the final results the accomplishments are always in the pudding.

Remember in the end it's not about ego. It's about placement in the search engine results? What works and what does not? Test and retest. Evaluate and re-engineer. After all it can be said that one thing about your competitors is that while it cannot be always said that they are smarter than you, one thing that you can be sure of is that they have been in the marketplace a lot longer than you. Use their efforts and expertise to your benefit. Reverse engineer and test search engine results thoroughly.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization Software

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The following is a description of links for Search Engine Optimization and what they can do for your site.
One Way Links...The Natural Ones: When search engines are ranking a site, they look for sites with authority. Having links from multiple related sites is one such method of gaining authority. The best type of links for doing this are one way links in which a site links to your site, but you are not required to link back to theirs. These links are based on how good your content is and the resources you offer. Ways of getting one way links include submitting your website to directories and asking webmasters of related sites to include a link on their page.  
Catch Links with Link Bait: This involves creating images, videos, content, or anything else of high interest that will cause people to want to link to you. Some examples include mortgage calculators, website grading software, funny videos, etc. This is a very successful way of gaining links and is very budget friendly. Use this in combination with social bookmarks and you can generate tons of traffic.
Paying for Your Links: Looking for websites in your chosen niche and negotiating a price for a link back to your page, is another way of gaining links. However, Google seems to punish websites that do a large amount of link buying and these sites tend to lose their rankings in the search engines if too many paid links are discovered. For newer sites, this can be a major problem so this form of gaining links is only recommended for older, more established websites.

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Money Robot Vps 2018

It is often said, by many search engine optimization experts, that Money Robot Submitter is great in 2018. Others proclaim that Link Building Tools are king. The simple fact is, if you are to be successful using Advanced Seo Software, all aspects of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are essential to the mix.

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Best Gaming Antivirus - What's The Best Antivirus For Gamers?

Before the implementation of search engine optimization, we should know how search engines operate. To put this into context, we can consider our own internet search manner - how we search on internet. Whenever we want to find information about something, our first step is to utilize a search engine because it is the easiest and fastest way to get that information. When the search results are shown, we are more likely to inspect the links on the first page of search results because these links are closely connected to what we are looking for and allow us to find easily what we are looking for.

There are three types of SEO implementation methods:

1. Organic SEO: It is used to get a natural listing on organic results pages. Some methods used for organic optimisation consist of keyword research, getting backlinks to site or webpage to improve link popularity and writing content that is relevant for human readers.

2. White Hat SEO: In SEO terms, White hat SEO means use of methods that emphasis on human audience rather than search engines and completely obey search engine rules and policies. For instance a site which is SEO optimised, yet emphasis on relevancy and natural organic ranking is judged to be optimised by white hat search engine optimisation practices. Examples of white hat SEO method consist of keyword analysis, link building process to improve link popularity and writing unique and fresh content for human readers. White hat search engine optimisation mostly used by those who plan to make long-standing investment on their site. This is also called ethical search engine optimisation.

3. Aggressive SEO: Aggressive search engine optimisation means use of aggressive SEO methods that emphasis only on search engines and not a human audience. This technique usually does not follow search engine rules. Examples of Aggressive search engine optimisation method consist of keyword stuffing, invisible text and bridge pages or doorway pages. Aggressive search engine optimisation mostly used by those who are focusing on immediate profits from their site or webpages. Using Aggressive search engine optimisation techniques can ban your site from search engine listings. Aggressive search engine optimisation is also called unethical search engine optimisation or spamdexing.

SEO process first started by webmasters in 1994. At first, web experts required to submit the webpage address (URL), to various search engines. The URL would then "crawled" by "spiders" to take out links to other webpages from that webpage and this process would index that webpage with returned data. This process consist of downloading and keeping the webpage by search engine spiders on their servers, Then another program which is called "indexer" grabs various details about that webpage - how many words that webpage has and the location of these words, all the links that webpage has, Which afterwards positioned into scheduler to crawl them at a current date.

Site owners began to see their website getting high rankings in search results and getting visitors. This brought a great opportunity for SEO practitioners.

Then in 1998, "Google" launched the "page rank". Page rank shows link quality and quantity a site or webpage has.

In the year 2000, more people started using internet and this increased the value and demand of SEO. Many online marketers began to see the impact of a good rank on selected keywords online. In the same year, "Google" launched "AdWords", a pay per click & pay per impression advertising model for businesses, So that they can appear on top of the search results page. This advertising model made "Google" the king of advertising business on the web.

In 2002, Due to high demand, SEO became good source of income for SEO expert people. They started selling links to improve page rank of their clients site or a webpage.

By the year 2005, "Google" applied "no follow" attribute for web links to fight spam, mainly through blog comments. People rapidly noticed that an effective way to get many inbound links pointing towards a site or a webpage was exactly to place the links in the comments. By the year 2008, "Google" declared that "no follow" web links would no more pass on link juice to the site or webpage it is pointing to.

Also, "Google Analytics" was launched, which granted webmasters to gain access to whole data, offering deep understanding or insights on how and from where visitors arrived at your site or webpage, how much time did they spend on it and how many webpages they visited.

In 2010, social bookmarking became main ranking factor. It was considered that more the web link is shared, more visitors it receives and more visitors recommended it, means it shows quality and useful content.

From year 2011 to 2013, big updates have changed many rules in SEO process. At first, Panda update: It stopped sites or webpages with low quality content to get good rankings. Secondly, Penguin update: This reduced the importance of quantity of web links in the algorithm. These two recent major updates revived content marketing and writing high quality and fresh content.


Prior to starting the process, we should follow the process for an effective search engine optimisation campaign. Before starting an effective SEO campaign we should be digital planner, social media advertiser, a content planner, conversion rate enhancer, a page rank (PR) specialist. Basic process consists of following steps:

1. Keyword Research: Keyword research is a process of indicating a group of keywords that will be utilize in the process. This step is very important and need a big amount of time to discover a good group of keyword phrases that gives a balanced mixture of two big important components: High search volume and low competition within the search engines.

Selecting the most used phrase that includes your targeted keywords is very easy. There are various online tools that permit you enter a specific keyword or keywords and which will show all the paths in which that keyword(s) was used by web searchers in the previous month and volume of the searches. However, the most searched keywords is also the ones with big competition in the search outcome pages and to get high ranking by using that keywords requires a lot of time and effort. A greater effective way is to find a set of keywords. For instance: around 10 keyword phrases that are mostly used by web searchers but they should have low competition in total number of search result pages.

Once we have selected our targeted keyword phrases, we then perform a detailed competitive inspection of topic website against its 10 big competitors. We utilise a sequence of search engine optimisation measures consist of indexed content, inbound links, Alexa rating, age of domain and social media statistics. By this process, we can provide estimates the client site's initial position opposed to its competition.

2. Goal Setting: After gaining big insight into the client website's initial position, we need to set the desired goals for the plan. These goals are attached to the particular business goal of the site. In the continuing progress of reporting and following up, progress related to plan goals are examined and reported. We can adjust SEO plan as per the result and findings of the progress reports.

3. Building Content: Search engines give big importance to text. We should have high quality and high volume content in sites related to topic of site or business. This is very important process and gives site a great value.

A site with high quality content of related topic provides site users a reason to stay on the website and visit that again. Above all, the main reason they visited the site was to get information. We will then receive more advantage by giving precisely what the search engines want from us - content. By writing more content they will have more information about business or services and that will directly have a positive effect on site ranking for related keywords.

4. On Page Optimisation (On Page SEO):

• Web Page Titles: We need to make sure that site title should show something else than company name or just a welcome. We should use our main targeted keyword in the title of that webpage first followed by company name.

• Navigation Using Text: Search engines unable to read images. If website's navigation system has lots of images, we will then need system using text navigation so that search engines can easily read and follow to make sure that all the related sub-webpages and services of site are indexed by search engines.

• Importance Of Targeted Keywords: We can't put targeted keywords anywhere on site or webpage. The placement of targeted keyword phrases on site also affects ranking position. Writing the first paragraph into site body with our targeted keyword gives the site more influence than writing it in the middle or end of the body of website. By using bigger font sizes and bolding the text enhances its value and gives a positive impact on site's ranking for that keyword phrase.

• Creating A Site-Map: Creating a site map consists of list of all the links to all the pages of our website. By placing a text-based link to the site-map on the homepage of site is good way to ensure that all the pages of site are indexed by search engines when they visit site.

• Using Meta And Alt Data: Meta tag is the code contained in the upper section of our website code. They represent the sites or webpage topic or subject and its importance to the search engines. The short description of sites that we see on search results pages is derived from meta description tag of home page and used for site's benefit.

5. Social Media And Link Building Process:

• Social Media Sharing: Sharing online via social media gives golden opportunity for businesses. Many online marketers are using social medial to the larger scale. In this process, we develop a social media presence for businesses or companies by creating social media profiles to share their site's content so that they can attract more visitors and customers.

• Creating Backlinks Or Inbound Links: Every link with high-quality pointing to site enhances its value and ranking. Search engine notice links pointing to webpage every time when it refreshes. If links pointing to your site are from high quality sites, search engine gives more ratings to your site and rewards the website accordingly by increasing its value and ranking. We can always monitor site link popularity by using various free tools available online. We can also use Google Webmaster Tools to check backlinks or inbound links pointing to site.

6. Reporting: Reporting should be done at regular interval after the execution of SEO campaign. We should monitor and compare site ranking, site traffic and other key elements before, between after executing SEO campaign which will help to reach desired goal.

We can use Google Analytics tool to monitor the unique and regular visits to a site or webpage. We can also gain insight from where or which part of the world visitors are arriving to site or webpage.

We can also check ranking and page rank of site by using various free tools available online. For instance: Majestic SEO.

7. Time Period: Search engines can take some time to index a site and to change its ranking. Some search engines can take 2 weeks to 1 month and some search engines can take 2 - 6 months.

2018 Link Building Tips

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Some perform SEO on their own and whereas others do outsource the SEO services to professional companies. This depends upon the personnel interests, knowledge of SEO and the time factor. If it is a single page website, then no doubt we can easily optimize the site for the search engines. But if it is multi page website, you need to have a professional SEO approach.

If you are really interested in the professional way of Search Engine Optimization, then SEO Elite is a must have SEO software. Instead of hiring the SEO services by the firms, one can professionally build a website and optimize it with SEO Software.

Due to the frequent changes in search engine algorithm, it is compelling the webmasters to opt a professional approach to Search Engine Optimization SEO. As the SEO companies charge hefty fees (ranging from few hundreds to thousands of dollars), financially it is not feasible to opt for them. Moreover they do charge a monthly maintenance apart from starting set up fees, so making a huge bill on small and medium webmasters.

Do not get let down with the negatives of the increasing SEO costs. You can professionally make your site search engine optimized with the SEO Elite SEO software. SEO Elite analyzes all your competitor back links and you too can start link building making your site equally competitive to get the top SERPs.

Apart from analyzing the back links, SEO Elite 4.0 Version helps you to submit the site and the articles to the various authentic directories to gain link popularity. You can even send a mail to your link partners so as to get a one way or reciprocal linking. With a single mouse click, you can check whether the link partners are still linking to you or not.

Moreover daily/weekly monitoring of the search engine rankings of your site for a particular keyword is now possible with SEO Elite 4.0 version. Not just Google, you can check the SERP in various search engines with a single click.

Surely, I'm very much thankful to Brad Callen for creating such awesome SEO Software. Implement the SEO link building techniques only with SEO Elite. This not only saves your time but also enhances your grip on the site to get top SERPs that too with a little investment. SEO Elite - Highly Recommended.

How to Increase Website Traffic With Backlinks

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Nobody knows the exact intricacies of how Google works and it is changing all the time, so should you start optimizing your website or should you optimize individual web pages?

Your Website = YourMainWebsiteURL

Single Web Page = YourMainWebsiteURL/specificwebpage

In theory, your main website URL will be viewed by Google as being more powerful than your individual pages simply because your main URL usually has more inbound links than individual pages. However, you can't optimize your main website effectively if you are targeting too many keywords, so the thing to do is optimize single web pages for different keywords.

Example: Your Hotel in Washington website would have separate web pages all optimized for different keywords:

[http://www.yourwebsite] .com - would be optimized for your main keywords:

Hotels in Washington, etc

YourMainWebsiteURL/accommodation-in-washington - would be optimized for the keywords:

Accommodation in Washington, etc

YourMainWebsiteURL/places-to-stay-in-washington - would be optimized for the keywords:

Places to Stay in Washington, etc

These additional Keyword Specific web pages could be hidden from your main menu on your website. The only purpose of these extra pages is to attract visitors using your highly specific keywords. If you tried optimizing your main URL for all those keywords it may take you a long time to get your site on the 1st Page of Google, but by spreading the keyword load across all of your pages it makes it much clearer and easier for Google to understand what you are trying to achieve.

Want to know more about how you can get your website listed on the 1st page of Google check out my Free Report: SEO Secrets

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